Looking at the logo text on the bottom of the Hydro Flask you can watch some evident differences in between the genuine Hydro Flask brand also and the fake Hydro Flask brand.The fake Hydro Flask font looks obviously various and also tbelow is a sizeable gap in between the y and also the d in “Hydro”.The r in the fake logo has a more obvious top curve and the s in the genuine Hydro Flask is bigger than the s on the fake one.The real one looks specifically just how you would suppose the logo to look, while the fake one looks like it has actually spacing errors which you wouldn"t mean on such an expensive branded item.

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2. Bottom Text

The bottom of the Hydro Flask is among the biggest giveamethods for informing a real Hydro Flask from a fake one.I did a complete short article and video on the differences between the bottoms of the Hydro Flasks.In short:Real Hydro Flasks have actually the message published in top and also lower case letters whereas fake Hydro Flasks have actually the text etched in upper situation letters.Real Hydro Flasks have actually “HydroFlask.com” “Made in China” “TempShield Insulation” plus a product code and also size. Whereas fake Hydro Flasks simply have actually a size plus “18/8 STAINLESS STEEL” and also “DESIGNED IN BEND, OR” on the bottom.

3. Color/Size Options


Many of these fake websites or eBay sellers are selling colors or sizes of Hydro Flasks that have never actually been made.Any time you see a Babsence and White Hydro Flask you recognize it"s a fake bereason Hydro Flask have never before made those colors.I personally bought 2 fake Hydro Flask in ombre (2 tone) colors.While Hydro Flask DID make these colors in the previous they only ever released them in the 40 oz size.However before, I received these colors in a 32 oz dimension. Hydro Flask never made these colors in the 32 oz size so it"s obvious it"s a fake.

Also once Hydro Flask released restricted edition ombre colors they had various colored lids and also different paper sleeves. Click right here to learn even more around if Hydro Flask made ombre colors.

4. Price

One of the factors world acquire suckered into buying a fake Hydro Flask is the price.Hydro Flasks are expensive and so it makes feeling that civilization want to save some money once buying one.Why pay $45 as soon as you can pay $30 or also $20-25 for the very same product?However before, Hydro Flask area tight restrictions on just how much dealers are enabled to market their assets for and also they have a “minimum advertised price”.Retails are not enabled to advertise their products under this price, which keeps the Hydro Flask brand from being greatly discounted.Hydro Flasks execute go on sale from time to time, yet they aren"t continually sold at a big discount choose some of these stores would make you believe.

5. Seller Reputation


Another clear indicator of whether or not your Hydro Flask is real or not is the reputation of the seller and just how likely it seems that they would certainly offer you authentic assets.HydroFlask.com is obviously most likely to be the most trustworthy seller. It"s highly unlikely the brand also themselves would market you a fake product that can hurt their brand also.They are in the company of selling the real thing so if you buy straight from the brand also then you"re nearly guaranteed to acquire a actual product.See the discounted items on sale at HydroFlask.comAmazon is likewise a reputable seller. The firm works straight via Tall Ridge as the exclusive seller on Amazon and they have their own Amazon save.Click below to see the authentic Hydro Flask Amazon store
Tright here are loads of other trusted sellers out there also. Normally these are companies choose REI which have actually stores throughout the country.It could likewise be smaller neighborhood speciality stores that market rock climbing devices or fishing gear or camping equipment. These stores likely have actually a direct partnership with Hydro Flask and sell authentic products.See Hydro Flasks for sale at REI.comWhat you desire to protect against is dodgy virtual stores that either try to mimic Hydro Flask by using their logo design or dodgy ebay sellers.Many Hydro Flasks on Ebay are fakes and listed below you have the right to view a picture of obviously fake Hydro Flasks.I know for specific the red and white and the babsence and white colors have never before been made by Hydro Flask.

Fake Hydro Flask lid has actually black rubber gasket and separation in plasticThe lids are really fairly difficult to tell acomponent. Looking at them from the optimal tright here is little to no means to tell them apart.The fake suppliers have done a really great job imitating the lids of the Hydro Flask.However I did spot 2 little differences in the lid.The initially the the shade and also shape of the rubber gasket.In the authentic Hydro Flask the rubber gasket is a view through/white shade whereas on the fake Hydro Flasks the rubber gasket is black.The second point I noticed is a separation of the inner and external plastic of the lid on the fake Hydro Flasks. This separation didn"t exist on the actual Hydro Flasks.

