How carry out you sheight your hair from acquiring that gross, burning smell after you straighten it?? I really hate that and also my shampoo doesn't leave my hair smelling nice for long. Pleasehelp!!


Use a heat protectant :) and also i use morrohave the right to style cream and bed head after party after styling my hair and also it smells amazing:)


If your hair smells burned then you probably didn't usage enough heat defense prior to you straighten it. Make certain to be generous via it. It makes all the distinction.



I recognize this sounds weird, but spray a light mist of body spray onto your comb or brush and brush via. I constantly obtain compliments on it.


Make certain your hair is entirely dry otherwise you are basically frying your hair which is why it smells. Tigi Bedhead Dumb Blonde Smoopoint Stuff smells favor strawberries:)

Just make certain you spray sufficient warm tools product on your hair before you style it. Also many kind of regional hair supply stores have actually hair sprays that have actually smells to hide the smell of heating devices for prefer, $4 bucks. Also Flower Bomb has actually a hair spray for that also, atSephora.

As others have actually shelp, use a warmth protector spray/lotion. However, I uncover that through some warm protectors, they don't always mask the burning smell. I'd recommfinish spraying a few squirts of a fruity/floral scented perfume on your pillow. Make certain the perfume doesn't irritate your skin first though.Hope you deal with theissue!

Well it might not be because of not spraying the heat guard right. Sometime once you'v had actually that straightener for awhile now you have to get style hot tool cleaner. That happfinish to me yet then I supplied the cleaner and also it wasbetter

I use Tresseme warm tamer spray which protects approximately 230 levels celsius, it states best on the bottle, i'll try sprayinh even more of that on myhair

Wow if ur hair smells Burt then you charred it. You're using too much warm and resulting in damages. Heat protectant is not a magic fix- you still can't set it on fire which is what's happening.

Heat protectant deserve to actually dry your hair out, and tbelow is a little deifference in between heat protectants and creams and also.other styling products, not simply anypoint applied first actually protects, but that us a different topic. I digress... Anyways, it is feasible you are making use of too high of a setting. Also take a great look at the tool, does it have actually crud constructed upo n it especially at the edges and also seams? Then the smell is developed from buildup on the hair and of course lingering on your locks. Try wiping it off and wash more commonly or usage less products. And tbelow is a "new" product out referred to as hair perfume that freshens hair if you cannot change through the abovesuggestions.

Jan 30, 2013

Brit S.

clean your heattools

Jan 30, 2013

Juanita W.

Kenra blow dry spray. It's not a wet spray. It's more of a dry oil mist!! Smells DEVINE and protects hair! Leaves it shiny and also light too!!! It's a optimal seller at our ULTAstore!

Feb 01, 2013

Sam B.

I've never before watched an Ulta keep in Canada, carry out we havethem??

Feb 01, 2013

Malak E.

Some hair mist after ur hair is completely don't spray some hair mist while putting the bottle around 15 cm away from urhait

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