ROBLOX MADVERTISEMENT CITY is an Android game via a release day of December 3, 2017 from the Roblox Corporation. Game genre: Adventure. In the article, we have actually summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official webwebsite and also our tricks of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us even more often.

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Roblox Mad City: Codes, Codes for Money

The codes are redeemable, they assign skins to vehicles and weapons. To apply the code, open up your phone in the game and click on the blue Twitter icon. You will view the screen:


Click on the "Enter Code" field and enter among the codes. Then click the "Submit" button and also you will receive your reward. All existing codes are provided below:

BILLYBOUNCE - Billy Bons emotion;0MGC0D3 - car skin via green dots;B3M1N3 - SPAS skin via hearts;B34M3R - Sunbeam move skin;S33Z4N2 - ice skin for vehicles;STR33TL1N3 - street skin for vehicles;S34Z4N3 - Plasma transport skin;TH1NKP1NK - pink skin for vehicles;S34Z4N4 - skin for the Purple Zebra vehicle;Ryguy - Ryguy auto skin;D1 $ C0 - automobile skin;Napkin - auto skin;RealKreek - car skin;5K37CH - auto skin;Bandites - auto skin;uNiQueEe BACON - car skin;KraoESP - vehicle skin;0N3Y34R - festive car skin for Birthday;M4DC1TY - AK-47 assault rifle skin;W33K3NDHYP3 - monochrome carry skin;T4L3N - auto skin.

Codes become outdated quickly. Do not forgain to visit our website - Wise Geek. Here we will certainly, if possible, include brand-new game gift codes. Don’t miss out as some of the codes are for a restricted time!

Roblox Mad City: Prichild Break


Prison - the area in which the Police and also Prisoners show up. It is the major area in the game. Contains: a kennel with a dog, a police station, a prisoner’s room, a gym and also various other locations.

Escape methods

1. Find a rope in package, go to one wall and also hold the E switch. Then climb the rope and climb over the wall. You can likewise go to the dining room and put the rope on the range, then climb right into the ventilation with the hood, walk the rope and also jump off the wall.

2. Find the understand crucial, go to the iron door near the dining room and open up it while holding dvery own the E switch. Then go to the ventilation hatch in the floor and also open up it, likewise holding E. Then go through the ventilation, go up the stairs, open up the hatch and exit the prikid.

3. Find the spoon, go to the ground close to the police base and also click on E. Therefore, gradually digging, you go external.

4. Find a screwdriver and open up the ventilation hatch. Then you will certainly fall right into the trash compartment, from wright here you will escape via the passage.

5. Create a hammer from lumber and rock, and then break the toilet close to the priboy block and also escape through the sewers. Or go to the wall close to the benches on the footround area, break the wall and escape from the priboy.


6. Create C4 from gunpowder and also plastic. Then go to the wall close to the football goal of the police team and blow it up. After the explosion, you can escape from the prison.

7. Approach the policeguy and also, holding E, steal the card from him. With the card, you have the right to go out via any type of doors of the prichild.

8. If you have actually a prisoner friend, you deserve to jump on the helicopter rope, which he will certainly lower. You will certainly fly along the rope, and also that’s it. You escaped!

9. If you have a weak computer, then through some opportunity you can jump over the cones near the hole, which you need to dig via a spoon.

10. Other tweaks:

Jump to the edge of the police station and also quietly escape;Once external, jump over the auto. You deserve to likewise perform this through boxes;Make a hammer, go to the toilet and throw the hammer right into the toilet. To throw the hammer down the toilet, host dvery own E and also you will certainly be lugged dvery own the drainpipe. Then acquire out;Find C4 explosives in package, go to the wall and also blow it up;Break the wall via a hammer.

Roblox Mad City: Cars


Cars in Mad City are provided as a kind of move for players. When cars show up, they will be painted in the default color and also have no renovations unmuch less you edited them in the garage, after which they will certainly be customized regardmuch less of which combo you pick as soon as the vehicle shows up.

Main attributes. To enter the vehicle, find the area wright here the icon appears that says: "Get in driver" and push "E". To drive the vehicle as a passenger, find the area wright here the icon shows up that claims "Enter Passenger" and also push "E". To purchase a automobile, uncover one that you perform not presently very own and also try to drive it. A purchase prompt will certainly appear on the screen through a Yes or No alternative. You can obtain nitro by driving onto the sidewalk at one of two gas stations.

Some kinds of cars

1. Camaro. Price: complimentary. The slowest automobile. Located by the police terminal. Can use Turbo. Accommodays 2 people. Speed: low. Real life prototype: Camaro.


2. Dodger. Price: $ 50,000. Located in front of a criminal base and in a multi-storey parking lot. Accommodays 2 human being. Speed: medium. It differs from ATV just by slight overclocking. Real life prototype: Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.


3. Vapid. Price: $ 100,000. Located in front of the criminal base. Accommodates 2 civilization. Speed: medium. It differs from the $ 50,000 cars only in low speed and also acceleration. Real life prototype: Lexus LFA.


4. Dominator. Price: $ 100,000. Located at the police station. Accommodates 2 world. Speed: medium. The features are the same via Vapid. Real life prototype: Ford Mustang.


5. Inferno. Price: $ 500,000. Located by the auto dealership. Accommodays 2 human being. Speed: high. More acceleration and also rate, yet less agility. Real life prototype: Lamborgini Gallaro.


