You might be surprised at exactly how many kind of tright here are. Some are recent, and a couple of go earlier a number of years, yet all function highly choreographed use of writing tools in violent methods probably not recommfinished by the makers. So, here are the 7 Best fight scenes via a pen or pencil.

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We’ve ranked them making use of a scientific process that assigns weighted worths to….oh, who’re we kidding, they just go from “cool” to “coolest.” Here they are:
Table of Contents7 Red Eye – Lisa Escapes the Plane6 Battlestar Galactica – Gaeta Snaps5 Rock n Rolla – Johnny Quid vs. the Bouncer4 The Dark Knight – Joker Kills the Henchman3 Casino – Is This Your Pen?2 The Bourne Identity – Bourne vs. Castel1 Grosse Pointe Blank – High School Reunion Death Match

7. Red Eye – Lisa Escapes the Plane

Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams) demands to acquire away from terrorist Jackson Rippner (Cillian Murphy), seated next to her, as their Dallas-to-Miami trip lands. In a scene that adds a flash of excitement to a so-so thriller, she stealthily thumbs the cap off a rollerround and waits for the seatbelt light to go off prior to whipping the pen about and also into Rippner’s throat.

6. Battlestar Galactica – Gaeta Snaps

Lt. Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) is trying to learn just how much Gaius Baltar (James Callis) has actually told the Cylons around the fleet’s search for Planet in this intense sci-fi series that ran for 4 seasons. Baltar whispers somepoint right into Gaeta’s ear, infuriating him. Before Baltar realizes his mistake, the lieutenant snatches up a pen and also slams it into Baltar’s neck.

5. Rock n Rolla – Johnny Quid vs. the Bouncer

Johnny Quid (Toby Kebbell) and a frifinish are trying to get into a club in Guy Ritchie’s brilliant crime movie, but end up taking a little bit of abuse (and also a punch) from the bouncer. After the bouncer threatens to “grind your bones to make my bcheck out,” Johnny starts jabbing him with a pencil, presumably the pointy end, however it’s difficult to tell. He finishes the bouncer off through a trashhave the right to lid.

4. The Dark Knight – Joker Kills the Henchman

The Joker (Heath Ledger) reflects up at a meeting of Gotham’s underhuman being leaders and also offers to kill Batman in exreadjust for fifty percent of the crooks’ money. To show them exactly how significant he is, the delightcompletely demented villain offers to demonstrate a magic trick. He plants a pencil on a table, then provides it “disappear” by slamming among Gambol’s henchguys headinitially onto it.

3. Casino – Is This Your Pen?

In Martin Scorsese’s crime timeless, Ace Rothstein (Robert De Niro) is having drinks with his mob guardian, Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci). When he finds a nice pen laying on the bar, he casually transforms to the guy next to him and also asks if the pen belongs to him. The cluemuch less drinker responds rudely, and also Nicky, grabbing the pen, stabs the man over and over in the neck till he drops to floor whimpering. Pesci was the king of the psycho mafia characters in the ’90s, and also this was among the scenes that cemented his reputation.

2. The Bourne Identity – Bourne vs. Castel

Amnesiac spy Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is browsing his own Paris apartment for hints to his identity once assassin Castel (Nicky Naude) bursts with a home window, establishing off one of the the majority of amazing movie fight scenes in the last 10 years. Castel attacks through a knife and also Bourne, unequipped, manperiods to grab a Bic from his desk. He puts a number of holes in the assassin prior to the pen lodges in Castel’s hand. Bourne then kills him via a tiny movie-fu.

1. Grosse Pointe Blank – High School Reunion Death Match

Hitmale Martin Blank (John Cusack) is attending his 10th high institution reunion, not realizing that a contending killer has actually adhered to him to the event. When a drunk previous classmate hands him a promotional pen, he slips it into a pocket and also goes upstairs to watch his old locker. That’s wright here Felix La PuBelle (previous kickboxing champ Benny “the Jet” Urquidez) catches him. The two go at it fists, feet and knees till Blank reaches in his pocket for the pen, flips off the cap and also buries it in La PuBelle’s neck.That’s our list, although we believed we’d give an honorable mention to two pen deaths that developed offdisplay screen in a pair of U.S. television reflects. In “Amerideserve to Gothic,” a short-lived superherbal series from the ’90s, Sheriff Lucas Buck (Gary Cole), that might or may not have actually been evil one, murdered a male by forcing him to stab himself to death with a Platignum fountain pen. And, in the “CSI: NY” Season 3 episode “Some Buried Bones,” a college student reportedly is stabbed to fatality with a Montblanc.(You may be wondering at this allude whether anyone has ever actually killed or seriously hurt someone making use of a pen…or perhaps that’s simply a tiny morbid curiosity on our part. Either method, the answer is, “Yes.”In 2007, a student at the College of Hull attacked his girlfriend in a fit of jealousy and also stabbed her to fatality via a pen. And, in 2008, a 13-year-old The golden state boy was stabbed a number of times with a ballallude pen in a fight with a classmate and also later passed away.BTW: Pens deserve to also be provided for self-defense, if you’re right into that type of point, as our post on tactical pens describes.)Let us understand what you think of our list, or if you understand of any kind of other excellent pen fight scenes we have to recognize around. Extra points if you have the right to recognize any kind of of the pens/pencils supplied in the movies above.
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Hi MichaelWe are massive fans of Dexter and the finale is awesome in truth we composed a entirety short article about the fight scene via a pen that is why it did not get included but it definitely is worthy of being noted here.
Pesci is good. He made me feel nervous when he was on-display screen even though he could not acquire to me! This is a classic example and ranks alongside the scene in Goodfellas once he asks why Henry thinks he is so funny. you just understand it’s all going to go off.I wonder what nib size he was utilizing in this scene?
“I’m funny how? I suppose, funny like I’m a clvery own, I amusage you?” Yeah, that was great…he had crazy dialed alllll the way up in that scene. In this one, had to be a wide nib, cause you know Nicky Santoro favored to make his point in a huge way. (OK, OK, I’ll stop via the negative puns