“You’re messing via the wrong bitch.” - Annalise Keating, “What Happened to You, Annalise?” 2x10

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what a damn speech. missing annalise already


Asher: Hello everyone! This is my ex-girlfrifinish Michaela!

Michaela: You need to sheight introducing me prefer that.

Michaela: I’m his wife.

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So, below is the truth around me. I’ve worn a mask eextremely day of my life. In high institution, it was a smile that I faked to acquire boys to favor me. In legislation institution, I changed my name to sound even more “New England.” At the legislation firm, I wore heels, makeup, and also a wig. And when I got married, I threw myself into coming to be a Keating, and also it was all to develop a variation of myself that the civilization would certainly accept. But I’m done. Instead, I stand before you, mask off, to tell you the God’s honest. I have done many kind of a bad thing. I’ve coerced witnesses, gained clients to lie on the stand also, bullied students to tears, manipulated jurors favor you. But those are not the crimes I’m being tried for. It’s murder. And I am no murderer. What I am is a survivor. I survived acquiring taunted by the N-word as soon as I remained in grade college. I made it through the sex-related abuse by my uncle once I was 11. I survived losing my first love, Eve, because I was scared to be gay. Then the fatality of my boy in a automobile accident, the murder of my husband, then alcoholism, depression, grief, and also eextremely fatality leading as much as this trial. But now, you decide. Am I a negative person? Well, the mask is off, so I’m gonna say yes. But am I the criminal mastermind who pulled off a series of violent murders? Hell no. Who I am is a 53-year-old womale from Memphis, Tennessee, called Anna Mae Harkness. I am ambitious, babsence, bisex-related, angry, sad, solid, sensitive, scared, fierce, talented, worn down. And I am at your mercy.

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That finale was…somepoint.Governor Lynne Birkhead was assassinated as deserved, however Frank and also tragically Bonnie did not make it through the endgame and died after being swarm by Birkhead’s protection.Jorge Castillo is dead.Michaela ended up alone, yet accomplished her dreams of ending up being sworn into the legislation simply as she wanted from the start.Connor and Oliver inevitably reunited and remained together.Mama Harkness died peacefully.Annalise and also Tegan at one point were together and for the moment found love.Annalise died peacefully after a tumultuous legacy as a prosecutor and a victory of flexibility, and I’m at tranquility via that.Gabriel fled residence.Christopher is currently leading Criminal Justice 100.I’m not mad at this finale. It felt prefer a lot was crammed in and relocated too fast at the finish, however answers were offered and also Annalise winning her situation while fighting on her very own does provide a feeling of catharsis after everything she’s been with. I’m going to miss out on this series and also everyone I’ve blogged with. Thank you, Shonda Rhimes, for an exceptional show.