Bogota to Cartagena in 2021

The Bogotá to Cartagena distance is a staggering 660 miles (1060 km) which makes driving a multi-day feat. Fortunately, tright here are better easier and cheaper optionsBogota to Cartagena bus in 2021: Over 20 boffers depart day-to-day from Bogota to Cartagena from 1:00am to 11:45pm at night. The journey takes in between 21 – 24 hours covering over 1062 kilometres (650 miles). Expreso Brasilia, Copetran, and Berlinas del Fas soon as bus suppliers operate this path. Prices begin from $29.

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Year-round you will certainly find as much as 30 straight flights per day from Bogota to Cartagena. Airfare for Bogota to Cartagena flights will cost in between $27 and also $150. Flying time from Bogota to Cartagena is 1 hour 30 minutes. Flights depart from Bogota El Dorado International Airport which is 15 kilometres and 15 minutes drive west of Bogota. Flights arrive in Rafael Núñez Internationwide Airport which is conveniently situated less than 10 minutes drive from the Old Fortified walls of Cartagena tvery own.

Skyscanner is the website to search for flights from Bogota to Cartagena.

Healthy competition between LATAM, Viva Air and also Avianca help to save prices affordable. We’ve found fares for as cheap as $27.50 with LATAM airlines one or two months in breakthrough. Keep in mind these cheap fares generally only encompass 10kg carry-on baggage and also have actually no checked baggage allowance. The first flights of the day typically decomponent Bogota at 4am and also the last trip at 23:22pm.Flights approximately midday and early on afternoon are the most famous.

Bogotá to Cartagena by Bus

Buses from Bogota to Cartagena depart eincredibly few hours 24 hrs a day. The bus journey takes approximately 24 hrs and also no less than 20 hours.

If you’ve check out our Colombia itinerary you’ll recognize we actually choose to travel Colombia by bus a lot of of the moment.

The various other famous paths in Colombia favor Cartagena to Medellin, Medellin to Salento, and also Salento to Cali are shorter journeys and also in the case of Salento there is no convenient airport nearby.

This suited us completely fine because we mainly dislike flying domestically bereason luggage restrictions are tight and after you spfinish time getting here early at the airport, you could be half-method to your destination.

How to uncover cheap flights from Bogotá to Cartagena

To find the cheapest flights on any type of given day between Bogota and also Cartagena we’re going to usage 3 tools:-

Google Flights;Kiwi.

When evaluating which is the better choice to take a trip between places long-distance, we constantly begin via trying to find the exceptionally cheapest flights feasible.

Search your nearest airport then tick “include adjacent airports”. Often you have the right to attain huge savings by travelling to an alternate airport nearbyIf your dates are flexible, search for totality year or whole month.Double examine on the actually webwebsite page to ensure baggage fees / taxes are contained in the price you’re comparing.

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Our overview to two weeks in Colombia is a advantageous reresource for inspiration.