It’s that time of year again! Those February days once you can’t escape love hearts and are constantly reminded of your own crippling loneliness. Yes. It’s Valentine’s Day, and best about now you’re probably reasoning that possibly your mommy was right; it’s time to clear up dvery own via a nice Jewish perkid.I know exactly how difficult it have the right to be to try and also begin a conversation through somebody when the weight of your ancestors’ desires of Jewish continuity is relaxing on your JSwipe profile. So, I believed I’d take off some of the press for you. Here are 14 Jewish-themed pick up lines designed to make your rabbi blush.

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1. Wanna acquire a drink sometime? I was reasoning a glass of wine — I recognize this really great chuppah we deserve to hang out under.

2. Come over to my place on Shabbat, we can Netflix and also cholent.


3. You have to be a dybbuk bereason my body feels like it belongs to you now and likewise why execute you remind me of my dead great-grandfather?

4. Tright here may be plenty of gefilte fish in the kitchen, but you’re the just one my bubbe approves of.

5. Are you a dvar Torah? Due to the fact that I’m hanging off your eincredibly word and also you make me all set for bed. By the method, I have an concern via something you shelp towards the beginning and would certainly like to controversy that one point. No, I didn’t pay attention to the rest, I was as well busy reasoning about just how appropriate I am. Anymethod, is it time for food yet?

6. You know wbelow that coat of many type of colors would look better? Torn to shreds and extended in blood as your siblings convince your elderly father you’re dead. Also my bedroom floor.

7. I took a 23andMe test and the good news is we’re not related!


8. Is that a fiddler on your roof or are you simply happy to see me?

9. Well you need to be David and I Goliath because you’ve knocked me off my feet (and also reduced my head off to present to the King of Israel).


10. I might not be Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob but I sure am FOREtunate enough to have actually you in my life!

~BONUS ALTERNATIVE!~ I may not be a mohel, however I sure am FORE(skin)tunate sufficient to have actually you in my life!

11. Are you a Maccabee? If so, feel totally free to oil me up for one night and also we’ll check out just how long we can make it last.

12. Baby, are you Eve? Due to the fact that you make me desire to try brand-new things! Also you’ve gotten us permanently banned from this facility.


13. You have to be the Tower of Babel bereason you make me unable to connect efficiently.

~BONUS ALTERNATIVE!~ Are you Moses? Because my bush is burning.


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You should be Nebuchadnezzer bereason I want to tear down the walls in between us and then entirely destroy your holy Temple.