6. Spetsnaz van. Cost: SWAT play pass. Speed: slow-moving. Location: police base. The van tires are bulletproof. Players cannot shoot from van windows.


Cars for ranks in seasons

Machine nameSpeed / attributes.Conditions for receiving
PhantomFastRank 50 in Seaboy 1
ReaperTypical. Players cannot shoot from windowsRank 100 in Seakid 1
Itali gtFastRank 50 in Seaboy 2
HoverboardAverage. Can float over waterRank 100 in Season 2
HyperDriveRapid. Leaves a sexpedition of light behindRank 100 in Seaboy 3
RoverAverageRank 30 in Seaboy 4
Monster TruckSlow. The truck has actually a high suspension. Players cannot shoot from windowsRank 60 in Seakid 4
SnowmobileFastRank 50 in Season 5
Rocket sledFastRank 100 in Seaboy 5
MercedesFastRank 50 in Seakid 6
InvaderRapid. Can’t use police sirensDefeating Pope Cabsence in Season 4
Invisible watercraft carRapid. This automobile is invisible and also cannot switch this abilityDefeating Star-Lord in Seachild 4 and Seachild 5
GiottoVery fastDefeating Mechanical Clack in Seachild 6
PorscheFastCompleting all challenges in Seachild 5
CartridgeFastSuperpack "Patron"

Roblox Mad City: Secrets of Successful Heists


Robberies are locations that can be robbed by criminals and villains to make money. After each robbery, players have to go back to the criminal base to receive the money they stole. The police deserve to likewise carry out a robbery (raid) of a nightclub or a cargo plane, however then should return to the police base to collect their money.

The robbery standing is suggested by its symbol. If the robbery is open however not began, the icon will certainly be colored. If it is open and also already robbed, the symbol will flash red and blue. If it is closed, the icon will be grayed out. Each heist will cshed at a specific time after the player starts the heist, and it will certainly take a specific amount of time, specific for each heist, for it to open again.


Location: city center;Reward: Public robbery - $ 3000 ($ 6000 VIP); extra robbery - x2 ATM for $ 1000 = $ 2000. Total: $ 5,000 and also 200 XP.


The financial institution is just one of the seven major heists available to criminals. It is the tallest structure in the game and is conveniently recognizable by its large glowing sign. There are two ATMs external that you have the right to break into and acquire $ 1000 each. After the Bank is robbed, it will be closed for 6 minutes till it reopens up. Throughout this period, you will certainly not have the ability to enter the Bank.

Exterior. The bank is a tall white striped rectangular skyscraper with 3 different "cubes" that comprise its framework. On its appropriate side tbelow is a authorize with the Roblox logo. The bank is written under the previously mentioned logo design and also on the front of the building. At the bottom, the building looks choose a museum and also is surrounded by columns, via a little parking lot in front of it and numerous benches to the left. There are two automatic doors to the left and ideal of the front of the building.

Interior. The floor of the bank is largely red carpet. The ground floor has actually a table via a hole in the ago. There is a staircase that leads to the second floor and lasers in the form of a lattice are offered as an obstacle. Past the laser grid is a storage room via many intersecting lasers. On the third and also last floor, there is a zipline to a jewelry save that players have the right to usage to obtain to it after robbing the Bank or to leave the Bank.


Location: close to the criminal base;Reward: Public robbery - $ 4000 ($ 8000 VIP); added robbery - no. Total: $ 8,000 and 250 XP.


The casino is among seven significant heists situated near Paradise Pier and also the Crime Base. To enter the casino, the crime should pass with the revolving door in front of him. The major room can be accessed via 2 doormeans, which will certainly initially be extended with 2 bars. The computer system at the front desk need to be hacked to gain accessibility.

Players will then find themselves in a huge room equipped through various (non-functional) gaming equipments such as electronic slot equipments, empty green tables and also roulette wheels. There are 2 doors at the end of the room, each of which leads with different laser-got hold of rooms, wbelow 4 levers have to be pressed to open the vault. Inside the vault, tbelow are lockers, each of which has cash that deserve to be looted by pressing "E". Each locker will certainly provide the player with $ 400.

Jewerely store

Location: near the lake and hero base;Reward: public robbery - $ 5,000 (10,000 VIP); added robbery - 1 crystal = $ 2500. Total: $ 7,500 and 350 XP.


The Jewelry Store is among the salso primary heists accessible in Mad City. A jewelry save can be robbed eextremely 14 minutes. While the Jewelry Store is open up, you should climb the rope on the right side of the Jewelry Store. You will certainly then climb to the height of the building and go behind the middle platcreate to uncover a rope. Once you find the rope, you must climb the rope and also proceed directly ahead to drill a hole and enter the Jewelry Store.

After the vent is open, you can go to the Jewelry Store. There will be miscellaneous counters wright here gems will be sealed behind a glass lid. You will have to hit or shoot glass 3 times with a weapon to break it and also gain jewelry, which offers 3 diamonds worth $ 500 each. Cold steel will not break glass.

When you collect the money you want to go back to the Criminal Base, you deserve to wait until the store closes, fly out via the vent via a jetload or flying abilities, or escape through two open doormeans through a big leave authorize.

A valuable rock. Tright here is also a gemrock extended through cone-shaped lasers. This gem can be "smashed and grabbed" for $ 2,500, which will not count in the direction of the 30 diamond limit for criminals. Only one player deserve to gain it for robbery.

