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Reverse Flash

Cellular Regeneration: While energetic, the Reverse Flash has actually a chance to automatically regeneprice Health and also CLEANSE negative results after taking damages from a Special Attack.

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Lightning Kick
Out of Time
Speed Zone

Lousy health usually provides weathering Specials a non-choice for Flash cards. Not only carry out Reverse Flash"s solid stats buck that trend, however he can even negate them each time the enemy tries. Unfortunately, Eobard (sic) additionally lacks the juggling abilities of a actual Flash, so forgain about locking dvery own the foe and tag out to stop wasting his passive on weaker Specials. He"s basically a more capable Doomsday (Containment)—three full heals lets him take even more dangers than a speedster should.

Using Reverse FlashReverse Flash"s tap combo hits 3+1 times; his swipe combo hits 3 times.Cellular Regeneration deserve to create after any type of opponent Special, healing any damages it dealt and also negating any type of standing ailments or Power Drain. Cellular Regeneration have the right to likewise trigger if Reverse Flash takes AoE damage prior to tagging in.Cellular Regeneration even triggers against non-damaging Specials, such as Harley Quinn"s Bag-o-Tricks.Cellular Regeneration does not negate Killer Frost"s Chill standing ailment.While it"s active, tagging out cancels all stacks of Lightning Kick"s speed boost.There"s no visual indication just how many charges of Cellular Regeneration Reverse Flash has left. Keep a mental count.The Flash specializes in constantly chipping amethod at his opponent, so going up versus cards through health-threshost passives is especially dangerous.Despite his name, Reverse Flash counts as a Flash card.GLITCH (2.12): Cellular Regeneration can create if Reverse Flash tags in after a teammate is KO"ed by a Special.Special 1: Lightning Kick (4 hits)Lightning Kick"s QTE is Swiping (Repeat).All four strikes hit cshed. Can hit two adversaries.If an opponent blocks Lightning Kick, the initially kick may push them back far sufficient for the second to miss out on.Special 2: Out of Time (7 hits)Out of Time"s QTE is Meter.The first three strikes hit fulldisplay and also inflict AoE damage, while the last four strikes hit mid. Can hit three adversaries.

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Facing Reverse FlashAs AI, Reverse Flash does not get a rate rise from Lightning Kick.As AI, Reverse Flash can use a Knockdown Blow after his tap combo.Cellular Regeneration deserve to cause also if Reverse Flash"s health is totally depleted. Don"t waste powerful Specials on him.Beware of making use of AoE equipment. Cellular Regeneration can trigger if Reverse Flash tags in after being hit via AoE damages.Cellular Regeneration deserve to just negate the last Special attack provided. Stack them in quick succession to stop it from triggering.Reverse Flash"s swipe combo pushes characters earlier, making it challenging to punish.Don"t use swipe combos versus Reverse Flash. He recovers fast enough to punish them even after being hit.The Flash"s quick startup likewise applies to defense: suppose any normals or Specials external of frame traps to obtain blocked.This likewise suggests sluggish characters favor Solomon Grundy or Darkseid cannot punish Reverse Flash efficiently.