Recently we publiburned a tweet, as it got well-known so many type of human being preferred and also retweeted it. So simply being curious, we want to understand the whole list of world that liked/retweeted a tweet we posted. Twitter has some restrictions where it doesn’t allow you to see everyone if you have actually 100’s or 1000’s likes or retweets. Now you should be asking a question to yourself “someone favorited my tweet but I can’t view who”. Well, we have actually the answer to your difficulty. Keep Reading!

Why can’t i check out that preferred my tweet

There is only one reason why you can’t see the name of the person that liked or favorited your retweet. This happens once a user has actually made their profile personal. If you have followed the person prior to they favored or retweeted, just then you can see them on the list.

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Suppose if you have actually acquired 100 likes on your tweet but you are just able to see 50, then the remainder 50 has actually set their profile to personal. If you wish to see the future likes by them then you have to follow them.

How to See who Liked or Retweeted you

Tbelow are 2 approaches to check out that liked or retweet you.

Method 1. Using a Computer

i) Login to your Twitter account.

ii) Click on profile on Left side of the display.


iii) Now Click on the tweet you to inspect preferred or retweets. This will open up the tweet individually with comments underneath it if have actually.


iv) Now under the tweet you will number of world who favored or retweeted that tweet.


v) Click on likes or retweets and you will certainly view a list of world.

Method 2: Using a Mobile Phone

i) Downpack the twitter mobile application from the Android or iPhone keep if you don’t have one. Once installed log in.

ii) Click on 3 parallel lines in the top left corner of the display screen. You will watch a list of the drop-dvery own menu.


iii). Now click the profile. Tright here you will check out list of tweets done by you.


iv) Similar to desktop computer, click on any tweet you want to inspect likes and also retweets. This will open up that tweet separately.

v) Once you open up that tweet you will check out exactly how many world preferred, quoted, or retweeted that tweet.

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These are the 2 techniques easily accessible as of now when someone favorited your tweets. You have the right to watch even more customers in the twitter application who liked or retweeted than The desktop computer version.

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