I"m having trouble choosing single anchor points in InDesign. When I click a frame"s anchor allude via the direct selection tool (white arrow), it selects every one of the frame"s points. To acquire a single point schosen, I have acquired supplied to click-drag picking a solitary suggest and then clicking the suggest I desire.

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That does not job-related in records with several overlapping objects, for I need to begin click-dragging in "empty" room. If I don"t, InDesign will assume I want to drag the contents of the object I start click-dragging on. I could, of course, lock all those objects and then click-drag select. Sounds like a hassle, though.

Is there an easier, more direct method to just select a single anchor allude in InDesign? I"m making use of CS6 if that is of any importance.


Make sure that you have actually nopoint selected prior to you try to choose the anchor allude with the Direct Selection Device. If you have the object currently schosen, you will not be able to pick a solitary suggest on that object.

I usually click off the web page to make sure nothing is schosen and also then go in to make a single selection. It"s a habit at this allude but I"m always clicking off the web page in between actions to make certain nothing is schosen. This is especially advantageous (or annoying) when working through the form tool.


InDesign anchors are picky.

I do a lot of:Click --- Command-Shift-A (Unchoose all) -- click -- Command-Shift-A -- Click -- Command-Shift-A -- Click -- Command-Shift-A -- Click

You simply need to store trying.


I think Ctrl+Alt+Shift is what you"re trying to find.(or Command also if you use a Mac, but have to be tested)

This combo will certainly revolve your cursor right into something favor this :

Then you have to be able to pick the desired anchor point.

If the object you want to catch is placed backwards, Ctrl + click to select the object behind. Repeat if crucial. Then use the combo to capture your anchor.



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