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In some Native Amerihave the right to spiroutine legacies feather fans are used in smudging ceremonies to waft smoke from smoldering spiritual herbs around a space or perkid to clear negative power or to fan smoke skyward throughout prayer. Native Americans follow certain legacies to create these sacred tools, but you can make a smudge fan for personal usage via feathers you"ve built up on nature walks. Because this is a tool for spiritual ceremony start by clarifying your intention and also continue in a prayerful, respectful way.

What you need

1 square of red fabric such as cotton, linen or wool – save it organic. The material must be around as lengthy as your longest feather.Ceremonial herbs (sage, cedar, tobacco or a combination)Wax-treated leather twine1 square of leather, about the very same size as the red clothLeather cordingFeathers


Don’t usage feathers if you don’t understand what they are. From a spiritual perspective every bird carries its own “medicine” and also feathers represent that power. Use a resource choose Jamie Sams’ Medicine Cards or the book Animal Soptimal  by Ted Andrews to better understand the symbolism of certain birds. Be conscious that possessing feathers from raptors such as eagles, hawks or owls might be a crime –also if you discovered the feathers on the ground.

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Clear and center your mind. Hold a handful of spiritual herbs and also “put” a prayer into them, in various other words, imagine that the herbs recurrent your intent to usage this fan in a respectable means, for bringing positive energy and also benefiting your household or neighborhood. Sprinkle the herbs into the square of product and also fold it in fifty percent. As you work keep the open finish of the fold “up” so the herbs don’t loss out.

Assemble your feathers in a pleasing method. All the feathers should be placed via their fronts forward. The back of a feather frequently has lighter colored plumage and also the shafts are more influential. Use your intuition; if a particular feather doesn’t seem to fit or won’t stay in position probably it shouldn’t be tright here. Wind the waxed twine roughly the shaft ends to secure them.

Place the bundled feathers at the edge of the red fabric. Roll the wound shafts cinnamon-roll style in the material. Cut and also readjust the size of the material if essential, it should be only as lengthy as the end of the feather shafts and also not also bulky for the number and also dimension of feathers.

Start at the peak, closest to the plumage and wind a length of waxed twine approximately the product in a criss-cross pattern (cross the twine ends in earlier the tuck one finish under the other in the front as if tying a shoe). Keep the twine taught to produce a firm take care of for your fan. Tie off the twine at the bottom.


Measure and reduced the leather so it’s about ½ bigger than the circumference of the red manage. If you wish to make fringe at the bottom the leather can be any kind of size you desire. If you don’t desire fringe reduced the leather lengthy sufficient to cover the shafts by about ¼ inch.

Complete fringe before moving to the next action.

Place the fan manage in the facility of the leather so the “seam” will be in the center front. Pull the leather snugly from both sides and also secure it through leather cording – usage the exact same criss-cross pattern you supplied through the waxed twine. This procedure requires patience: pull the leather, wrap one area and also repeat, while all the time maintaining the seam directly and the leather cording taught. If you have actually obstacle simply get the leather secured on the manage then go ago and also make adjustments. Tie the cording at the bottom.

To make perfect fringe: It’s almost difficult for a beginner to hand-reduced fringe and make it also. Use a right edge and also a pen to note your cuts on the wrong side of the leather then reduced with an extremely sharp pair of scissors or energy blade.

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Add a crystal, stone or embellishment to the handle by tucking it under the leather cording as you wrap the handle.