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motive, impulse, catalyst, inducement, spur, goad expect a stimulus to action. motive suggests an emovement or desire operating on the will and also causing it to act. a motive for the crime impulse suggests a driving power developing from personal temperament or constitution. buying on impulse motivation applies to an exterior affect (such as an meant reward) inciting to action. a bonus was offered as an incentive inducement says a motive prompted by the deliberate enticements or allurements of an additional. offered a watch as an inducement to subscribe spur applies to a motive that stimulates the faculties or rises power or ardor. are afraid was a spur to action goad says a motive that keeps one going versus one"s will or desire. thought insecurity a goad to worker effectiveness

The climbing price of electricity provides a solid incentive to conserve energy. The federal government supplies special taxation incentives for entrepreneurs. The company is offering a unique low price as an added incentive for new customers.
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Recent Instances on the Net Meanwhile, Beshear announced a new impetus for state executive branch employees — a day off for anyone who has actually been vaccinated versus COVID-19 or gets vaccinated and provides proof. — Scott Wartguy, The Enquirer, 13 Aug. 2021 Anyone that does not desire the money can pick an additional incentive, such as New York City Footround Club tickets, Brooklyn Cyclones tickets, NYC Ferry 10-ride pass and more. — Alaa Elassar And Laura Ly, CNN, 30 July 2021 That consisted of an catalyst — supplying lottery tickets or gift certificates for hunting and also fishing licenses for those who acquire the shots — that so much has had few takers. — Anattracted Demillo, Star Tribune, 8 July 2021 This deserve to be done via an incentive: cheaper electricity at off-height hours, already a truth for many kind of. — Will Englund, Anchorage Daily News, 3 July 2021 This deserve to be done via an incentive: cheaper electricity at off-peak hours, already a fact for many. — Washington Post, 29 June 2021 This can be done through an incentive: cheaper electricity at off-optimal hours, already a fact for many type of. — Bloomberg Wire, Dallas News, 29 June 2021 Yet with no financial incentive, and no social safety and security net, this generation of Chinese rockers withstood, grinding out albums and also demonstrating a rare display screen of artistic passion above business. — Stacey Anderson, Rolling Stone, 24 June 2021 The Amerihave the right to Rescue Plan, the many recent coronavirus help package that became regulation in March, contains a new, generous motivation for holdout says to broaden their safety and security net. — BostonGlobe.com, 21 June 2021

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History and also Etymology for incentive

Center English, from Late Latin incentivum, from neuter of incentivus stimulating, from Latin, establishing the tune, from incentus, previous participle of incinere to play (a tune), from in- + canere to sing — more at chant