Ice Weapon Quest. In the February 1, 2020 update, a quest was added to get the Ice Weapon.

Use RPGs or grenades to blow up Kluck’s memorial tree. After a while, an Ice Crystal will drop out.There are three rectangles inside the Jewelry Store on the left. The trick door is behind the middle rectangle.Using the Crystal on the key door will certainly open up it. There will certainly be an Ice Weapon.

Night club

Location: near a hardware store;Reward: Public robbery - $ 6,000 ($ 12,000 VIP); additional robbery - no. Total - $ 6,000 and also 400 endure.


The nightclub has 3 floors, each of which need to be walked through to accessibility the storage on the peak floor. To enter, go with one of the three doors on the outside of the nightclub. Then you have to go to 2 gray double doors near the DJ stand and wait for them to open up, activating the robbery. Behind this door, a rope runs via a ventilation shaft, and also tright here are rotating lasers in the middle of the shaft. They revolve randomly and deserve to change directions from clockwise to counterclockwise.

After lifting, there will be a room through moving laser circles on the floor. You should go to the doormethod in the much appropriate edge. Inside this doorway tright here are two horizontal lasers that you need to jump over. This leads to a trapdoor room and a vending machine. After that, another collection of six lasers awaits in a tiny hall.

At the end of the little room, you will certainly be presented through lasers in a grid pattern via a set of 2 lasers relocating back and also forth across a lot of of the room, and a few even more lasers that are above. They will certainly damages you if you touch them. After crouching or jumping to stop these lasers, you will come throughout a staircase causing the topmost floor. In this room, one more set of relocating laser circles will certainly spread across the floor, which have the right to be avoided simply by avoiding them or jumping on assorted pieces of furniture.

Boss Key Card. The DJ stand in the front heist room will certainly have actually four random colors. When you enter these colors, firing the corresponding butlots on the vending machine on the second floor (making use of a pistol that fires actual bulallows prefer a pistol or an AK-47) will flash green, and also if not done properly, nothing will certainly happen. If whatever is done properly, at the finish of the topmost floor tbelow will certainly be a "trick vault" compartment, which, when searched, will certainly provide the Boss Key Card.


Location: in the desert close to the lake;Reward: Public robbery - $ 7,500 ($ 15,000 VIP); additional robbery - no. Total - $ 7,500 and also 500 endure.


The first hazard complies with the vestibule at the extremely entrance to the Pyramid. Here you are greeted by a boiling pit via lava and also a number of columns. Contact with lava will bring about prompt death. The second danger instantly follows the initially, which consists of a big platdevelop via miscellaneous push plates. When you action on them, they will autumn on you with thorns. The pressure plates have a similarity to the ground, the only separating feature is that they are not on the very same level via it. Hitting the thorns outcomes in prompt death.

The third danger is a narrow passageway via three swinging spikes attached to the ceiling through chains. Contact with the spiked ball deals heavy damages. The fourth danger consists of a platcreate through 2 fire emitters on the best, which different on and off. Contact with the expelled flame will deal consistent, hefty damage based upon just how close you are to the emitter.

The fifth peril consists of another lava pit via pillars equivalent to the initially obstacle. Touching lava results in instant death. The sixth and also final hazard is the huge winding ramp that leads directly to the vault. Neon ovariety balls show up at the optimal of the ramp and also roll randomly, and call can do severe damages. After the last peril, a vault is available containing piles of gold, gems, chests, coffins and also statues of Anubis. Can players collect a maximum of 15 prizes (30 through VIP)? Each treacertain gives $ 500.

To the left of the Pyramid vault is a chest that have the right to be interacted via to achieve the Golden Key. This vital deserve to be offered in ClackDonald’s to obtain the Death Ray.

Cargo Ship

Location: arrives at the criminal base;Reward: Public robbery - $ 100 - $ 2000 ($ 4000 through VIP).


The arrival or leave of a ship can be easily detected by its loud sound signaling whether it is leaving the ship or showing up at the pier. Once you reach the shipyard, you should climb the ramp to the deck of the ship. There are several obstacles, from jumping over boxes to lasers. After that, you will come throughout a yellow cargo box that you have the right to cut open (just by emotional it) and also then go into it to begin collecting gold. Each gold bar expenses $ 100. You deserve to acquire a maximum of 20 gold bars. The ship will stay in the port for no more than 3 minutes.

Cargo airplane

Location: flies from the volcano alengthy the map to the lighthouse;Reward: Public robbery - $ 500 - $ 5,000 ($ 10,000 with VIP).


The cargo aircraft is one of the seven primary heists and also moves approximately the map. Like the cargo ship, it shows up periodically. The police can also raid this location.

Room 1. Cprices deserve to be opened with a crowbar to obtain a weapon that provides a maximum of $ 5,000 (or $ 10,000 via VIP) and 300 suffer upon completion. Scrap is automatically issued to players as soon as connecting through package.Room 2. Behind the damaged door is a room filled with pipes, from where warm vapor is sprayed, prefer the fire traps of the Pyramid.Room 3. There are a number of rotating lasers on the second floor. They can be avoided by walking about the perimeter of the room over the seats or by jumping over them.Room 4. Past the lasers behind the wall is a locked door that deserve to be hacked and opened up by communicating through the key-board alongside it. Inside is the cockpit with a red button that have the right to be pressed to open the hatch below. Players should return to Room 1 and exit through the open hatch. Any players left in the cargo aircraft will certainly explode when it flies off the map.

