If you have actually made it to hardmode in Terraria, the initially point you desire to take into consideration is how to gain wings. Wings will open up so much movement potential for your character and also they additionally proccasion you from ever taking autumn damage. Wings are some of the finest accessories in the game. Different wings will certainly have actually various speeds and heights that they deserve to reach. There are forty six various wings in the game, some are sold by merchants and also others are uncovered from treacertain bags.

Required Materials

Almost eincredibly pair of craftable wings require souls of trip. The end game wings need defeating the moon lord as soon as, eextremely various other pair of wings have the right to be discovered from defeating a specific boss.

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- 20 Souls of Flight

- Wing Recipe item

- Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

Souls of flight are derived by defeating wyverns. A flying hostile mob that spawns near the skybox. These opponents are incredibly difficult to encounter early on right into hardmode, however each one you defeat will certainly drop 5-10 souls of trip.

Each collection of wings will certainly require you to uncover some kind of ingredient to enhance with the souls of trip. This can array from a rare mob drop to souls of light.

To craft wings in the initially place you will certainly have to upgrade your anvil. It is incredibly comparable to making a consistent anvil, you just need to uncover the correct ore that spawned in your people. This can be frustrating as you may uncover mythril/orichalcum before you find cobalt/palladium, yet take note of any ore veins you uncover along your means.

How to make Wings in Terraria?

First start by tracking down a wyvern high in the sky. Build platcreates up or uncover a floating island to acquire some footing in the skies. Wyverns are long worm-type opponents that will certainly take damage alengthy each area of their body.


Use piercing tools or long array to defeat them quickly. Depfinishing on the challenge of your human being they will drop more or less souls of trip.

Gather at leastern twenty of these and also kill some harpies while you are up here.


Harpies are pre-hardmode flying opponents so they shouldn’t reason you also a lot grief. Defeating them will drop feathers and also perhaps also a large harpy feather. This is a rare drop that can be used to craft harpy wings. If you weren’t lucky sufficient to acquire a large harpy feather, don’t worry you deserve to still craft wings via consistent feathers.

Next off you will certainly need to gather some souls of light or souls of night. If you simply entered hardmode it may be difficult to find an underground hpermit or corruption/crimboy. It need to spreview in no time, search caverns you have currently been to and dig elevators dvery own to the underworld and also listen for the biome music to adjust.

If you want angel wings head in the direction of the underground hpermit, provided by its pink exterior and shiny crystal shards. If you want demon wings head in the direction of your corresponding evil biome, the corruption or crimchild, and defeat mobs while you are under the cave layer.


You do not have to kill a biome certain mob to earn souls of light/night simply be in the corresponding biome to obtain the souls to drop. You will need twenty 5 souls of light/night to make angel or demon wings. You have to be getting plenty of souls as you are collecting the brand-new hardmode ores.

Use a molten pickaxe to gather some cobalt or palladium, whichever ended up spawning in your people. Use the ores to craft bars and also upgrade your pickaxe. Gather enough mythril/orichalcum to craft a mythril/orichalcum anvil. These anvils expense twelve bars or forty eight ores at an iron/lead anvil.


With your anvil placed and also your souls all set you deserve to currently craft wings! If you were lucky enough to discover a giant harpy feather you can use it and twenty souls of flight to make harpy wings, otherwise use your souls of light/night to craft angel or demon wings.

There is no in-game summary for which wings are much faster or slower than others. Angel and also demon wings are the lowest tier of wing, only much better than the fledgling wings you obtain in Journey mode. Try them out for yourself and also use the wings that you like best.

How perform you make a Demon Wing?

Demon wings are made through twenty souls of trip, twenty 5 souls of night, and ten feathers at a mythril/orichalcum anvil.


They are on par via angel wings and also the souls of night are uncovered in underground crimson/corruption.



What is the simplest means to obtain wings in Terraria?

The most basic way to gain wings would certainly be to hunt down some wyverns for souls of flight. Many type of wings can be bought, but unfortunately require defeating some hardmode bosses in order to unlock the NPC. If you feel confident sufficient to tackle and defeat a mechanical boss before you have wings, you have the right to unlock the steampunker. She will certainly sell you a jetload for forty gold.

Otherwise you have the right to roll the dice via angler searches. There is a 1/70 opportunity that you have the right to obtain the fin wings from the angler after ten completed fishing quests in hardmode. This will certainly take, via the incredibly finest luck, at leastern elalso in-game days, however you may have the ability to gain mid-tier wings reasonably quickly.

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Is the Jetload better than wings Terraria?

The jetfill is better than salso of the low-tier wings in Terraria. They feature similarly to wings, however carry out not perdevelop practically and also some of the high-tier wings. A jetpack will set you earlier forty gold from the steampunker and also you will certainly need to defeat a mechanical boss in order to unlock them in the first area. I tfinish to skip the jetfill in my playthroughs, however it can be a nice alternative if you already have sufficient motion to take down a mechanical boss.


Congratulations! It is hard to survive in hardmode and also having actually the mobility readily available by wings really helps save yourself alive and opens up up the majority of the map to you. Wings are a crucial accessory and also they will stack with any kind of other double-jump or rocket increase you additionally have equipped. Not just are they valuable, they can be a stylish option for your characters. Tbelow are forty 6 different pairs of wings in the game and also the wings are dyeable. Play about via various sets to decide on what you favor finest.