Sometimes as you acquire towards the finish of a lotion bottle, you realize there’s still product left that the pump can’t reach. My old approach of taking care of this was to turn the old bottle of lotion upside down and try to pour the remaining product right into a brand-new bottle.

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But with thicker lotions, this have the right to be tough. Sometimes it simply won’t circulation, and also it frequently has a tendency to go almost everywhere yet right into the bottle. Go into the “lotion coupler.”


Why not DIY?

I typically recommfinish DIY solutions, however I never before found an excellent one for this. If you just put one bottle on top of the other, you’re most likely to have actually overflow.

Or, worse, the bottles topple over. I’ve tried taping bottles together, but then gaining the tape off have the right to reason you to accidentally squirt lotion all over.

These lotion couplers I bought atContainer Store for a few dollars saved me enough money to justify the expense in the first year. And they are so a lot better, cleaner and also much easier than any DIY solution I’ve uncovered. You can likewise buy similar ones at Amazon.

How the lotion coupler works

Here’s a look at just how they occupational. I wanted to combine 2 bottles of Curel, one virtually empty and one nearly complete. I took out the pump lids and lhelp them in the sink.


Now, the lotion coupler itself is a tube with grooves at both ends. This allows you screw two bottles into either end of it.

The package I bought includes two sizes of couplers, plus one coupler with a huge finish and a little finish. That lets you integrate bottles that aren’t the same dimension.



Then I turned up the less complete bottle and also screwed it securely into the other end. If you’re doing this via a much more runny lotion (Curel is really thick stuff), just rotate the bottles on their side to minimize spillage.

If you occupational easily, it’s all going to acquire caught in the coupler anymethod, and inevitably run into the bottle wright here you desire it.


I left it alone for a while – it did take some time to drip from bottle to bottle. In the end, bereason Curel is so thick, I had actually to pick up the coupled bottles and also offer them downward shakes.

But the thing around these lotion couplers is, you can’t go wrong. When I tried to do all these moves without them, stuff acquired anywhere the place and product was shed, and I had actually a mess to clean up.

With the couplers, that’s not going to take place.Easy-peasy! What offered to be a messy and also annoying task that frequently went wrong is now really easy. These bit couplers are a brilliant principle – so easy, but simply specifically what you need.

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