The bombs inside the cargo airplane are similar in appearance to the bombs dropped by the Falcon or Nightjar. The heroes can open up the front door and leave the cargo aircraft, although they cannot open the cprices.

Roblox Mad City: Mini Heist


Gas terminal. A gas station is a mini-robbery. Tbelow are two forms of gas terminal - Gorodskaya and also Okrannaya. Each of them consists of petrol stations and a building that includes shelves and 3 cash registers for $ 600 each. The city’s gas station likewise has actually electrical stations and also a parked Tesla Roadster. Tbelow offered to be an off-road motorcycle at the outskirts of the gas terminal, and even earlier there was a Mustang.

At the gas station, you deserve to refuel the Nitro vehicle, which speeds it up 2 times.


Convenience store. The convenience store is situated beside the vehicle dealership. Has 2 cash registers that deserve to be robbed for $ 600 each. Outside, the building is green in shade through a protruding roof and also 5 huge glass panels. The interior of the structure is composed largely of shelves, blue lockers and 2 checkouts. This is just one of the few locations wbelow the Cprice drops. It used to be home to ATVs and also 911s.


Electronics keep. The electronic devices store includes a selection of electronic devices, such as phones and laptop computers, for $ 7,600. The genuine name of this structure is "Fruit Shop". It is a tool sized 2 storey structure with modern-day design. Outside, whatever is white, except for the front, which is a glass window consisting of 11 vertical glass panels, in the middle of which tright here is a door listed below, which should be broken to enter the structure.

The inner consists of 2 floors, the initially of which contains 8 tables, and also the second floor consists of 4 tables, each of which has actually different phones and laptop computers that have the right to be connected with and also stolen for $ 600 and $ 1000, respectively. Each floor has actually a static grid of lasers. All vehicles regenerate after 5 minutes. The electronic devices keep is the second most profitable $ for non-VIP players, with more $ than Pyramid.


ClackDonald’s. ClackDonald’s is a mini heist that deserve to be discovered near the park. You can rassist a maximum of $ 2700. The cafe additionally serves as the area of the Death Ray. Small oselection high-technology structure with windows and also logo design on top. It have the right to be watched that the restaurant has actually a "KlakAvto" on the canopy and also open up window on the left. The interior consists of three rooms - an entrance hall, a ago and also a secret one. The hallmethod has a digital food selection, self-business counters, the ClackDonald’s logo design, cash desks (each giving $ 600) and a bank via money ($ 500).

In the back room there is a shelf through publications, a safe (which provides $ 1000) and a keyhole that, as soon as unlocked through the Golden Key, gives accessibility to the key room containing the Death Ray. The key room contains a desk through a Death Ray in a glass instance and the ClackDonald’s logo design via red glowing eyes.


Airport. An airport is a place that dwellings numerous aircraft, and objects of robbery. On the Runmeans are Plane, Scout, Cobra, Falcon, Warhawk, and also Nightjar. Jetfill is also located at the airport. The airport is situated to the best of the prikid, on the west side of the island. It have the right to be uncovered alongside the testing lab. Consists of 2 terminals connected by a bridge. The terminals have high-tech style. Both structures are glazed and have actually diamond-shaped columns with glass inside. The roofs of the structures are curved.

Basically, the exterior of the main terminal resembles a checkallude and also baggage drop-off. The second terminal is the waiting room. Each terminal has actually an ATM, suitcases and stacks of money. All the objects of the robbery inside are worth $ 14,500. Each suitsituation gives $ 500, ATM $ 1000, and also stacks of money $ 500. At the airport, you have the right to finish the jetfill quest:

Memorize the colors on the DJ counter at the Nightclub;Shoot from the machine at the desired colors in the vfinishing machine on the 2nd floor of the Nightclub;Open the Boss Keycard box on the 3rd floor of the Nightclub;In the primary terminal of the Airport tright here will be an enigma room on the right that opens up through the Boss Keycard. Jetfill lies inside.


Housage. The Home is a mini heist that appears twice, namely in Sandy Suburbs and also Paradise Pier. Each of them is the same other than for their actual area. The cost of all objects in the residence is $ 6700. The house is a small red building via 4 home windows and also a garage. The home has two entrances: an entrance door that can be damaged open and also a kitchen window that have the right to be broken.

The actual interior of the residence has a complete of three burglar doors. The house has actually 3 rooms; living room, kitchen and also bedroom. The living room has actually a $ 2000 safe, a $ 400 stack of cash and also a $ 500 TV. Tbelow is one more $ 1000 stack of cash in the kitchen while the bedroom has two $ 400 stacks of cash and a huge $ 2000 gem.

With the update to the Electronics Store, revenue from all properties in the residence doubled, except for cash in the bedroom and also living room, which jumped from $ 250 to $ 400, while the price of the TV stayed the very same.


Box. Boxes are interenergetic objects (sometimes mini-heists) that loss from the skies at random times in preestablished locations. Depending on their shade, they will give either cash or exclusive weapons. The game has 3 variants of boxes: red, green and also gold. When among them first shows up from the sky, there will be a loud hissing sound and also red smoke will certainly be in the air, signaling its place on the ground.

