: someone or somepoint that is difficult to understand also or explain To his friends, he was constantly somepoint of an enigma. one of the great enigmas of our time

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mystery, difficulty, enigma, riddle, puzzle suppose something which baffles or perplexes. mystery uses to what cannot be fully taken by factor or much less strictly to whatever resists or defies explanation. the mystery of the rock monoliths trouble uses to a question or difficulty calling for a solution or causing concern. problems produced by high innovation enigma uses to utterance or actions that is incredibly difficult to analyze. his self-destruction continues to be an enigma riddle argues an enigma or difficulty entailing paradox or evident contradiction. the riddle of the reclusive pop star puzzle applies to an enigma or problem that obstacles ingenuity for its solution. the thief"s motives were a puzzle for the police

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A perboy who is explained as an enigma is a bit of a mystery. You never understand what that perchild is really reasoning, or what his or her motives for doing somepoint are. An enigma is not easily construed especially because he or she has a confusing mixture of characteristics that seem to be in opposition to one another—for instance, the attention-seeking yet reclusive musician, or the brilliant lawyer who gets lost on the drive home from the grocery store.

Words enigma initially referred not to world however to words, and also particularly to words that developed a riddle or complicated metaphor that tested the listener"s or reader"s alertness and cleverness. This definition is clearly connected to the word"s history. Enigma comes from a Greek word that means "to stop in riddles."

Words enigma didn"t jump from referring to riddles to referring to human being. In in between those offers, it was (and also still is) used to points that puzzle human being. Egypt"s meticulously built Pyramids of Giza or a theory of quantum physics, for example, can be explained as enigmas. In these offers, the meaning is sindicate a figurative expansion of the original "riddle" sense.

Regardless of the enigma of the singularity, the massive bang theory is unquestionably among the the majority of effective concepts in the history of science. — Tom Yulsmale, Astronomy, September 1999 Many kind of scholars contact it the ultimate enigma of the Nazi era, indeed maybe of contemporary history: How did the Holocaust happen? And why in Germany? — Ralph Blumenthal, New York Times, 10 Jan. 1998 Without a doubt, the bond that in eextremely individual connects the physiological life and the psychic life—or better the relation existing between the contingence of an individual and also the cost-free spirit that assumes it—is the deepest enigma implied in the problem of being human, and this enigma is presented in its a lot of disturbing develop in womale. — Simone de Beauvoir, analyzed and edited by H. M. Parshley, The 2nd Sex, 1953 To his friends, he was constantly somepoint of an enigma. among the good enigmas of our time
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Recent Examples on the Web Bird admits at the outcollection of his fluidly engaging book that Carter was and also stays an enigma. — Kai Bird, The Christian Science Monitor, 19 Aug. 2021 The Surf Lodge is an enigma of a Hamptons-location hotel. — Madeline Diamond, Travel + Leisure, 13 Aug. 2021 Amongst the actor-singers, Vilma Jää exuded an virtually demonic purity as Markéta, and also Julie Hega made a mesmerizing, husky-voiced enigma of the student Iris, who all of a sudden dominates the last scenes. — Alex Ross, The New Yorker, 19 July 2021 Although professional at cultivating political relationships, Bennett is somepoint of an enigma even to those who have actually long been acquainted with him. — Laura King, Los Angeles Times, 10 June 2021 Spain, an enigma under Enrique, is at the center of that dizzying storm. — Henry Flynn, Forbes, 2 June 2021 Cryptomoney and real estate have had an awkward relationship bereason the industry is resistant to change and mortgperiods are ruled by conventional lenders while crypto stays volatile and also an enigma to many type of agents and brokers. — Peter Lane Taylor, Forbes, 7 June 2021 The Amazon platform have the right to be an enigma even to professionals yet more so to those that don’t understand the intricacies inside and out. — Chris Mole, Forbes, 27 May 2021 The taracquire of Ballmer’s jibe, Amazon.com, was indeed an enigma. — Washington Post, 7 May 2021

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History and Etymology for enigma

Latin aenigma, from Greek ainigmat-, ainigma, from ainissesthai to soptimal in riddles, from ainos fable