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You’ve swarm some remarkable footage on your GoPro. How do you show it off on your television so other civilization have the right to watch it too? Depfinishing on the kind of TV you have, there are a couple of basic methods to play the footage, and also periodically you have the right to play it straight from your GoPro electronic camera. To pick the method that will certainly work finest for you, you’ll should be familiar with the ports on the front, earlier, or side of your television. We have imperiods listed below to aid overview you. Here are a number of methods to check out a GoPro video on your TV:

Watch through HDMI through a GoPro to HDMI Cable

If you have actually a modern-day flatdisplay screen or Smart TV, it more than likely has an HDMI port (or a few). Check the sides or earlier of your tv for a narrow port that looks like this:


If you want to attach your GoPro to a modern HD television that has an HDMI port on it, a GoPro to HDMI cable is the organic alternative. Using one of these is easy: simply set your GoPro to Playearlier mode using the front Setting button alongside the lens and also affix this cable to the micro HDMI port on the side of your GoPro to the normal full-sized HDMI port on the side or rear of your tv, and select that HDMI input utilizing your TV’s remote. Keep in mind that a normal HDMI cable that has actually full-sized HDMI connectors on both ends will certainly not occupational because your GoPro has a Micro HDMI port instead of a complete sized one given that the video camera is little enough that a full-sized HDMI port would certainly not fit. That’s why you’ll need this one-of-a-kind cable to attach your GoPro to a television.

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When it’s time to connect your GoPro to your TV through HDMI, you might discover it’s a tiny temperamental.

First, make sure your GoPro is turned off and also remove any kind of third party accessories.

Plug the HDMI cable into your TV and make certain the correct HDMI input is selected on the tv.

Plug the HDMI cable right into your GoPro.

Turn the GoPro on. You need to watch what your GoPro sees on the TV.

If that doesn’t work-related, attempt disconnecting the HDMI cable from the GoPro and then reconnecting it while the GoPro is on. Once you check out what your GoPro sees, you can use your GoPro to select videos and also play them on your TV.

Watch through Compowebsite via a GoPro to Compowebsite Cable

Older TVs and VCRs regularly have composite inputs on the front or earlier of the gadget. You want to look for 3 round ports in the colors red, white, and yellow. Yellow is for video and also the red and white are for audio. Composite supports standard playback just. If you want high interpretation playago, you must attach by means of HDMI cable.



This cable is just compatible via GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, and also HERO4. If you desire to attach your GoPro to an older tv without HDMI ports or probably a various kind of gadget favor a video projector that doesn’t have an HDMI port, you’ll need a GoPro to composite cable. These are the old-fashioned red, white and yellow cables that you most likely remember ideal from hooking up a VCR to a tv many type of years back. Sometimes composite is called an RCA video cable. Using among these is basic but rather of plugging it into your GoPro’s micro HDMI port, you’ll instead plug it right into your GoPro’s mini USB port (the just port it’ll fit in) and also pick that compowebsite input making use of your TV’s remote control.

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Watch GoPro Footage on TV Wirelessly

This is most likely the many facility method to watch your footage, yet if you currently very own a Chromecast or Apple TV, it’s straightforward to wirelessly watch your GoPro footage on your tv.

The initially action is loading your footage onto your computer system or lappeak or syncing it with the GoPro Smartphone app (footage syncing via the application just functions with GoPro 5 and later on.

Connect your computer system or smartphone to your tv utilizing Airplay for Apple TV or Chromecast Screencast. Once you’re screen sharing, choose the video you want to watch and also hit play.

Watch GoPro Footage in 4k on a 4K TV

If you’re recording your GoPro footage in 4K and also desire to play it ago in the exact same top quality on your 4K TV, you will not be able to gain that quality through the GoPro to HDMI cable. Instead, you will certainly need to use a USB 3.0 flash drive. USB ports come conventional on the majority of Smart TVs. If you have a 4K TV, look for a USB port on the ago or side of the tv. Read the documentation that came via your TV to confirm it is USB 3.0 (a USB 2.0 port will not assistance 4K playback).



Make certain to acquire a USB 3.0 flash drive that has enough memory to organize the footage you want to play. You need to additionally confirm the footage was taped in 4K.

Copy the footage from the GoPro to your computer. Transfer the papers you want to watch to the flash drive.

Insert the flash drive right into your TV and usage your tv to play the records.

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Watch your GoPro Footage off your memory card


Some televisions permit you to plug an SD memory card directly in and play videos and also display screen photos off of that. If you have actually a television prefer this, you might be able to take the memory card out of your GoPro camera and insert it into your TV. Of course, since your GoPro takes micro SD cards you’ll first must plug the micro SD card into a mSD to full-sized SD card converter so it’ll fit into your TV. If your memory card didn’t come with one of those plastic mini-to-complete size enclosures, you can buy among those adapters on Amazon cheaply here.

Watching the GoPro videos via the microSD card have the right to be a little tricky. Make sure the videos have not been altered in any kind of way. That suggests that they can’t be duplicated off and replicated earlier on and also cannot be renamed. You may also have worries if your TV doesn’t support playearlier of the raw GoPro videos. Often using the GoPro to HDMI cable will be an easier option.

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