Companion Benefits, Level, and Wright here to Find Dog Armor

Dogmeat, your faithful Companion in Fallout 4, is likely to be the first to follow you. I contact it "her" throughout this post, as a result of the model offered for the dog being a female German Shepherd and also the absence of any red rockets as soon as we discover legendary loot.

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This guide to Dogmeat discusses the benefits to keeping her around as your main companion (though all companions have benefits), and how you deserve to make good use of the dog companion in your travels. I"ll additionally expose wbelow the Dog Armor deserve to be uncovered for those not in-the-know, and fancy on some tests I did to identify just how well dogmeat keeps up as the player"s level rises.

Dogmeat Characteristics

Dogmeat proves her surperiority, taking down a mongrel dog in the wasteland also.

About the DogIf you"re perplexed because your follower is named "dog" prefer mine, it"s because a conversation early-game didn"t take place - it doesn"t issue, the dog"s name is Dogmeat. Dogmeat is the initially companion you"ll fulfill in Fallout 4, and also for many kind of players is the last ally they"ll ever really require. While it"s worth traveling through other Companions for a time in order to perform their distinct pursuits and raise the connection via them to obtain their special hidden Perk, it"s commonly ago to bringing Dogmeat when that"s done unless you"ve gained a favorite. Some prefer playing totally solo, for sneaky purposes.

Dogmeat cannot die, and also will recuperate after a time as soon as injured. If you"d prefer to obtain her back right into the fight, you have the right to run up and usage a stimpak through the activity switch to gain back some of her life. I did some testing by shooting my dog with a reputable weapon and determined that a stimpak will totally gain back Dogmeat"s substantial life. She seems to have at leastern 400 at level 18, though resistances come right into play - she have the right to take about that a lot damages, regardless. 14 blasts from a 31 damages weapon carried Dogmeat to critical, and also it took one more 14 to lug it down aobtain after utilizing a Stimpak. So you deserve to damage Dogmeat, be careful wbelow you fire as soon as your companion has engaged a targain in melee.

Dogmeat Level UpYes, Dogmeat appears to range in level through your character. At level 60, it took 40 shots from my 31 damage weapon to bring Dogmeat dvery own. Very nice! I initially only had actually logic to earlier this, yet experimentation showed it. When playing at a low level, Dogmeat was not invincible and also would occasionally be injured. The exact same happens later on in the game; if she did not scale in power just as all other companions perform, she would certainly have been an unstoppable powerhouse stealing all my kills at low level and would certainly not die to one hit from anything in the level 30-50 array given the extra damage opponents perform as you level up.

Since she can not have actually gear, she must have some natural resistances and scaling HP to prevent death eexceptionally time I bump right into a raider via an excellent weapon. She"s additionally totally uninfluenced by Radiation as she need to be, and gradually regeneprices health after a fight without the must offer her a Stimpak. The just factor to carry out this is if you need her ago in the fight.

Lone Wanderer and also Carry Weight of DogmeatAlthough this is reported to be a glitch, currently Dogmeat does not break the Lone Wanderer Perk"s bonuses, definition you deserve to still usage Dogmeat while getting a whopping +30% damages resistance, +100 Carrying Capacity, and also boosted damage with the last rank. Dogmeat itself have the right to additionally bring exactly 150 pounds of weight for you, so you don"t have to leave as much scrap behind. So via Dogmeat and Lone Wanderer, you"re obtaining 250 pounds of bring weight, while companions might have to carry more gear in order to stay viable in combat later in the game - meaning that even with their perks, you will not be able to bring as much loot.

Battling through Dogmeat as a Follower

Dogmeat attacks a gangster

Benefits of Using Dogmeat in CombatSure, various other Companions have the right to help you straight via firepower and you may also romance them, however Dogmeat is always on the prowl for loot you may have missed and can tackle opponents to bring them dvery own, permitting you to score some easy aimed shots. With Perks in Attack Dog, Dogmeat deserve to additionally give you an raised opportunity to hit in V.A.T.S. once she has bitten an adversary and also tangled them up.

