Even if you breathe air and also walk about on two legs, it’s feasible you’re a mer-perchild in disguise.

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4. You love taking baths, and also feel as if they are actually a necessity. When you look for a brand-new place to live, a bathtub is a deal breaker. You need to soak in water and also sea salt! Tbelow are times that you simply don’t feel right without an excellent, long bath.

5. You crave a residence near water. Even if you don’t live cshed to the ocean, you feel most favor yourself if your home isn’t terribly far from a river, lake, waterfall, or stream.

6. You suspect you deserve to actually breathe under water. Mer-world could have actually the sneaking feeling that they could breathe underwater if they tried, and might regularly experience simply such a reality in their desires.

7. You are a water sign, or have actually a lot of water in your astrological chart. Not eexceptionally mer-perkid is a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, yet many are. Otherwise, you might have most watery signs elsewhere in your astrological chart (your moon or climbing sign, for example), or you might have actually been born during a Chinese water year.

8. You have beautiful hair that you love taking care of. Mermaids are frequently watched brushing their hair. It seems their locks are a critical facet of their magical alattract.

9. You care deeply about the ocean’s well-being. You are passionate about maintaining your residence crucial and also clean. Naturally, ocean-related reasons are near and also dear to your mermaid heart.

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So what’s the verdict? Are you a mermaid person? Please share in the comments.