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Place your fingers on the power button and the volume down switch. Motorola


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Press down on the power button and also the lower volume switch at the very same time to take the screenswarm.

If you properly took the screenshot, you"ll hear a little click (if you have actually your volume on) and also view a brief flash on your smartphone"s display.

How to see a screenshot on Motorola

After you"ve taken a screenswarm, it will certainly be saved in among your Motorola smartphone"s image folders. You have the right to check out the screenswarm from tbelow.

1. Open your Motorola smartphone"s cam application.

2. Open the camera"s photo gallery.

3. If you don"t view a thumbnail for the screenshot appropriate amethod, look for a folder titled "Screenshots." Wbelow the screenshots are conserved may differ from smartphone to smartphone.

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After you"ve situated the screenswarm, you deserve to see it by tapping on it. You deserve to also sfinish it to other smartphone users via the messaging app of your choice, so long as the app in question supports picture sharing in between tools.


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