Cash cannot be obtained prior to the green / gold boxes have landed, and also trying to pick up a things from the Red Box before it has actually landed will not result in the item being received and will certainly instead proccasion the player from connecting with it aget. The boxes disshow up two minutes after landing.

Red Box: will certainly offer out either a Beam Pistol, Minigun, or Uzi-S, and also the peak of package will present its contents.Environment-friendly box: offers out $ 3500 (or $ 7000 through VIP) instantly, but in order to gain money, you must open up package, standing in a blue circle beside it for 15 - 20 secs.Gold Box: offers $ 5500 (or $ 11000 with VIP).

Green boxes have actually a green parachute, Gold boxes have actually a gold parachute, and also Red boxes have actually a blue parachute. Weapon skins cannot be used to all tools concerned the Red Box. Tear Gas and Shield-Shield offered to only be in the Red Box till they were moved to the Police Station.

Roblox Mad City: How to Earn XP and Money?


XP. XP is a worth that suggests a player’s rating. Each rank is assigned an amount of XP, which, as soon as got to, enables the player to move on to the next rank. Ranks reset at the begin of a brand-new seakid, in addition to the advent of new rank rewards.

Earning XP from prisoners:

20 XP: Craft a Knife, Hammer, C4;15 XP: Disable air transport;10 XP: Murder;10 XP: Training;10 XP: Search (boxes, barrels, trash cans);10 XP: Stealing tools from a police officer;5 XP: Stealing a Key Card from a Police Officer.

Earning XP from the police:

25 - 600 XP: arrest of Criminals;400 XP: Completion of the Night Club Raid;300 XP: Completion of the raid on the Cargo Plane;100 XP: Salary (got at 6:10 PM game time);25 XP: Arrest of guilty prisoners;15 XP: Disable air transport;10 XP: Killing a Prisoner or Criminals;10 XP: Training;4 XP: Drive the Crime out of the car;1 XP: Burst a tire.

Earning XP from Crime / Villain:

500 XP: Completion of the Pyramid heist;400 XP: Completion of the Nightclub robbery;350 XP: Completing the heist of the Jewelry Store;300 XP: Completion of the Cargo Plane heist;300 XP: Completed the Casino robbery;250 XP: Completion of the Bank robbery;150 XP: Completion of the heist of the Cargo Ship;15 XP: Disable air transport;10 XP: Murder;10 XP: Training;5 XP: Stealing a Key Card from a Police Officer;1 XP: Burst a tire.

Earning XP from the Hero:

15 XP: Disable air transport;10 XP: Murder;10 XP: Training;1 XP: Burst a tire.

Money. $ (cash) is the major currency supplied in Mad City. The money have the right to be offered to buy new vehicles, auto skins, weapon skins, and the weapon itself. Vehicles purchased through cash are included to the player’s inventory and execute not disappear upon exiting the game. In addition, money can likewise be bought through the phone menu. Money have the right to be earned:

Police officers: for the murder of a criminal or a guilty prisoner ($ 25), arrest of a criminal ($ 200 + crime bonus), arremainder of a guilty prisoner ($ 200), salary ($ 2,000), completing a rhelp on a Nightclub ($ 300 - $ 6,000 ), completion of the cargo plane rhelp ($ 1000 - $ 5,000).For heroes: for the murder of a crime or a guilty prisoner ($ 25 + crime bonus);For criminals: for killing a police officer or a hero ($ 25), for completing a robbery;Prisoners: for killing a police officer or a hero ($ 25).

Roblox Mad City: Synopsis of Locations


Criminal base. Criminal Base is the base of a team of criminals in Mad City. She is on Paradise Pier. It is a large high-technology structure. The base is colored white and red. She is on the beach, on the boardwalk close to the Ferris wheel and the cargo ship’s arrival allude.


Villain Base. The Villain Base is wbelow the Villains appear. Here, Villains can equip one of 3 abilities: Raven, Gorganize, and also Roar. Tright here are no tools in this lair, and tbelow is just one entry point: an elevator referred to as just by team members. Villains eliminated by lasers or as a result of recollection (Reset) will respawn in the den with only a pistol. The villains cannot hand over the money for the robbery and also need to go to the Crime Base. The lava bordering the villains’ forces will certainly kill anyone that touches it, making it the only base in which tright here is impending risk.


Hero Base. Hero Base is the generate allude of Heroes situated oppowebsite the Villains Lair. The Heroes’ Base is a tall tower via a large opening at the top, supported by a sandy bottom in the ocean. Tbelow is an elevator at the ago that permits you to reach the height of the base wright here the 7 heroes are situated, and a helicopter installed on optimal of the roofpeak helipad. Also on the base are simulators that XP gives.


Car showroom. Dealership Auto Sjust how is wbelow Nero, the Avenger and Fury are located. Also in the parking lot tright here is a Firestorm auto. It is a white building made of Art Nouveau concrete slabs with a red authorize on peak of the entrance. The front and also left components are glazed. Tright here is a parking lot in front of the entrance, which is the place where package through money shows up. There are 3 cars inside - Nero, Avenger and Fury. Tright here is also a small room to the left of them. It has no usability.


Gun shop. The Weapon Shop is a location in Mad City that players have the right to visit to gain assorted weapons or buy skins for them. Although it is a modern building, the exterior is almost entirely made of timber. The structure has actually tall, factory-choose home windows, two automatic glass doors (through one tiny glass bay window over them) and also a huge AK-47 on the roof.