7. Packaging

Real and also fake Hydro Flasks come backed in various means.My genuine Hydro Flask acquired delivered in a brown cardboard box and also it came wrapping in a white recyclable Hydro Flask branded sleeve.The 2 fake Hydro Flasks gained ceded in thin white cardboard boxes and were wrapped in bubble wrap, not the in the white recyclable Hydro Flask sleeve.

8. Printed Leaflet

The genuine Hydro Flask acquired ceded via a printed leaflet inside that had some details about exactly how to take care of your Hydro Flask and some safety and security instructions.The fake Hydro Flask didn"t come via any printed leaflet at all.

9. Printed Sleeve

The outside published sleeve that wraps about the Hydro Flask is also various in the actual one and the fake one.These are hard to tell apart and you most likely wouldn"t notification unmuch less you had actually both of them side by side.The real Hydro Flask has more metallic writing and also also attributes 3 various langueras whereas the fake one only shown english.
The actual Hydro Flask sleeve was simply plain white on the inside of the sleeve whereas the fake Hydro Flask had actually items published on the inside of the sleeve. Almany favor they took the information from the leaflet and also put it on the inside of the sleeve.With the genuine Hydro Flask the sleeve was stuck on with a tiny little bit of glue. With the fake Hydro Flask the sleeve was just slid on and also no glue was supplied to save it on the bottle.

10. Barcode Sticker

11. Inner Base Bubble

This is starting to really gain into the nitty gritty and also little differences yet I noticed that in the real Hydro Flask (green) the inner bubble was slightly bigger than the fake Hydro Flask.I"m not sure if this has somepoint to execute through the way they were produced and can be a way to identify a actual Hydro Flask from a fake one.

12. New Neck Design

New Hydro Flasks have a different neck architecture to the older Hydro Flasks.They feature a longer level stainmuch less steel sexpedition at the neck of the bottle compared to the old rounded stainmuch less steel neck.The fake Hydro Flasks still use the old architecture.However before, Hydro Flask still market some of the older deindicators and the necks are basically similar to the fake ones so this is not a simple way to recognize a fake compared to a real Hydro Flask.

13. Ice Retention

I believed ice retention would certainly be a straightforward way to tell the difference between a real and a fake Hydro Flask.However before, when I did my fake vs real Hydro Flask ice test I uncovered that they perdeveloped virtually identically.Fake Hydro Flasks are still vacuum insulated and have the right to still host ice for a really lengthy duration of time.Tright here was no noticeable distinction in between the performance of a fake Hydro Flask and also a real Hydro Flask. The distinctions were tiny.

R Tradenote Doesn"t Recurrent Authenticity

Newer Hydro Flasks have actually shrunk their logo design image and also rerelocated the (R) from both the logo design symbol and also the logo message.However before, older Hydro Flasks used to have actually this (R) so it"s not the best means to tell the difference in between a real Hydro Flask and also a fake one.

Wright here To Buy Real Hydro Flasks

If you want to make certain you obtain an authentic Hydro Flask then you desire to buy from an authentic dealer.Personally I have actually bought every one of my Hydro Flasks straight from the brand themselves.Very few areas actually sell genuine discounts except throughout discount durations and also this is one of the methods you deserve to be assured you"re gaining a real Hydro Flask.Go to HydroFlask.com and also watch all the real authentic Hydro FlasksAdditionally, if you prefer you deserve to likewise shop for Hydro Flasks on Amazon.com.You may ask “Are the Hydro Flasks on Amazon real?” and also the answer is yes they are.Tall Ridge is the exclusive seller of Hydro Flasks on Amazon and they ssuggest reexisting the brand on that platcreate. Hydro Flasks bought from Tall Ridge on Amazon are all authentic. Read more about actual Hydro Flasks on Amazon.Some human being choose Amazon, specifically if they currently have actually Amazon Prime.The prices are usually equivalent to Hydro Flask"s webwebsite but sometimes there are various colors easily accessible on Amazon than HydroFlask.comSee the latest prices of Hydro Flask bottles at Amazon

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