Looking for romantic bath ideas? Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or simply another night, taking a bath with your honey have the right to assist you grow closer. That is, if you do it right. So think through the details prior to you jump in the tub together. This guide deserve to help you figure out what deserve to go wrong, so you have the right to setup for optimal romance.

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And if you’ve gained a male in your life that is reluctant to hop in the tub via you, try this: Next time you’re in bed together, review him this post:Secrets of Men Who Take Baths.

I promise he’ll heat as much as the idea…fast!

Best Romantic Bath Ideas for 2021

And currently, without even more acarry out, below are romantic bath ideas that can rotate on the sweetness or the sizzle, depending on what shade of romance is your most fervent desire:

1. Soak in a Tub for Two

You must be pretty comfortable with one another to share a tub made for one—yet that can be some of the fun. Just save in mind water displacement and also fill it up much less than you normally would when bapoint alone.

It also counts on whether as a pair, the two of you run on the skinny side or, if you’ve both got some love handles to hang onto.

For ultimate comfort, and also if you setup to make romantic baths a mainstay of your partnership, take into consideration gaining a tub that quickly fits 2. This might be a hot tub, in which instance turn on the power and get steamy! (See my write-up How to Buy a Hot Tub for aid gaining a great deal.)


A double-slippered pedestal tub can offer comfort for both bathers and its exquiwebsite architecture lends itself to romance. For example, inspect out this beauty from Signature Hardware. At 72 inches and also made of actors iron, each bather deserve to rest comfortably at either end. See it right here on Amazon.

2. Get Scent-ual!

Since primitive times, the significance of plants, roots and also flowers have been pressed. The vital oils were then used as aphrodisiacs to inspire altempt and desire. There are a vast array of necessary oils that help sensuality.

Lavender oil decreases stress and tension, and also as you probably understand, being tranquil is a precursor to feeling the romance. While the essential oil of nutmeg is thmust rise sexuality in men, ginseng oil have the right to assist through erectile dysattribute. And sandaltimber deserve to enhance as a whole mood for women. (Source)

Fortunately, using vital oils is one of the easiest-to-implement romantic bath ideas. And you have actually numerous options. You deserve to gain bath bombs through important oils. Not just will they include some fun to your joint tub suffer, by fizzing and also spinning, but additionally the majority of bath bombs contain necessary oils.


Try the Sex Bomb from Lush. And be sure to read my full review of the Sex Bomb here.

You can likewise attempt a vital oil diffuser. Place it on your bathroom vanity and let the sensuous scents swirl with the air. This is a good option if you favor a stronger scent.


This Essential Oil Diffuser from Earswarm Living is added pretty and also the beautiful colored lighting will actors a romantic vibe. Plug it right into the wall and also let a fine mist diffuse the scent of desire across your bathroom. Check out the Essential Oil Diffuser on Amazon.

You have the right to additionally mix vital oils with carrier oils and then put the mixture in a complete tub. However, if you choose to perform this, test for skin sensitivities by placing a couple of drops directly on the inside of your wrist, and your partner’s. Wait an hour to see if there’s any kind of irritation. Repeat the test. If there’s no difficulty, then feel totally free to use—that is, unless you’re pregnant or breastfeeding have actually open sores or a chronic condition.

Read more around exactly how to safely dilute and also usage vital oils. The scent will likely be faint. You deserve to also mix crucial oils, carrier oils and Epsom salts to develop a blissful relaxation bath.

3. Kick It Up a Notch through Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy is the use of shade to influence mood. The declaring service supplies it all the time, creating green-hued ads to make us feel peaceful and also teal-colored ads to represent sophistication.

But what around for romance? Just as tbelow are many type of shades of relationships, tright here are many type of colors that can work-related to inspire sensuality; it counts specifically what you want from your substantial various other.

Use red for basic attraction and also to signal confidence. Pink indicates warmth and also sweetness. Turn on the purple light to rotate on sexual passion.

Sure, if you use colored lights your lover will certainly simply alert the cool ambiance. But you don’t have to expose the strategy to your madness!

Tright here are some really fun options to gain your chromotherapy on. Check out this remarkable freestanding bathtub from Empava with 7 shade light-up options on Amazon (Choose either the 59” or 67” length.)

Talk about feeling desire. I desire one so bad! And it is double-ended so it can easily be a tub for two.


But, honestly, you can combine chromotherapy right into your romantic bathtub endure for a lot much less money. Why not attempt Submersible LED Lights with remote regulate. Stick them on the sides of your bathtub. Turn the settings to your wanted shade combo and also let the magic unfold!

See LED Submersible Lights through Remote Control on Amazon.

4. Try Flamemuch less Candlelight

One of the a lot of noticeable romantic bath principles is to usage candles. And while candles can incorpoprice both the scents of vital oils and chromotreatment, if you anticipate many activity in the bathroom, take into consideration flame-complimentary candles to store points safe.

Below you’ll watch the gorgeous LED Flamemuch less Candles via Embedded Starlight String. They will certainly absolutely set the mood, however they won’t kill the romance by making you issue about a house fire simply once things are getting good!


These flammuch less candles come 5 in a collection, or 3 in a collection, and you deserve to revolve them on or off via the remote manage. You have the right to additionally collection the timer so they’ll automatically turn off whenever you select.

See the LED Flameless Candles through Embedded Starlight String on Amazon.

