We frequently get concerns about Russian gifts, includingthe pronunciations of the actual product categories. I deserve to sympathize via everyone that findsforeign langueras challenging. Therefore, I’m posting an extremely brief blog to summarize exactly how to pronouncesome of the a lot of widespread Russian names for commodities.

Russian nesting dolls are likewise recognized as:

Babushka: Pronounced(Baa–Boosh–Ka). The Russian wordbabushka means grandmommy. This is anexceptionally widespread and also vital word in Russian. This is singular. Babushkirefers to more than one, or a group of “grannies” usually in a industry or visitingat a household occasion.

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Matryoshka: Themodern pronunciation is (Maa-Trio-Sh-Ka).The Russian word Matryoshka describes the Russian nesting dolls that arerather common and well known in Russia.Thisis singular.

Matryoshki: The “i”on the end of the word transdevelops the word to plural.The “i” is pronounced favor a long ee, as inthe word “bee” or “see” or other similar words. (Maa-Trio-Sh-kee).

Here are some authentic photos of Russian world involved in variousRussian craft trades in miscellaneous parts of Russia. We hope you favor the photos and also we welcome anycomments.

Real Russians that work-related making and also selling genuine Russian crafts.


A Beautiful Russian girl who provides miscellaneous original Russian cloths and dresses.


A really awesome photo of some actual Russian "Babushki" in typical and also authentic Russian costumes.


Russian girls in conventional Russian costumes (i.e. a Sarafan).


A Russian womale hand painting Russian gift and craft items in Russia.

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