Ping is a straightforward test to examine if the target is exist. When your are connected via cost-free wifi in a cafe library and so on, and someone try to hack your device, normally this is one of the technique that they do.

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You have the right to it using tcpdump.

If it’s not in your device yet, you have the right to install by keying (for Ubuntu): apt-get install tcpdump in your linux terminal.

Type the command listed below to start the process:

suexecute tcpdump -i wlan0 icmp and icmp=icmp-echo-i choice is for your wiremuch less netjob-related interchallenge. I use atheros chipcollection, so my one is wlan0.When I ping from my other device, tcpdump will certainly tell me that tright here is an equipment from an ip attend to try to ping me.

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