GenderMaleSpeciesRobotProfessionPeace officer at New New York Police DepartmentRelativesBev and also URL"s childFirst appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)

Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

URL (pronounced "Earl") is a tranquility officer for the New New York Police Department, whose major companion is Smitty.


Little is well-known of URL"s past or for that matter present, yet he has actually been viewed periodically throughout the series. What is recognized is that he has actually operated through the NNYPD considering that at leastern 2999 (1ACV01).

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On New Year"s Eve 2999, URL went through Smitty to the Head Museum, having actually been referred to as by Leela to help catch a fugitive that didn"t desire to be a distribution boy (1ACV01). He was later on viewed via Smitty again to search for Bender"s antenna after it was reduced off (1ACV03). They both were later on seen at the 3001 Miss Universe Pageant (2ACV06), wbelow they arrested Flexo rather of Bender due to a case of mistaken identification. URL and also Smitty likewise arrested the whole Planet Express crew as soon as they couldn"t pay for an expensive meal from Elzar"s Fine Cuisine (2ACV13). Smitty and URL later arrested Bender again, thinking he was Robot Santa Claus (3ACV03). They were later viewed on Pluto surveillance Bender"s community business after he spilled dark issue in the penguin reserve (3ACV05). They arrested Bender one more time via Fry and the orphans that Bender adopted (3ACV09). He and also Smitty arrested Bender and Fry for the Big Apple Bank hold-up rather of Roberto (3ACV11). He later on attfinished the Big Robot Party on the Galápagos Islands as did eextremely robot on Earth (4ACV08). He later told Fry to not let Nibbler"s dark issue on the sidewalk (4ACV10). They later went in the Rent-A-Wreck Video to uncover Fry who sassist the forbidden words (4ACV11). He arrested Kif as soon as he stole building from the aquarium (4ACV16). They attfinished the Turanga-Fillmore wedding, (BBS). They arrested Professor Farnsworth and also Wernstrom and also imprisonned them in the Fulcrum County Prism, he was also current at the Organization of Robots when Bender joined the league, (TBWABB). His alter-ego in Cornwood is the guy that guards through Smitty the Wipe Castle doors, (BG). They attended the Violet Dwarf Star Implosion, (ITWGY). In 3010, they arrested Bender to vandalizing New New York (6ACV04) and also they arrested Leela as soon as Fry revealed she was a mutant (6ACV12). In 3011, they arrested Roberto before Smitty took a very early retirement. He was then paired with Fry that joined the police earlier. They arrested Erwin Schrödinger and also they were supported to the Future Crimes Division.

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He then began a robosex-related love with the Chief O"Mannahan (6ACV16). In 3012, he had actually sex via Bev, who consequently gave birth to their son (7ACV01).


His character voice, performed by John DiMaggio, is made to sound choose a 1970s spirit brvarious other.

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