I've been seeing online that 10-6 is difficult even via a party, since I need to friends that play Elsword I've been soloing every little thing till now. I've gained a Comet Crusader (yes, I bought the class change), El Resonance 49, but I'm scared shitless of entering 10-6. Should I just skip it?


Had to waste all my resurrection stones in voidels for this f***** dungeon. Do it through a group of 4 players if you desire to be safe

Depend on just how strong you are. Everypoint can be soloed if you’re strong sufficient. For solace i think if you’re above 90k combat power soloing it is an easy task

I’ve solo’d it as Bluhen via a lower cp, yet my el res is 66 and I’ve never purchased an breakthrough in my life. Just take the moment to gain to understand the dungeon, honestly, it’s not difficult anymore (it’s outdated and also came out prior to 3rd jobs and void/raid welp.

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(Ran it through a Heroic Wrath set)

That's great to understand, I'll attempt increasing my ERP initially. I'm just a scaredy lol, likewise I guess I gained used to how simple the various other dungeons are... I'm hoping it'll be simpler once I reach Elysion with my TT, he's obtained much better skills to clear dungeons.

If you wanted someone to play with the dungeon via you, I'd be happy to assist. Feel complimentary to DM me.

I'm solid sufficient to solo it so I can aid you via it if you're doing it for story searches. :) I just... lag rather a big on my finish (doesn't influence others as far as I'm aware), so I can't speedrun it. But I have the right to absolutely clear it without any issues otherwise lol.

edit: I desire to say that I was able to solo the dungeon myself as soon as I had a +8 heroic weapon (rank 27), in its entirety somepoint choose 100k CP and also it would take me like 7-10 min per run. As others shelp, Solace's Fortress isn't too negative when compared to Elrianode itself. Though I carry out check out your CP is reduced than what I had; acquiring a solid heroic set is worth it! There's the heroic dungeon searches that provide you a +8 heroic collection if you haven't yet done them. Try to go for 2 pieces wrath and 2 pieces wisdom minimum.

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Also, don't concern too much about the character skills, the devices impacts are much even more vital, i.e. all ability dmg on gloves, and so on. The chances of getting an excellent impact and a relevant skill for your character is also low. Elrianode sets exist for that very reason -- to build tools with the relevant skills and also impacts (with the downside being they aren't bankshareable). I'm currently still using heroic devices (+ void weapon), it's doing me fine and also I don't have actually a solitary ability on it that's for my character.