High finish tools and also gear are the best of the best in The Division, with distinct abilities and also high powered stats that put also the highest level rares to shame. If you’re a fresh off the grind lvl 30 your initially instinct (and also it would certainly be correct) must be “wbelow deserve to I get my hands on the high end gear”. Luckily tbelow are a number of options accessible to you, each of which we’ll go over in detail later in this article.

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High end weapons deserve to be figured out by their yellow glow both in the game human being and also in your inventory. Both equipment and also weapons have the right to be high finish, and also upqualities, attachments and also resources.

Purchase them from a vendor

Tright here are many sellers in The Division that have actually high end tools for sale, albeit at a really steep price. The max level merchant in your residence bas is one such seller, as is the one situated in the safe residence of the max level Dark Zone. These vendors don’t just accept any type of currency however; you’ve gained to bring your phoenix credits to exadjust for the goods.

A single piece of high finish equipment will commonly expense you somewhere between 100-300 phoenix credits depending on the item being purchased and the vendor.

If you’re searching for a way to earn phoenix credits, you should examine out our Phoenix Credit farming guide.


Crafting them

You can craft many high end weapons from special blueprints that you will either find after killing high level opponents, or purchase from the max level merchants in The Division. High end blueprints will certainly require some rare and hard to gain products to craft, so intend to spend some time farming end game bosses and goals to obtain it.

Completing complex missions

Each difficult mission you finish will generally reward you through a piece of high end equipment. The bonus is that the named enemies that these missions contain likewise have actually a opportunity at dropping high end tools, making them very lucrative to finish.

The only catch is that difficult goals are incredibly hard to finish, and call for a complete squad of greatly geared agents. Consider making use of some of the various other techniques detailed right here to gear you up before taking on the challenging missions.

Farming named NPCs

As discussed prior to, the called (yellow health bar) opponents in the Division have a chance at dropping high end equipment. While the possibility for a solitary adversary to drop a item of high end equipment isn’t that great, if you’re farming a bunch at a time your odds increase exponentially.

High level Dark Zone landnote areas are commonly crawling with named NComputers. If you deserve to gain an excellent group together to farm them, opportunities are you’ll come out with at least one high end piece of gear if you farm for half an hour or so.

To increase your odds of a high finish drop you have the right to acquire gear that has actually the scavenging attribute on it. A better scavenging stat gives an all round better chance of having a downed enemy drop loot.

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