This is not a soap making question however a question related to lotions and also challenge crreams.

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I"ve newly tried to make a lotion, following a recipe making use of shea butter, almond oil, vit E, and also a couple of drops of necessary oil. Everything went well and also I poured the lotion mixture right into a pump bottle. However, as soon as I went to use it the following day, the lotion had hardened and also would certainly not come out of the pump - naturally. I"m not certain why this has happened. Can you assist please?Thank youIreneAnswer:Shea butter is naturally a solid oil. It could seem fine when you"ve melted it but it will always solidify once it cools again.The proportion of shea butter to the liquid oils is probably also high. Because shea butter is a hard oil, you have the right to only use a little bit if you desire the lotion to be used in a pump.I imagine the recipe you are making use of is expected to be a solid that is supplied from a jar or as a bar rather than from a pump bottle.Cathy

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Thank u for asking & answering what i required to know! by: Frankie I was searching for the answer to the same question around my lotion coming out too thick so i add less shea and more oil. makes sense! I wasn"t sure and its good to understand that I am adhering to the correct steps! Have a good day and give thanks to you again!

Shea butter lotion too thick! by: Irene Thank you Cathy. I appreciate your feedago. My recipe is for creams - yes. It claims 180g shea butter; 120ml almond oil or grape seed oil (or fifty percent of each); 1 Vit E capsule-oil, and also a few drops of essential frangant oils. I was happy via the cream but what I did to make the lotion is not beat it until it was creamy. I simply poured it into the bottle prior to the creamy phase.Your feedback argues less shea and even more oil. Thank you. Are you able to offer me an concept of proportion shea/oil for a lotion?I do not desire to use an emulsify wax of sorts because I just love the shea butter. My skin feels so hydrated since using it.I look forward to your comments. Thank youIrene

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