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Cevery one of Duty: WWII Supply Drops and Collection Items

How the loot devices work-related in Call of Duty: WWII

Supply Drops are earlier in Call of Duty: WWII and are your source to acquire your hand on distinct cosmetic loot, including weapon variants, customization items, and also a lot even more, at launch. Fans will certainly be able to customize and also personalize their suffer using 4 kinds of Supply Drops accessible in the game, each one containing at leastern three loot items through random levels of rarity.

After opening any kind of Supply Drop, the loot items you gain are immediately added to their respective categories within the Soldier tab in the Multiplayer or Nazi Zombies menu, and sometimes both, depending on the item. For example, Unidevelops are just easily accessible in Multiplayer and also Self-Revives have the right to just be watched in Nazi Zombies, yet you have the right to check out your Calling Cards in both settings.

Ways you have the right to attain loot items

Supply Drops

The most widespread type of Supply Drops in Multiplayer and Nazi Zombies are earned by playing the game digital. In Multiplayer, you deserve to also earn Supply Drops for completing Orders and Contracts wbelow a Supply Drop is noted as a reward.

Supply Drops in Multiplayer contain three items used to customize your profile, your Soldier, or your currently unlocked tools. In Nazi Zombies, Zombie Supply Drops contain 5 items: two Multiplayer-exclusive items and three Nazi Zombies consumable items.

We’ve additionally had a handful of extremely sought-after Weapon Variants that can be uncovered in widespread Supply Drops or earned by completing designated Orders or Contracts, giving you a much better possibility of obtaining these fan favorites.

To open a Supply Drop in Multiplayer, push R2 while in Headquarters and usage the food selection in the bottom right-hand edge. To open a Supply Drop in Nazi Zombies, press R2 while in the Nazi Zombies menu.

Rare and also Epic Supply Drops

Rare and Epic Supply Drops are accessible as rewards for completing particular Orders and also Contracts in virtual Multiplayer. Like Supply Drops, Rare and also Epic Supply Drops additionally award 3 customization items. However, Rare Supply Drops guarantee you one Rare or better item, and also Epic Supply Drops guarantee one Epic item.

To open up a Rare or Epic Supply Drop, press R2 while in Headquarters and also use the menu in the bottom right-hand edge.


Accessible via the Quartergrasp, Collections are sets of items that array in rarity and also cost to obtain. Open the Collections menu at the Quartergrasp terminal to inspect out the items you own and the items you need to collect to finish a Collection.

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Collections have the right to incorporate a mix of Weapon Variants, Emotes, Calling Cards, Pistol Grips, Uniforms, Weapon Camos, Emblems, Special Helmets, and Weapon Churts, which have the right to be discovered in Supply Drops or gained utilizing Armory Credits. Completing a Collection will net you a unique Epic item.