5. Turn On the Mood Music

Since primitive times, humans have well-known the capability of music to alter our moods. So which tunes are ideal for bringing on the romance? Really, that depends on you and your mate.

Just be certain to pick a soundtrack that works for both of you equally well, and matches the mood you desire to create. It’s not always true that romantic music must be mellow on the beat. Sometimes lively can be sexy and fun.

But nopoint deserve to kill a mood like a tinny sound quality, so attempt not to stream from your phone. If you’re in the sector for waterproof speakers, try the Wonderboom 2 to get a huge bang for your buck! This Bluetooth-enabled waterproof speaker is gaining rave reviews in the audio human being.

See the Wonderboom 2 from Ultimate Ears below on Amazon.


For much more on just how to pick the perfect speakers for you, as well as my picks for speakers at a selection of price points, check out my write-up Need a Bathroom Audio Solution? Listen Up!

6. Rub Your Honey With Sugar Scrub

If you’ve never before heard of a sugar scrub, it’s a concoction via crucial oils, carrier oils and, yes, sugar! Rubbing a sugar scrub on your very own body feels decadent, as the sugar exfoliates any turbulent, dry patches of skin.

So why not share the sweet sensation, by massaging your honey through a sugar scrub?

Might I suggest you make a sugar scrub together as a kind of bath foreplay? The Green Tea Sugar Scrub via Mint defined in the recipe below will certainly acquire all your senses tingling. And once you have the ingredients, you can make the recipe in no time.

In truth, tright here are a entirety host of fun bath recipes to whip up together and rub, scrub and also spreview on each various other. Download 5 rapid and easy ones right here. Might I indicate an after-bath massage via Peppermint Body Butter?

7. Take a Champagne Bath

It feels additional celebratory to sip champagne in the tub, but that’s simply the beginning of just how to make a bath for two extra romantic.

Why not follow in the footactions of Marilyn Monroe, arguably the sexiest actress of all time?! Rumor has it that she bathed in 350 bottles of champagne. And why not? Well, it would certainly cost a bloody fortune for one point. Plus all that uncorking would be some workout.

Instead, follow Marilyn’s lead in spirit, by fixing an extra contemporary (and much less sticky) variation of the champagne bath. Mix these easy ingredients together in a bowl and then add the solution to heat bathwater:

1 cup of Champagne1 cup of Epsom Salts½ cup melted coconut oil (microwave for 20 seconds)6 drops of crucial increased oil, if available


Next, and also this is optional, sprinkle your bath water via dried or fresh climbed petals.

Finally, while bapoint in champagne, be sure to sip glasses of bubbly! Balance your bubbly on a pretty bath caddy, like the one pictured just over from Royal Craft Wood. In addition to your champagne, the caddy deserve to likewise hold your sugar scrub, a remote for a crucial oil diffuser, a candle, and also any other bathtub goodies you may want to carry alengthy.

See the Royal Craft Wood Bath Caddy on Amazon.

8. Bring On the Bubbles!

Tright here is somepoint naturally festive and fun about bubbles. Bubbles are playful, and also being in a state to play is crucial for romance. So consider adding bubbles to your bath!

Anvarious other excellent reason to add bubbles is that periodically, hiding your naked selves, making it much easier to let go of any hangups.


Tbelow are good, inexpensive bubble baths on the sector. My favorite pick for romance would be Deep Steep Rosemary Mint Bubble Bath. See it below on Amazon.

And if you’re interested in a super-duper bubbly bubble bath, then you’ll definitely desire to read my article The Secret to a More Bubbly Bubble Bath. Not to brag, however I’ve acquired that one completely identified.

9. Dry Off With a Soft, Fluffy Towel

Being able to wrap your sweetheart in a soft, fluffy towel have the right to be a sensual suffer in and of itself. The last thing you want as soon as you obtain out of the tub is to hug up your lover in a thin, scratchy towel. Talk around a vibe killer.

So think ahead and also collection out your the majority of plush towels. Personally, I use blfinished bamboo towels from Cariloha. They are plush because they mix bamboo via combed Turkish cotton. Check out this awesome bamboo towel collection by Cariloha on Amazon.

Also, bamboo towels are exceptionally soft, anti-microbial and eco-friendly. To learn even more about bamboo towels, check out the 7 Best Bamboo Towel Benefits.

10. Take a Long-Distance Couples Bath

These days, just bereason you’re not in the very same location as your lover, doesn’t suppose you can’t take a romantic bath together!

You’ve heard of phone sex, right? Well, there’s a more romantic version of that. It’s dubbed the LDCB (Long Distance Couples Bath). And modern technology renders it possible.

What you require is a pair of Friendship Lamps. Each of you has actually one. Then once apart, you set your friendship lamp on your bathroom vanity. Whenever before you pine for your lover, touch the friendship lamp. Their lamp will certainly light up in a color that represents you and also says, “We’re apart yet you’re still in my heart!”

Likewise, your partner’s lamp will light up as soon as you touch the lamp initially.


And currently for the ideal part of this romantic bath idea: each of you touches the lamp and also then soaks in a relaxing, warm bath, illuminated by the beautiful colors of love. Enjoy your LDCB!

Read more about Friendship Lamps here on Amazon.

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Best Romantic Bath Ideas


Taking a bath is such a sensuous endure it quickly lends itself to romance. You don’t need to implement eextremely principle on the list. Just pick a few of your favorite romantic bath ideregarding rotate a bath for 2 right into a form of foreplay.