Dogmeat"s weakness comes versus robotic enemies (even those that look like humanoids) and also large opponents, though she can grapple normal Supermutants. I"ve never watched her tackle one of the humanoid robots nor beasts, perhaps because of their significant strength. Obviously, she can just distract huge opponents favor Yao Guai, Radscorpions, and also Deathcregulations though in fights via them she will certainly attempt to dodge attacks and also strafe the opponents to keep them tied up. One less opponent on you is a great point, and also she will certainly fight to the death however cannot necessarily distract them long for you.

Dogmeat really ruined this Glowing One, taking out a limb all on her very own. I put it out of its misery shortly after, so I might partially qualify for the kill experience.

Dogmeat has actually 3 kinds of attacks - a main bite that just deals damages, a tackle, and also the occasional persistent grip of a limb - she holds on till she"s kicked off. She must have actually a cooldvery own on this second relocate, or else I"m pissed it"s not supplied consistently. Dogmeat shines many when she takes a limb or brings an enemy totally to the ground, enabling you to easily pop them without V.A.T.S.

XP from KillsIn order to gain XP from Dogmeat or any other Companion"s kills, you must have actually at leastern hit the adversary when. To obtain complete XP, you should deal at leastern half the damages.

The Attack Dog PerkPreviously discussed, this perk is recommfinished if you plan to use Dogmeat as your major follower in Fallout 4. The Perk doesn"t take as a lot Charisma as Inspirational, so it"s excellent for low Charisma builds. The initially rank is the a lot of vital to take - any kind of time Dogmeat has actually an enemy grabbed, you can get a possibility to hit in V.A.T.S., Rank 2 will make Dogmeat"s assaults more most likely to cripple a limb, and also Rank 3 permits bleed damage from her attacks - it happens typically sufficient, and also appears to reason a percent bleed. So long as you carry out most of the damage, you"ll still acquire full XP so it"s a non-issue in that regard, it provides Dogmeat a far better Companion.

Commanding Dogmeat

You can command Dogmeat to search for items, containers, and enemies. If anything"s adjacent, her nose will uncover it.

While everyone have to notification Go, Stay, and also Follow when instructing Dogmeat, somepoint not immediately noticeable is that if you choose "Talk" to Dogmeat, you deserve to command the canine to play fetch and situate items, containers, or opponents for you in the surrounding location. It"s a really valuable fetch trick!

Using her nose, she may take off in a direction and if so, you need to follow because she"s discovered somepoint. It"s exceptionally advantageous if you are a hoarder and also think you may have actually missed somepoint in the general area. When "good" items, prefer magazines and Bobbleheads are about, there"s an excellent opportunity she will alert you to them.

By the method, you press the Pip-boy key to soptimal commanding Dogmeat.

Dogmeat will not be a trouble when you"re sneaky, though the majority of Companions will certainly hunker down and lighten their actions as soon as you perform - she seems to hardly ever create adversaries to assault, though at times you may desire to control her by telling her to remain, as soon as entering a specifically sticky situation. She"s very obedient though, so please perform remember to tell her to follow you again afterward.

Finding Dog Armor

Dogmeat in Dog Armor - it is pudepend cosmetic, and takes up 6 pounds of her transporting capacity.

To discover Dogmeat"s Armor, which is cosmetic (and also cannot be upgraded), head to Rocky Narrows Park, west-southwest of Corvega Assembly Plant and 5 squares south of Museum of Freedom (for those that haven"t been to Corvega). Do note this area is notorious for Yao Guai (freaking mutant bears). Here it is on the map:

Rocky Narrows Park is to the west of Corvega Assembly Plant, wright here my character is on this map.

From tright here, you deserve to roam to the location I"ve suggested below: My character is pointing straight toward the cave you have to find, which is guarded by a few mongrel dogs.

Dog Armor have the right to be found below - my character is pointed directly at the cave you"ll find it in. Look for it on the ground.
After the Yao Guai you likely confronted, these mongrels go dvery own straightforward - particularly through Dogmeat"s aid. Three dog bowls and also 3 pieces of dog armor lie on the ground right here, in addition to a protection baton.

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You can see this tiny outcropping which someone supplied for shelter and likely had a bad time in doing so. There you will find a dog helmet, dog armor, and also chain dog collar. None of these will certainly raise Dogmeat"s stats, yet they do make her look a tiny tougher. If you choose to put a handkerchief and goggles on her, go for it - it"s all cosmetic.