Sweet Dreams is the name of the Exotic Shotgun in The Division 2 and also we"ve got the lowdvery own on exactly how to get your hands on it


Division 2 Sweet Dreams is the only exotic shotgun in the game and also we"ve acquired the lowdown on just how it functions, in addition to exactly how to acquire it. It"s among many Division 2 Exotics and also is one of the ideal shotfirearms accessible in The Division 2, but you must know the specific strategy of obtaining it in order to add it to your arsenal. Read on for a complete overview to the Division 2 Sweet Dreams exotic shotgun.

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The Division 2 Sweet Dreams Shotgun Exotic stats

Before we gain on to exactly how to gain Sweet Dreams in The Division 2, let"s take a look at the stats. Obtaining Sweet Dreams in World Tier 4 suggests the gun will deal over 130k damage per shot, as lengthy as you"re cshed sufficient. It has an RPM of 70 and also you can fire eight shells prior to you have to repack. It likewise deals +144% melee damages which is simply insane, specifically once you take a look at the Sweet Dreams talents:

Sweet Dreams: Landing a melee attack on an adversary after swapping to this weapon grants 35% bonus armour and also applies the Sandman debuff. Killing an adversary via the Sandman debuff reuses this bonus armour.Sandman: This debuff avoids the foe from making use of armour kits and also from receiving healing from any source.Evasive: While equipped, dodging reloads 1% of your current weapon"s magazine.

Sweet Dreams is certainly a cshed selection shotgun... not that there"s any kind of other kinds, really. Blast people in the face and punch them to deal insane damage, especially given that you can prevent them from healing. It"s not excellent if you like sitting back through a sniper, however if you deserve to change your play style to favour Sweet Dreams then it have the right to be a really advantageous weapon.

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How to get Sweet Dreams in The Division 2

Much prefer Mercimuch less, obtaining Sweet Dreams is really a roll of the dice. You don"t need to obtain components to craft it; instead, you need to kill Outcast bosses and cross your fingers it drops as part of their loot. You ca rise your chances of receiving Sweet Dreams by playing Outactors missions on Hard and Challenging challenge however inevitably, it"s going to be a roll of the dice.

Some great Outactors missions to farm for Sweet Dreams encompass the Roosevelt Island stronghost and also Potomac Event Center mission. Run these both a few times and also kill the named Outcast bosses at the finish, then cross your fingers one of them drops Sweet Dreams.

When you"ve obtained it, why not search for the hunters holding the 12 Division 2 masks?

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