Inside the gun store, there is one shelf extended via eight weapons on each side, for a full of sixteen: eleven guns, an RPG, a grenade, and also 3 melee tools. Directly in front of the door is the ticket office where Timegrasp functions. Behind the weapon stand also tbelow is a little shooting variety with targets of various distances from the player.

Players can customize weapon skins by talking to the cashier behind the counter. All customizable tools will appear in a list, which allows players to purchase and use skins to their weapons. The Gunshop is the just location via Bita.


Garage. The garage is a area wright here players can customize their cars through skins, engines, spoilers, and also other gimmicks. The game presently has actually 3 garage sections and 1 helipad wbelow the player can customize their auto. Tbelow are 2 symbols in the game noted via a wrench. One means the garage, the various other for the City Docks.

The garage has actually 3 sections that permit you to edit 3 cars at the very same time. Inside the garage, the player can modify their auto as they check out fit. The garage deserve to be accessed by any kind of team except the detainees. When a car enters the garage, a menu shows up and also players deserve to select what they desire to change. As lengthy as the vehicle takes up room in the garage, the garage door will be closed behind their vehicle.

The garage is built into the building of the Dealership Motor Show. If in any way the automobile climbs onto the helipad on peak of the garage, then the player have the right to edit it.


City docks. The City Docks are where the player deserve to customize their Boat, Jet Ski, Hydro, Petrel (hovering) and also Hoverboard. Only automobile skin can be configured. The docks are located on the lake close to the Jewelry Store. There is only one compartment for sea transfer. To the best and to the left of it there is a wooden flooring, on the sides of which are the Jet Ski and Hydro.

The docks carry out not have a bottom layer of water under them, so if a player on the Petrel enters the docks and also then turns off the float capacity, he and also the car will certainly autumn under the map and die.

Roblox Mad City: Weapons Guide


Weapons are a type of item in Mad City offered to fight and also safeguard against members of foe groups. Most tools deserve to be equipped by members of any team, with the exception of specific devices from the police kit, and also items specific to the game pass that the player does not possess. All weapons are readily available in the gun shop (other than for the Beam Pistol, Death Ray, Pistol-S, UZI-S, Tear Gas and also Minigun). Many type of of them can also be discovered in command also bases, albeit to a lesser degree.

Melee weapons work-related the same means, while ranged weapons tend to vary and also occupy different slots. Each weapon has actually a clip dimension (minigun excluded), although the weapon’s ammo is infinite. Players can just have one weapon of each kind, for example a pistol and also TEC-9 are pistols, meaning a player cannot have actually both at the exact same time.

When left-clicking or right-clicking via a ranged weapon that does not have a scope, the player will be slowed down, his perspective will boost over his best shoulder, a white cross will certainly show up, behind which the player’s avatar will revolve. After a couple of secs without firing the player will certainly come out of this state, although he have the right to forcibly leave it by starting to run. If you right-click and also then instantly left-click before the player totally enters the firing state, they deserve to shoot from the center of their display.

Ranged weapon

NameDamage / Clip Size / SpeedNote
AK-4710/30 / Fast
MP58/40 / Very fast
Famas10/30 / AverageShoots 3 bullets at a time
Minigun10 / Overheats after 100 bulallows / Very fastObtainable from Red Crates
Death ray20/20 / FastObtainable through the Golden Key at ClackDonald’s
M4A110/30 / Very fastObtainable using SWAT game pass
SCAR15/30 / FastObtainable by utilizing the SCAR game pass
Sniper rifle40/1 / Very slowHas a solid scope
AWP80/2 / Very slowYou can get it making use of the "Heavy Weapon" game passage. Has a strong scope
Shotgun4-70 / 6 / SlowOn headshot, maximum damage - 144
SPAS2-32 / 4 / AverageHeadswarm, maximum damage - 70
Ice weapon4/100 / SuperfastObtained through a crystal in the Jewelry Store
Pistol12/14 / Average
Pistol-S12/14 / AverageSwarm sound muted as soon as firing
Deagle25/7 / Average
TEC-98/20 / Fast
Beam pistol35/8 / AverageObtainable from Red Crates
Ultrasound-S6/32 / Very fastObtainable from Red Crates
Taser0/1 / Very slowPolice weapons. Paralyzes Criminals and Villains


Melee weapon

It has actually an average rate. Deals 40 damage. Kinds:

Knife;Club;Bit. Can repel grenades flying at the player;Scrap. Obtainable from Cargo Plane;Machete. Exclusive for Criminals and also Villains.

Explosive weapons

The direction of explosive weapons (also RPG) depends on gravity. For instance, due to low gravity on VIP servers, projectiles have the right to fly unevenly or upward. Kinds:

Grenade. Damage - 80. Deals 80 damage to players within the radius of destruction;Tear gas. Damage - 5. Creates a green cloud of gas, dealing 5 damages per second. Available at the Police Base for $ 4000;M32. Damage - 40. Available at the Police Base for $ 5,000;RPG. Damage - 60. Can be acquired using the "Heavy Weapon" of the Game Pass;Egg grenade launcher. Damage - 40. Available on the Flying Islands close to the mill.

Roblox Mad City: Heroes Game


Heroes are a Mad City team that can be schosen by up to 6 civilization on the server to gain powerful abilities to defeat Criminals. Players that have a VIP pass deserve to sign up with the hero squad also if it is complete (has 6 or more players). Players on a team of heroes have the right to pick between 7 different heroes, each with different abilities.

