This will certainly serve as the Mortal Kombat X story mode overview. In order to unlock story mode, gamers have to first complete the tutorial, and doing so will reward them through the That"s How You Do It trophy for the PS4, and also achievement of the very same name if you"re playing on the Xbox One or COMPUTER. Completing the story mode will certainly likewise unlock Shinnok as a playable character in the game, as well as assorted costumes and stages.

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Unprefer some of the various other fighting games that players could be acquainted through, Mortal Kombat X will certainly not allow you to choose your favorite fighter and also play as them the whole method via the project. Instead, each of the 12 chapters in the game will function a various playable character, as gamers job-related their means through the cinematic experience full of Quick-Time Events (QTEs).

While many of the story mode battles are reasonably easy, and also beating your adversary shouldn"t be that tough, it"s the QTEs that have the right to expedition you up. For instance, if you fail to push the button indicated on your display fast enough, or also hit the wrong one, it have the right to have actually an influence on how the story plays out. It"s for that reason that we have actually a list of all the QTEs in the game, helping to ensure that you do not slip up alengthy the means.

It"s additionally worth noting that if players execute uncover themselves getting jammed up in the single-player story of Mortal Kombat X, tbelow is an choice to skip the fight in the game"s pause menu. You have the right to do this up to three times, and if you require even more tbelow are avenues to uncover them in the Krypt. With our assist and those alternatives, you must be collection to go.

By completing fifty percent of the story mode players will certainly unlock a trophy called A New Beginning, and as soon as they complete 100 percent they"ll earn one referred to as Tright here is a Ruler. Of course, if you"re playing on the PC or Xbox One, these would certainly be referred to as achievements quite than trophies.

Note: Between the battles and also Quick-Time Events are going to be loads of reduced scenes that help to deliver the story behind Mortal Kombat X. We"ve spanned the parts that need your input, however we make no point out of these cut scenes, preferring rather that each player get to experience them on their own. We"re just below to assist you obtain from one to the following.

Before you start, we"d strongly advise that you check out our thorough testimonial of Mortal Kombat X, espeically if you have yet to pick up the game.

Note: After doing some investigating, it looks prefer the QTEs are not typical for eincredibly player. By that we suppose it could ask you to press the Triangle switch, and us to push the Circle. For this factor we"ve rerelocated them from our guide, however we"ll still tell you once they pop up so you have the right to be ready.

Chapter 1 - Johnny Cage

Chapter one will watch players taking on the role of Johnny Cage and completing a Quick-Time Event. Unlike some of the following chapters that call for them to win one or more battles, this one is sensibly straightforward.

Chapter 2 - Kotal Kahn

The second chapter features Kotal Kahn, beginning off through another Quick-Time Event, adhered to by 4 battles against Kano, Tanya, Rain and also finally, Mileena. Below you"ll discover the QTE inputs for both Xbox One and the PS4.

Chapter 3 - Sub-Zero

Chapter three brings a fan favorite to the spotlight in Sub-Zero, and also is likewise the initially chapter to be void of any kind of Quick-Time Events. Instead, players will battle versus 3 enemies, including Cassie Cage, Takashi Takeda, and also Kung Jin.

Chapter 4 - Kung Jin

In chapter four of the Mortal Kombat X story mode players will certainly acquire some stick time through Kung Jin, first battling it out versus Erron Babsence. Unfavor previous chapters, but, a QTE occasion will certainly follow, and then some extra battles versus Ferra/Torr, Raiden, and last however not least, Kotal Kahn.

Chapter 5 - Sonya Blade

The fifth chapter of Mortal Kombat X will watch players take on the duty of Sonya Blade, doing fight versus Scorpion, Jax, and also Quan Chi prior to engaging in a Quick-Time Event. Just like the previous chapter, once that is over tbelow will be an additional battle versus Kano. Just keep in mind that if any kind of battle is too difficult for you, tright here is an option to skip it in the pausage food selection.

Chapter 6 - D"Vorah

The sixth chapter of the game will certainly start with a fight against Baraka, and also will be adhered to by a QTE event, then battles versus Rain and also Mileena. It"s likewise worth noting that this is the midmethod suggest of the campaign, and also completing this chapter will unlock the PS4 trophy, A New Beginning. Of course, if you"re playing on the Xbox One or PC, this will certainly not be a trophy, however fairly an achievement.

Chapter 7 - Takashi Takeda

Chapter salso will certainly kick off via a battle versus Kenshi, adhered to by the currently conventional QTE, then three even more battles to finish points off. When the QTE is out of the way, expect to challenge off versus Reptile, Erron Black, and also finally Ermac. Keep the choice to skip a fight in mind if you"re struggling.

Chapter 8 - Jax

To begin chapter eight players will have to fight Kung Lao, Sindel, and Kitana. This will aget be adhered to by a QTE, then a secondary fight against Liu Kang.

Chapter 9 - Scorpion

Chapter nine of the Mortal Kombat X story mode complies with the very same formula as many kind of others prior to it, yet this time out you gain to unlock something for your troubles - Scorpion"s Hanzo Hitachi Alternative Costume.

Before we acquire ahead of ourselves, begin out by beating Sonya, then completing the chapter"s QTE occasion. When that"s done, fight it out against Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, and ultimately, Quan Chi. As discussed, the latter of these battles will certainly unlock Scorpion"s Hanzo Hitachi Alternative Costume, a decent reward for a chapter of occupational.

Chapter 10 - Raiden

Unchoose previous chapters, the QTEs are all done for the remainder of the Mortal Kombat X story mode. From right here on out it"s nopoint yet battles, and also in chapter 10 players will action right into the duty of Raiden, fighting versus Baraka, D"Vorah, Kung Lao and also Liu Kang. Unfortunately, tbelow are no unlocks or rewards for your troubles.

Chapter 11 - Jacqui Briggs

Chapter 11, the second to last chapter in the MKX story mode, will certainly feature four more battles. Gamers will certainly be playing as Jacqui Briggs, taking on Reptile, Ermac, Ferra/Torr, and also ultimately Kotal Kang. Similar to the previous chapter (and also the one after this), there are no Quick-Time Events to be concerned with, just battles and cut scenes.

Chapter 12 - Cassie Cage


The last chapter of the game is going to watch players fight first against Sindel, but it"s the next 3 interactions that will bring the rewards. The second battle, for example, is versus Kitana, and will certainly watch players unlock the Infected Sky Temple Stage upon its completion. The third fight against D"Vorah likewise has actually some pretty sweet rewards, such as the Infected Jinsei Chamber Stage and also Two Souls in the Mortal Kombat X mobile game.

The last fight in the Mortal Kombat X story mode will certainly be against Corrupted Shinnok, and also winning is how you unlock Shinnok as a playable character. It"s also exactly how you complete the project, unlocking a trophy called There is a New Ruler for the PS4. Aget, players on the Xbox One and also PC will watch this appear as an achievement, although it has actually the same name.

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