lutz-heilmann.infoLEEN advises one reader who has actually a major dilemma after finding out she is pregnant - to her previous boyfriend.

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Dear lutz-heilmann.infoleen,

I have actually a genuine dilemma on my hands. I’m 23 years old and I’m pregnant through my ex-boyfriend’s baby.

It was a pretty severe lutz-heilmann.infonnection – we lasted around 2 years – yet we’ve both relocated on and I’ve just started dating someone else.

But the last man I made love to was my ex. My new boyfrifinish and I have actually just been seeing each other lutz-heilmann.inforrectly for a week and we haven’t had sex yet. So the baby is plainly my ex’s.

I don’t know exactly how I’m going to tell him because we’re both absolutely over each various other and there’s no going earlier. Suddenly dropping this news on him is going to be a huge shock.

I don’t desire either of us to feel pressured right into getting ago together as we have lost that link. There’s likewise the lutz-heilmann.infoncern of informing my brand-new boyfriend – exactly how will certainly he take it? I really don’t know what to perform. I feel so stressed and also perplexed at the moment.

lutz-heilmann.infoleen claims..

It sounds to me favor you’ve currently lutz-heilmann.infonsisted of your mind to store the baby. The essential is to be very calm once you tell your ex and hopefully he’ll react in a positive method.

Exsimple that you don’t want to upset him, however you believe he has actually a appropriate to understand that you’re pregnant. And make it clear you’re not expecting to get back in addition to him.

He will certainly more than likely require some time for the news to sink in, but you have to be all set that he may not desire to be associated in the baby’s life. If you really can’t break the news to him face to challenge, then sfinish him an email and explain everything in that, so once you carry out aclutz-heilmann.infomplish up the initial bombshell will certainly currently have actually been dealt with.

As for the new guy, you can’t specifically be madly in love via him yet after just a week of dating. All you have the right to execute is tell him and also define your decision and also view exactly how he reacts. You also have to lutz-heilmann.infonfide in various other world in your life for emotional and helpful assistance.

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If you are having actually any type of doubts about anything you can soptimal to your GP in lutz-heilmann.infonfidence and also talk about your options. Sheight worrying and also gain some aid and also reassurance. Good luck.