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I have sparse eyelashes so I was interested in trying out the Yodistinct 3D Mascara people have been raving around. This was the first time I"ve tried fiber lashes so I was excited to view just how it worked. It comes through the transplanting gel and also fiber. Apply the gel transplant initially and also then apply the fibers to elongate your lashes. Then set your lashes via one more even coat of the gel transplant. You can use in layers to more length and volume. It did make my lashes much longer and produce even more volume yet can easily come to be clumpy! Take your time with application to avoid spidery, clumpy lashes. It helps if you have actually an extra mascara wand also to separate your lashes. A big plus of this mascara is removal! I don"t have mascara melting everywhere my eyes when I rerelocate it. :) It took me a couple of applications to get it best, yet after taking my time and also receiving tips from Younique’s Anne Carr, I was able to obtain them to look great! Check out the tips listed below for best mascara application.



Tips and also Tricks for Best Mascara Application from Younique"s Anne Carr

1. There"s 3 simple steps- “Gel….Fiber….Gel….”. Don’t wait also lengthy to use the fibers to the gel bereason the fibers must stick to the gel. Make certain to scrape/wipe off any kind of excess gel from the wand also (and also if the fibers are also fluffy roll the wand also gently in the palm of your hand to smooth them) before using.

2. Apply gel & fiber to your first eye. Repeat on the other eye. Then go back to the first eye and apply GEL TO SEAL. Repeat GEL to SEAL on the second eye. This gives the fiber a chance to set prior to applying the second coat of gel.

3. Apply the fiber lightly starting from mid to the external 1/3 of your lashes to the tips……Remember If you desire even more size and also volume, it’s much better to apply even more layers rather of using the fibers too heavily. DO NOT use the fibers at the base of your lashes.

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I would certainly definitely provide this a try! Have you tried this mascara? How do you favor it? If you have any inquiries or interested in purchasing this mascara or any various other younique makeup assets please call Anna Carr at www.mascaramum.com


*This short article is sponsored by Anne Carr from Younique. Sponsored posts are my honest testimonial.