If you simply began your initially experimentation on Blender, then I feel you! I am precisely in the very same place and I can relate through the side of your head which thinks that this software is a whole mess!


This factor is not sufficient to speak you from producing — or modeling if you favor it this way— a 3D cup on Blender. So, by the end of this brief tutorial, you will learn how to perform it really easily and also therefore you’ll be even more than proud of your 3D skills as a beginner.

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Ready for this crazy ride? Go!

Step 1: The incredibly basics

If you didn’t open the software application yet, then what are you waiting for? By picking General from the “New File” column, you’ll jump into the 3D viewport the powerresidence of Blender.

Here it is!


Screenswarm by author.

If you desire to delete the cube or the other stuff (cam and also light) on the display screen, press A on your keyboard, then X and also click Delete.

Now that your screen is crystal clear, it’s time for creativity!

Tip 2: First measures of creation

The initially point you have to execute is to select Add


After choosing the bottom, press S and also relocate the mouse to deal with the scaling, and afterward carry out the crucial adjustments so as to take the shape of a cup. Of course, the majority of cups don’t have this conic shape.

In order to settle this, press Ctrl+R in the facility of the mug and then S for the adjustments. The form till now have to look like this:


Now that the cup is sort of legit — not finimelted yet, be patient! — it’s time to smooth its wild character. First, go ago to “Object Mode”, right-click on the item, and Shade Smooth.

Let’s go to the “Edit Mode” currently. I know this change is somejust how nerve-wracking, but don’t swear on me. It’s not my fault, I swear!

Press Ctrl+R — one close to the top and also the various other close to the bottom of the cup. This method the distortion of the form belongs to the previous.

After this, choose the Face Select alternative (up left) and also then click the height of the cup. For the thickness, push E (stands out for Extrude) + S for the scaling. It doesn’t have to be extremely thick, however that’s approximately you.

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Tip 3: The cylinder now seems like a cup!

You were patient enough, so it’s time to be rewarded by seeing this bulky 3D object take the form that you wish for!

So, staying on the optimal of the item, push E+Z and move on through your computer mouse on the Z-axis till the suggest that it doesn’t get rid of the bottom side; then press S for the adjustments needed.