All heroes have a possibility to drop a crystal on kill, which deserve to be elevated by criminals. If the criminal picks up the hero crystal, the criminal who picks it up will have the very same powers as the hero from which the crystal was dropped. Only one criminal have the right to pick up the crystal, one day it will disshow up. The heroes show up at the hero base, which is situated in the lake close to the Jewelry store.

Hot Rod.Hot Rod is one of the seven heroes in Mad City. Its strength is super rate with boosted influence speed. His super rate is triggered while running, leaving behind red particles and making a loud noise, allowing him to run directly over the water if he comes in contact via it. The Hot Rod have the right to outrun sreduced cars favor Plane and also Rhino.

Hot Rod’s running speed is proportional to his health and wellness, which implies that the reduced his wellness, the sreduced he runs. In exceptionally poor health, sprinting might be slower than walking.


Voltron. Voltron is an electrical hero that have the right to quickly throw lightning bolts, dealing 4 damage per hit. The Voltron will certainly be able to fire 50 Electric Bolts, which is roughly 5 seconds from starting Electric Bolts till the capacity is recharged.

Running will rotate Voltron right into a ball of electricity, raising its speed and also jump height, but the sprint deserve to just be done for a brief time till it recharges over a duration of time. The downside is that Voltron cannot run indefinitely, and also short projectiles have actually a reasonably low DPS value compared to other weapons that are used in cshed combat.


Guy. Wanta is a hero that deserve to easily shoot dark power that deals 8 damages. At the exact same time, Vanta have the right to become invisible once sprinting and get a little rise in rate. This ability is not infinite and needs a recharge. Aiming through a weapon will also make the user visible.


Inferno. Inferno is a hero with the power of fire. Inferno have the right to fly and also use its power at the same time, utilizing fireballs as a technique of strike. These fireballs move around as fast as RPGs. On hitting the surconfront, the fireballs explode and deal 12 damage to opponents. The explosion itself deals location damages, which is of medium size. Inferno Hero Power - 6 fireballs via a 0.5 second recharge in between shots.


Proton. Proton is just one of the eight heroes. Proton’s capacity enables the player to fire laser beams, each dealing 12 damages, and Proton is able to fire ten laser beams before reloading. Proton can likewise run much faster than a normal player. Alengthy via a greater running speed, Proton has the capability to double jump, which deserve to be set off by pushing the space bar twice in the air.


Snowflake. Snowflake is a medium-selection hero that deserve to shoot ice shards at high rate that do 8 damages per hit. She has actually a high price of fire and can fire twenty times prior to reloading. Unlike all various other projectile-based heroes, she can puncture tires and also break aircraft using her power.

The snowflake will certainly have actually an enhanced speed (as soon as running on the ground) and also will certainly be able to create an icy route underfoot while running, and also deserve to likewise usage the ice path indefinitely. Aiming the weapon instantly stops the creation of icy paths, so the capability cannot be offered as a platdevelop for shooting. Snowflake is the just hero that does not wear the Roblox confront by default on his pedestal.


Titanium. Titan is a mechanical and futuristic superhero that was included in the June 9, 2019 update. Titan’s Force is a beam projectile that emits a charging sound as soon as fired, then assaults and also instantly detonates on the surface in a selection of pressure.

The explosion deals 25 area damages and have the right to fire 4 times before reloading. As lengthy as the Titan’s power is equipped, the player will have the ability to fly. Equipping something else in the player’s inventory or jumping while flying will stop the trip. Titan is among 2 flying heroes, together with Inferno. As a Titan, you will certainly remove every one of the player’s avatar accessories.


Archer. The Archer is a Hero included in the March 20, 2020 Patch. He owns a bow and arrow and is a lot even more agile than the average player. The Archer’s main weapon is his bow. He shoots an arrow that flies at about the rate of Vanta’s dark energy, and also explodes on call with an foe or obstacle, dealing 30 damages in a small radius.

Ten arrows can be released prior to reloading. He also runs much much faster than the average player and has actually the capability to super jump by pressing the jump button twice easily. Throughout the sprint, the hero leaves a green trail favor the Gorganize. Although the character is portrayed wearing a mask via a hood and cloak, such accessories are not included as soon as equipping his power.

Roblox Mad City: Villains, Police & Crime


Villains. To end up being a Villain, you should kill a superhero. With a 25% chance, it will drop a crystal with its power. Villains are the oppowebsite of superheroes. At the base of villains, you deserve to become among three types of villains - Raven, Phantom or Roar. Villains deserve to be any develop of superhero by killing the superhero via the appropriate strength. There are likewise extra unique shapes. Villains can use all forms of tools except handcuffs and a taser. Villains can usage cars (open), get turbo on them and usage it. Villains when dropped or dying from something (other than being killed by a hero or being arrested by a police officer) appear on the villain base.


Police. The police are a crime fighting team whose goal is to arremainder criminals, prevent thefts and also detainees from escaping. The policeman’s arsenal includes a shocker (taser), handcuffs, a pistol-S and a broad variety of other tools to pick from. The police team have the right to be selected by a maximum of 10 players on the server. After 2 nights, the police officer will certainly obtain their salary at 6:10 pm (or sunset) depending upon their performance.

