How to remove blue tint from hair

Pravana silver is one of my favorite colors that I’ve used to dye my hair.

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It wasn’t my workplace’s favorite, however.

After my first initial application of pravana silver. I mixed the tube of dye with a 1:2 ratio of dye to white conditioner to get a lovely pastel silver.

When it came time again to reapply my hair color, I decided to be a bit more adventurous and just apply the color directly to my hair strands without diluting with conditioner.

I got the prettiest color as a result. A dark silver fading to a lighter silver at the ends.


**This is the color in direct sunlight**


It was probably the prettiest, darkest silver I’ve seen and I was instantly in love. I figure it would fade the same as the diluted color did, and thought I had struck gold with this color.

Then I washed my hair.


This is the color I woke up to. Taken in direct sunlight. The color had turned purple and blue all over, with greenish roots.

The worst part was the fact I had to work in less than 7 hours.

My work does not allow unnatural colors of any kind, and I knew I would be sent home right away if I even tried to go in with this color

And my hair had been through so much in just a few weeks I almost dared to risk it.

But my judgement got the best of me, so I decided to tackle the blue tint and get my hair natural-ish before the workday began.

And so my journey began.

Frantically googling ways to remove blue tint, I’ve tried the highest rated results, and I’ve compiled a nice easy list on what works and what doesn’t

* Putting regular 40 developer straight on to hair dye*

Not sure why this was even an option, I put it on and waited and rinsed and the only noticible difference was the fact my hair was dryer than when I first started

*Baking soda in shampoo* (I mixed with dandruff shampoo for extra strength)

I can see this working if you had a slight tint to your hair, but all it seemed to do was lighten the pre-existing color, making my hair a light blue instead of the dark blue in the picture. Which still wasn’t cutting it

*Lemon Juice/Citric Acid*

No noticable difference in lift, but did make my hair dry out.

Finally with the clock ticking and my work-anxiety setting in, I darted to Sally’s to find a quick remedy to remove the tint and considered buying a cheap wig for the day.

Then I came across this beautiful product:


Seriously the. best. bleach

I’ve been bleaching and dyeing my hair since I was in middle school.

I’ve always used a powder bleach but I wanted something less-damaging, or as less-damaging a bleach can be.

This is it. This is the only bleach I’ll use now.

Not only did it not make my hair worse in it’s condition.



I could have cried with happiness

Even with powder bleaches I usually get spots from uneven lift

This product is a miracle-worker. I wish I had went straight to using it before doing all of the“home-remedies” for blue tint, which dried my hair out an insane amount.

My hair did come out an orangy-coral color from the lack of blue pigmentation, but I slathered on some copper-blonde dye I had stored away from previous dye-experiments.

My hair came out a bit more orange-y than I had wanted, my hair is extremely porous and soaks up color.

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The color matched my orange shirt for awhile until after a couple of washes and then it toned out to a nice strawberry/blonde


My managers ended up loving this color (surprisingly) and I had never felt relief such as that on that day.