Today"s Skyrim patch has actually some unfortunate side effects. I"ve turned off updays for the game in Steam for the time being, however I can not discover anywhere that indicates whether it"s currently been updated or not.

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Steam and also silent patching aside, it"s advantageous to understand what variation of the game you"re running, particularly when mods start depending on particular versions. How have the right to I uncover out?


Start/load a game, push ESC to lug up the device food selection, and also it"s tbelow near the bottom left hand also corner.


There"s no straight method in Steam. However it"s feasible by checking the Skyrim executable"s metainformation. Go to you vapor installation folder, then browse to steamappscommonskyrim .

Right click the TESV.exe file and also select properties. The version number have to be presented in the details tab.



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