I’m going to go out on a limb here and also imply that tbelow aren’t many kind of mechanics that are more fantastical than zooming about within picturesque environments through amazingly outlandish backpack-strapped wings on your earlier. I was delighted to view that gliding was simply as fun and also helpful as I imagined it would be when Heart of Thorns released, but I recorded myself forobtaining that I could just glide in the Heart of Maguuma more times than I’d treatment to admit. After banging my area bar in vain one too many kind of times, I couldn’t assist but feel frustrated whenever I was out and also about in Central Tyria and also preserved forgaining that it was a glider-cost-free zone: I was definitely component of the pro-CT gliding camp, even if I did worry about implementation. Imagine my delight, then, once my wee wish came true in Guild Wars 2‘s Winter 2016 patch!

I’ve had plenty of Central Tyrian airtime at this suggest and also might ramble on for hours about it, so for this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles I thought I’d do simply that. I’m going to preface some beautiful in-flight screenies of my favourite places to glide in Central Tyria through a little little bit of background information about verticality and also no-fly zones in the create of a Central Tyria gliding FAQ.

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Bringing gliding to old zones: FAQ

How do I glide in Central Tyria?

You glide in Central Tyria in precisely the exact same means you perform in the Heart of Maguuma: Sindicate unlock the Glider Basics mastery and also jump off high points in any open-people map!

I heard that gliding is pay-gated: Is this true?

I don’t think about it a deliberate pay-gate at all, no. Yes, you perform have to have purchased HoT in order to glide in Central Tyria, however that shouldn’t be as well much of a shocker considering the mechanics are tied into the growth, folks. It’s not as though ArenaNet has actually deliberately rerelocated or locked a attribute from the free variation of the game and popped it behind a expect old paywall: The development mechanic has actually ssuggest been expanded to incorporate a wider location.

Which gliding attributes job-related in Central Tyria?

Gliding is retained fairly vanilla in Central Tyria bereason this was the simplest means for the team to approve our wish for CT gliding without breaking anything. You won’t find any type of leylines or updrafts right here, however you deserve to use the advanced gliding techniques such as Lean Techniques and Advanced Gliding.

Does gliding break jumping puzzles?

The brief answer right here is no: I was pretty worried that CT gliding would be the beginning of the end for jumping puzzles myself, but this is not the case. There are a pair of clever before means in which the ArenaNet team has actually managed to keep our jump puzzles complex while bringing us gliding, the the majority of vital of which is the implementation of no-fly areas. Add to this the fact that gliding is limited to its the majority of standard develop with no updrafts or ley lines and you have actually some fairly safely hemmed in jumping zones!


Wright here are these no-fly zones?

There are no-fly areas dotted roughly Ascalon, Kryta, Shiverheight Mountains, and also the Ruins of Orr. Most of these areas are simply jumping puzzle security as explained over, but others exist to prevent unintended alternative accessibility to specific locations. You’ll be pleased to recognize that the Diving Goggles platcreate has likewise been defended with a no-fly zone as well. You deserve to discover more particular details on the GW2 Wiki if you’re curious, however you shouldn’t discover the no-fly zones to be terribly restrictive.

What happens if I glide into a no-fly zone?

You’ll have actually a brief amount of time to correct your course, and if you don’t turn approximately your wings will fold up and also your character will start to fall, just the very same as as soon as you run out of stamina mid-air. The no-fly areas don’t extfinish the totality method to the floor, so remember to open up your glider at the end of your plummet and also you’ll avoid that nasty autumn damage.

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Is tright here almost everywhere else I can’t glide?

You can’t glide in any of the old instanced content because it simply wasn’t designed via gliding in mind. Story instances, dungeons, fractals, and PvP zones all disable your glider. They’re not strictly no-fly areas as explained above; gliding is entirely disabled right here, simply as it used to be for every one of Central Tyria.

How have zones readjusted for gliding?

They really haven’t readjusted a lot at all! ArenaNet has actually granted us the capacity to glide, however the totality of Central Tyria hasn’t been remodelresulted in make it any type of more easily accessible or prettier by air. If a zone was flat as a pancake before the Winter 2016 patch, it still is now; likewise, places you’d constantly wanted to jump off through a glider remain intact. You might stumble throughout some places you couldn’t reach before, or perhaps you’ll land also somewbelow a small as well rocky and also unnavigable, yet that’s all component of the fun!