Hair rollers are perhaps the only beauty product linked via both willowy models backphase and grannies in bunny slippers and nightgowns. And tbelow are as many kind of various types of hair rollers as tright here are cool styles to produce through them. "Rollers are a good alternative whether you’re trying to acquire beach waves or even more defined coils," says Anthony Dicvital, hairstylist and also founder of the Hair Rules salon and also brand. The finest part? "It’s a safer, healthier alternate to heat styling and works for all hair types." 

But with such a large range of choices, it's tough to recognize where to start and also which curlers to use to obtain the texture you desire. Don't problem — we obtained you. We hit up a few hairstylists to discover out simply exactly how to navigate the wonderful world of curlers, so you don't get shed in the sauce as soon as you're at the beauty supply shop, IRL or digital. Below, the definitive overview to hair rollers — exactly how to usage them, exactly how they curl, and also wbelow to gain them.

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Velcro Rollers

Often overlooked, the humble velcro roller deserve to easily create voluminous loose curls or small, tight ringallows — the style all counts on the size of the roller and exactly how you usage it. Hairstylist Matt Fugate notes these job-related for all hair kinds, yet work-related ideal on thinner hair, offering it more body. "Be mindful of area size and anxiety ," he states. "You desire to section your hair to be around the same dimension as the roller."

To begin, pull the initially section right out from your head and also brush it out. Prep it via hairspray (we choose this one from Tresemmé). Keeping your hair pulled tight and high, begin to roll the ends about the roller utilizing the grip of the velcro to acquire the hair to stick. "You deserve to 'pinch' your hair together to make sure it doesn’t fall off the sides which creates tangles," Fugate claims. Keep 'em on for 15 to 20 minutes to lock in the style, then use your fingers to brush with your curls.

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Flexi Rods

If ringallows are your goal, flexi rods will get you tbelow. They bend right into any form, which keeps them anchored in location without pins or clips (or creases). When the rod diameter is bigger than your herbal pattern, they're good for stretching out a tight curl, according to Dickey. He additionally recommends flexi rods to include definition to kinky-curly textures. "It definitely can be supplied for a variety of hair , particularly shorter styles," he states. 

To usage them, begin via hair that's around 90 percent dry and prep with a curl cream, gel, or mousse (such as the Hair Rules Wavy Mousse). Section off one- or two-inch pieces and also roll vertically from finish to root. Depending on the thickness and also coarseness of your hair, air-drying time might vary. To speed up the process, you can usage a heat protectant spray and also blow-dry upside dvery own, which creates even more volume, states Dickey. Then, take out the rods and also finger-rake the curls to break them acomponent.

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Foam Rollers

Foam rollers job-related for a selection of hair kinds and also are one of the even more comfortable alternatives if you're looking to set your style overnight. The soft, spongy body protects your head from the external clips that host the roller in place while you toss and turn. If you execute sleep through these at night, Dicessential advises maintaining the rollers looser about your hairline to prevent pulling.

"Foam rollers are excellent for right styles, particularly if you’re trying to obtain more ," says Dickey. He recommends using these on dry hair and also rolling them in assorted directions to obtain that not-so-unidevelop look of natural curls. Fugate adds, "A contemporary twist would be to leave out your roots and ends to create lots of movement through the mids." In the morning, simply unravel them and brush your curls with a big paddle brush (such as The Y by Yusef Cushion Paddle Brush, as recommended by Dickey) for a fuller, much less identified texture.

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Extra Large Foam Rollers

"These strawberry rollers are not simply adorable, but they have the right to create impressive spiral curls and also volume," says hairstylist Cheryl Bergamy. "I find that they work-related finest for those through oily and also fine hair that is straight to slightly wavy because the rollers deserve to absorb the organic oils from your hair." If you have actually herbal curls and also are still interested in giving these a go, Bergamy recommends doing so with wet hair, prepping it via an oil or cream such as the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream.

To usage, take a item of your hair and twist as you wrap it around the roller. "The even more hair you have in the roller, the looser the curls will be," states Bergamy. Less hair will offer you tighter curls. Push dvery own on the roller to lock it in area. When you're removing them, take them out slowly so you don’t pull your hair or tangle the ends.

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Steam Rollers

"Steam rollers are certainly my favorite," states Dickey. "They administer a gentle, safe form of heat styling, and you deserve to obtain a variety of waves and also curl patterns." If you begin them at the ends of your hair and roll up towards the scalp, you'll get even more of a curl, and if you area them a few inches from the roots and then wrap the hair about the cylinder, you'll gain more body. With either method, wait around 20 minutes for the rollers to cool, then unravel and also rake with your hair to get what Fugate calls "soft, bouncy, I-just-want-to-touch-my-hair curls."

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Back in the ‘50s, Spoolies were developed as an easier way to obtain the look of pin curls without bobby pins. They're super easy to use — just wrap a area of hair around the stem of the cap, fold the top over, and also repeat. Today’s variation of Spoolies (revived by brand-owner Jeanne James) is an ode to the original design, modernized with heat-resistant silicone material so you have the right to even usage it with a blow- dryer to rate up the curl-establishing process. Anvarious other benefit, Bergamy claims, is the material won’t suck the natural oils from your hair.

Worried around frizz? "First, use a setup lotion or hair mousse and use it from mid-size to ends," claims Bergamy. "If you have actually fine hair that’s straight to wavy, attempt the Color Wow Dream Cocktail or L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Transformer Texture Gel to Foam." For textured hair, go for a leave-in curl enhancer choose this one from the Spoolies collection. Best of all, a part of the proceeds from the brand also is donated to girls' education jobs in Kenya.

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Jumbo Hot Rollers

Jumbo warm rollers are as timeless Veronica Lake as it gets. "The effect is the complete opposite of beachy hair," says Fugate. We're talking one glassy sheet of hair all relocating the very same means — that liquid, Pantene ad vibe.

To acquire the look, Fugate claims to create a deep side part (your hair hregarding be directly to start), and also roll sections of hair under, towards your head, from ends to roots. Once the rollers have actually cooled (give them 15 to 20 minutes), gently unravel and brush via your hair. "If you want all-over body and activity, set the rollers in the exact same pattern explained in the previous slide," he states. "The jumbo diameter will develop looser waves."