Thereis a line in the SA “white book” that specifies sobriety as “steady victoryover lust.” Keep in mind, the goal is not to (a) quit masturbation, (b) quit porn, or(c) quit any behavior. The goal is to quit lust.

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Sowhat’s the huge deal around lust? It’s basic. When we lust, we tfinish to act out;as soon as we don’t lust, we don’t act out. It all begins through lust.

Thismight be the many valuable blog I’ve ever created – “Nine Ways to Stop Lusting.”

1.Distinguish lust vs. notice.

Tonotification a beautiful woguy or handsome male is not the exact same point as lusting afterthem. As visual creatures, we notice points – a rainbow, deer along the road,timeless automobile – and muscle-bound man or beautiful woman. It’s okay to notification, butnot okay to stare. So don’t beat yourself up bereason your eyes job-related. To notification anattractive person is not a sin.

2.See people, not body parts.

Lustoccurs as soon as we diminish an attrenergetic perboy to a collection of body parts. Trythis. The next time you watch a really attractive perchild whose appearance wouldgenerally tempt you to lust, focus on the component of the body that is not a turn onfor you. See the entirety, not the components.

3.Practice the 3-second rule.

Thisis some of the best advice I ever before offer clients. When a good-looking personenters your viewfinder, go ahead. Look at them. If you don’t, it will obtain inyour head and also torment you – sometimes for hours. But train yourself to lookameans within three secs. Count 1, 2, 3 – then look away.


Whatyou pray matters much less than the fact that you pray at all. Pray the SerenityPrayer. Pray the third Tip Prayer. Pray the 7th StepPrayer. Pray for the object of your potential lust. Pray for purity in your ownlife. Pray for God to perform in you what you are seeking in another person. Pray.

5.Avoid the land also mine.

Alcoholicshave to remain out of the bar. Addicted gamblers should avoid casinos. I shouldveer clear of Baskin Robbins. And sex addicts have to prevent situations thatwill be stimulating and also tempting. These areas will certainly vary from perkid to perchild.These land mines might be the beach, tv collection, movie theater, mall, orparticular relationships.

6.Join a group.

Severaltimes, God repetitive, “It is good” in the production story. Do you remember whatdamaged his streak? When he witnessed male alone, he shelp, “It is not excellent.” Sureenough, guy obtained in trouble once he isolated. You have to surround yourself witha few friends, a recovery group, and an accountability companion.

7.Look right into their eyes.

Whenit comes to overcoming lust, the eyes have it. When you enter a conversationthrough an attractive perboy, look intently into their eyes. The finest method to avoidlooking at the wrong thing is to look at the appropriate point. Look into their eyes.

8.Stay in the battle.

Ihave actually yet to accomplish the man (or woman) who totally overcame lust. The Holy bible tellsus that any kind of male that states he has entirely overcome sin is a liar. We allbattle lustful thoughts and the lust of the eyes. You have to win even more battlesthan you shed, until you inevitably obtain full victory.

9.Make a covenant.

Jobshelp, “I made a covenant via my eyes, that I would not sin against God” (Job31:1). Job attracted a line in the sand. He made a covenant, not through God, but withhis eyes. Why? Due to the fact that Job understood that we can only control what our eyestake in if we manage where our eyes focus. Try that this day. Make a covenantvia your eyes.

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Author:Mark Denison

Mark and also Beth Denison, married for 36 years, launched There’s Still Hope as a nationwide motion to call males and also woguys right into stays of sexual integrity. Their minisattempt supplies 90-day recoextremely plans for addicts and also one-on-one and group coaching for addicts and also their sposupplies. TSH additionally produces resources for pastors and also churches to face the porn epidemic that is ruining so many resides. Dr. Denikid was a senior pastor for over 30 years, NBA chaplain, and also board chairmale at Houston Baptist College three times. With a Master’s Degree in Addiction Recoincredibly, Mark is a certified PSAP and also energetic member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.Mark has composed four books on recovery: Porn in the Pew, 365 Days to Sexual Integrity, A 90-Day Recovery Guide, and also 40 Days to Porn-Free Living. His latest book, Jesus on the 12 Steps, will certainly be released later on this year.