to make a play for someone - to attempt to tempt the romantic interest of someone. to make a pass at someone - to make a romantic advance at someone. To a non-indigenous speaker, the distinction seems to be "the subtlety of one"s action" in "make a play for" whereas, in the second instance, "to make a pass" would suggest a more active or aggressive approach. Am I right?


According to Collins Dict. the 2 expressions are fairly close in meaning, however make a play for someone actually might indicate an extra romantic involvement than make a pass at someone.

Make a pass at someone:

make advancements to, proplace, hit on (US & Canadian, slang), come on to (informal), make a play for (informal), make a strategy to, make sex-related overtures to.

Was he just being friendly, or was he making a pass at her?

It appears as if those boys can not think of much even more than rapid cars and making passes at girls.

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In the movie, she makes a play for her finest friend"s husband.If I wasn"t happily married, I can make a play for him myself.


user463240 - my examples are sentences I uncovered in the internet. Make a pass at is even more frequently associated via boys/men, yet not just to them I guess :))
I would think about making a play to involve any type of collection of actions that have actually as goal to attain the interest or favors of someone. Those actions need not involve any type of direct interactivity via that perkid. They might involve preparation, contrivance of scenarios or events, and also so on. Of course ultimately there would presumably involve some direct contact/interactivity, however not every one of the actions making up the "play" require involve the various other person straight. The "play" deserve to be affiliated, complicated, and also lengthy, however it require not be. (It can amount to nothing even more than making a pass - yet it need not.)

Making a pass is straight, short, and also frequently apparent. It involves some direct interaction, commonly grabbing the attention of the various other person in one create or another.


I would take into consideration "making a pass" to be a brief, one-time, occasion and also "making a play" to be longer-term than a 1-5 minute enrespond to.


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