Snapchat released the Bounce result back in August 2018 to market its customers a feature similar to Instagram’s Boomerang.

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Bounce allows individuals document a video Snap and tweak to make it play forwards and also backward resulting in a cool boomerang-choose video without the require for any added editing and enhancing.

Of course, Instagram and Snapchat are well-known to copy one another, but, the thing via Instagram is that the features are typically available to Android and iOS users.

Snapchat UI

The same can’t be said for Snapchat. Take for example the choice to pin a conversation, it’s a simple yet helpful function that for some factor is still restricted to iOS.

And the very same is the instance via the Bounce result because the feature is currently restricted to iOS gadgets only and also Snapchat has actually not yet evidenced anypoint regarding its availability on Android.

It’s not unwidespread for developers to add specific functions to iOS devices first. Such was the situation for the recently announced Twitter Spaces too.

But most developers inevitably carry the new functions to their apps on Android as well, except Snapchat. This is why many kind of Snapchatters dcheck out utilizing the application on Android.

That said, the Snapchat Bounce impact is a quick and fun method to take your video Snaps to the following level. Here’s an instance of the Bounce effect in activity in instance you somehow haven’t yet come throughout the feature:

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To usage the Snapchat Bounce result on your iOS device, follow these steps:

1. Launch Snapchat and go to the Camera display.2. Press and also hold the document switch to capture a video.3. Tap on the “loop” (?) icon.4. Now drag the Bounce slider to the spot from which you desire the video to playago in reverse.

Once you’re satisfied with the Bounce impact you’ve created, just tap on the send/share button to send the video Snap via the Bounce result to your fellow Snapchatters.

As for Snapchatters on #TeamAndroid, there’s no excellent news because Snapchat is unmost likely to include the attribute to the Android app anytime soon.

This is despite the truth that Android individuals have actually been demanding Snapchat to carry the function ever before considering that it launched.


Can we simply fight over the truth that snapchat doesn’t provide androids the bounce/ boomerang thing ?! (Source)

snapchatsupport Bring pin conversation and also boomerang function for android ffs.. I sent out you hundreds of feedbacks on snapchat not even a solitary response (Source)

As you have the right to view, the demand also for Bounce to be released for Android is still tbelow even years after Snapchat released it for iOS.

We’ll keep track of the case and will certainly short article an update if and also as soon as Snapchat decides to lug the Bounce result to the Android app also.

P.S. While gathering reports I came throughout a hilarious or quite ironic tweet from Snapchat Support claiming that they constantly love hearing what you’d choose to watch on the application.

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