The police team deserve to additionally deploy the spikes on their vehicles by pressing "Q". This attribute is only easily accessible to the police. The police team can take the dog via them by going to the booth and pressing "E". The dog will only chase the criminal if the policeman offers the whistle. Then the dog will capture up via the criminal and bite him, which will considerably sluggish down the rate of the criminal’s activity.

The Police Officer can rassist the Nightclub and also the Cargo Plane. The 10-player limit was included after the Police Dogs update.

Crime. Crime is a team whose goal is to rob and also create chaos on the city highways. You can just become a crime by escaping from priboy for detainees. They are opponents of the police and also heroes. Criminals deserve to use tools, but unprefer police, criminals cannot usage tasers and also handcuffs. Criminals, prefer villains, can knock out a card from the police, and also a crystal from the heroes (a crystal of the sort that the hero was killed). Criminals can loot many type of buildings in MadCity. For example: Bank, casino, gas terminal, airport, diner, hardware save and also so on. Also, criminals deserve to come to be villains by killing a superhero.

Roblox Mad City: Apartment


Apartments are a series of places that players deserve to usage as a type of housing. Players have the right to customize the internal of their apartments with a variety of wallrecords and furnishings that will reprimary as soon as they log out of the server. Likewise, apartments are a one-time purchase.

Several apartments deserve to be put in the very same structure, enabling players to visit other people’s apartments. The Home app on the phone gives players 3 customization alternatives. The player can lock their apartment, adjust their spawn allude to their apartment, and also rotate off all radio stations playing tright here.

Types of apartments. Tright here are currently 5 forms of apartments in Mad City:

Penthome Tower of Utopia. Elite apartments situated alongside the financial institution. It have the right to be bought for $ 5,000,000. These are the largest and also the majority of expensive suites in the game via 13 rooms, every one of different shapes and sizes. Basically it is a series of halls and also rooms, some of which branch out right into other rooms.House of the Sea Breeze. House of Sea Breeze is situated beside the mini-robbery "House". To get tright here straight from the prichild, you must drive alengthy the left road and also revolve left at the first rotate. Cost: $ 2,000,000.Grand also Park Apartments. Cost: $ 750,000.Casino Park Home. Cost: $ 100,000.An ordinary residence. An plain home is located beside the Grand also Park Apartments. Consists of 2 rooms. The primary room has actually an elevation that can be counted as room 3.

Map markers are immediately turned off as soon as they are inside the apartment, however they can be turned on aobtain making use of the settings in the phone. Players have the right to use weapons in their inventory, trying to summon a auto in the apartment, and the inventory will appear aacquire.

Roblox Mad City: Mini Games


Mini-games deserve to be accessed with the "Mini game" application on your phone. Here players can purchase and exadjust game tokens. Video Game tokens price 20,000 each and also deserve to be exchanged to start a game mode. When a player selects a mode, all other players will certainly be motivated to pick if they will participate. If namong the players has signed up, the game mode will certainly not start and the token will not be provided up. On VIP servers, game settings execute not require game tokens to activate.

Video Game with tools. The participants are teleported to the prichild. Each player starts through a random weapon and gets a random weapon once they kill an additional player, replacing the one they supplied formerly. The initially to acquire 22 kills wins. During the mini-game, participants are put in a neutral team. Players can attain weapons to pass the game whether or not they very own the equivalent pass, and a laser blade.

Team fight. The participants are separated into 2 teams and fight in the prichild. The initially team to score 50 kills wins. Players obtain a random outfit consisting of any major weapon, shotgun, pistol, melee weapon, and also grenade at the begin of the game and also when they respawn after fatality. If this game mode lasts lengthy enough, it will immediately finish and the player that spent his token will rerotate it ago. For the duration of the mini-game, the participants are divided equally into red and blue groups.

Hide and also look for. Players are teleported to a building and construction website, downtvery own park or Paradise Pier and are surrounded by invisible walls. One random player is schosen, and all the rest are covert. After a minute has passed, the seeker has five minutes to fire and kill each jumper with the seeker pistol. If the finder stops working, all survivors are surprise by default. Throughout the mini-game, participants are inserted in a neutral team.

Roblox Mad City: Video Game Passages


Game Passes or Video Game Passes are long-term benefits that deserve to be purchased in-game by means of your phone or straight from the Mad City Store tab on the Roblox website.

Types of play passes. Tright here are presently 10 basic play passes easily accessible in the game, through a complete expense of 3300 Robux.

SWAT. Price: 3000 Robux. Provides access to M4A1, SWAT Van and also SWAT uniform.Radio. Price: 200 Robux. Allows you to play sound from the Roblox library from vehicles.VIP. Price: 1000 Robux. Allows you to bypass team boundaries, doubles your money from robberies and also bonprovides, and also gives a "VIP" chat tag.Heavy tools. Price: 400 Robux. Provides accessibility to RPG and AWP.Pet +. Price: 100 Robux. Unlocks more customization and also dog playthings.Pack of emovements # 1. Price: 200 Robux. Unlocks eight emotes that have the right to be used from your phone.Pack of eactivities # 2. Price: 200 Robux. Unlocks the other eight emotes that have the right to be offered from the phone.Mobile customization. Price: 100 Robux. Allows you to customize vehicles and also tools on the go.SCAR. Price: 300 Robux. Provides accessibility to SCAR.Double XP. Price: 500 Robux. Doubles XP acquired from any action that offers XP.

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