Over the years, I’ve had actually the pleasure of helping households setup scattering of ashes ceremonies.

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But I need to say that a ceremony by the water is probably my favourite.

But it additionally calls for a small bit of mindful planning and also analysis, to protect against any kind of mishaps on the important day.

If you’re planning to scatter at sea, tbelow are a couple of biodegradable urns for water on the market.

From the feedback of families, I decided to make a list of the optimal 8 water urns on the sector.

These urns are great bereason of their aesthetics, high quality, and also worth for money.

Good luck, hope you discover what you need!

What does a biodegradable urn normally include?

The form of urn is incredibly vital. Many type of urns that are intended for a ground interment, do not easily disresolve in water. It could take a very long time to break dvery own.

Urns that are especially created a water funeral will dissolve quickly.

The urn

Tbelow are a huge selection of water urns, which we will comment on later.

Water soluble biodegradable bag


Included through the urn will certainly be a water-soluble bag. The ashes are put right into the bag and attached to or inserted in the urn, in some manner.

When the urn begins to disresolve, the bag will begin to get wet. When that occurs, the ashes will gradually be released from the bag.

Types of biodegradable urns available

While tbelow are too many to name below, we have actually included some of the many popular below.

Journey Biodegradable Floating Container


The journey urn is a ideal seller for water funeral containers. Attrenergetic and also economical, it’s a lovely blue shade through flecked texture. Made from paper, it quickly dissolves in water.

The architecture & materials

The container is created with paper made from Mulberry tree bark and also redeclared cardboard. No mulberry trees are damaged.

After the cstays are placed in the consisted of bag, they are inserted right into the container. It is folded via an attrenergetic band, which keeps it closed.

Scattering the ashes


After being inserted in the water, it floats briefly and breaks down within minutes. It is also suitable for an earth funeral.

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How to purchase

If you wish to purchase this biodegradable urn or want to uncover even more about it, click with to their online save.