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About game

Fleeing the Complex is an exciting puzzle game that was developed by Puffballs United and also released on November 12, 2015. This game is the fifth installment in the Henry Stickmin series that is well-known in the civilization. In a evaluation article of Dora about this game on Jayisgame, he shelp that "Fleeing the Complex is funny, weird, and full of possibilities to discover, making it a ton of fun to play through over and also over aobtain." <1> In reality, it is the fact. This game is really exciting through a well-created plot, easy but cute graphics, addictive gameplay, and as much as five different endings. Being a fairly successful video game, now, Fleeing the Complex is available to play on both internet browser, iOS, and also Android platcreates.

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Continue the story around Henry Stickmin - a thief that gets in troubles bereason of stealing points. He escaped from many type of different prisons and operated via the armed forces. In this game, he is imprisoned in a complex dubbed The Wall that takes area on snowy mountains in Russia. This complicated holds the many cunning and also well known criminals in the human being. Here, he need to continue to uncover a way to flee. In order to carry out that, he demands the assist of his friends prefer Toppat Clan and Charles. In enhancement, he also provides a brand-new friend with Ellie – a female character that first show up in this game.


In this game, you will be collection in the role of Henry Stickmin. Your main mission is to aid Henry escape the complex effectively. Although this is the many ruthmuch less and chilly prichild. If you deserve to pick the ideal activity, it can not host you anymore.

The game will market you with a myriad of choices to escape The Wall. And you need to think carefully around these alternatives, imagine the next take place if you pick an choice of them. After that, based upon your creativity and pick the right action (at least you think that it is the appropriate action). You can openly imagine bereason tright here is no time limitation in this game and also a crucial point is that tright here are many kind of means to escape. So, simply have fun through the outcomes.

In enhancement, in this game, tright here are lots of medals for players to attempt to earn. They appear scattered in this game and also trying to earn all the medals is a fun task.


In this game, there are 2 types of characters including protagonists and also antagonists. Protagonists characters encompass Henry Stickmin, Ellie, and also Charles. Antagonists personalities encompass Toppat Leader, Dmitri Petrov, a.k.a the Warder, and also Gregory.

Protagonist characters

Henry Stickmin

Henry Stickmin is the major protagonist of not just game Fleeing the Complex but also many type of other games such as Breaking the Bank, Escaping the Prichild, Stealing the Diamond, and Infiltrating the Airship. He is recognized as an extremely unlucky and also oddly person. In addition, he is additionally extremely clumsy and also this character is displayed in his hilarious failures. However before, this is likewise what most human being love around him. Being a "Pure-Blooded Thief", Henry Stickmin always seems to gain numerous trouble and also it"s hard not to discover himself in some sticky cases.


Ellie is also a major character in this game. She is the first female character in the Henry Stickmin series and appears via Henry at the start of the game. They are both waiting for deliver to their brand-new cells and also when Henry sees his opportunity to escape, he demands her aid. After that, Henry has to pick whether to take her in addition to him or not. If yes, Ellie will companion through Henry on his journey to escape the facility. If not, she is still there, in the complex. About her appearance, she has a semi-short red hair, red eyebrows additionally, and wears cream colored shoes.


Charles is a helicopter pilot and functions for the government. He is the old frifinish of Henry in Infiltrating the Airship. In this game, he shows up in the Completing the Mission because Henry escapes the cell and has an alternative is to contact Charles. In instance Henry chooses to contact Charles, Charles will renote that he is on another mission. However before, he still deserve to assist Henry to out of The Wall bereason he has actually heard around it. He asks Henry to head exterior and uncover a area for him to land his helicopter. After defeat all the guards of the facility, they ultimately fly off and earn the rank International Rescue Operative.


Toppat Leader

Toppat Leader is the major antagonist in both Fleeing the Complex, Infiltrating the Airship, and also The Betrayed finishing. He is provided on the list of antagonists’ character bereason once Henry needs his aid, he said: "Yes, hello? Henry? Where are you? Eh? In the complex, dubbed "The Wall?" Oh yes of course so, we"ll, uhh, we"ll be right tright here. Sit tight and also I"ll let you know once we"re cshed." <2> He has actually no intention to help Henry. Oppositely, he is the perboy who watches Henry loss to the fatality and earns the rank The Betrayed from Henry"s death.

Dmitri Johannes Petrov

Dmitri Johannes Petrov is the main antagonist in this game when being collection in the duty of the warden in The Wall surface. Dmitri with other wardens attempt to capture Henry. When Henry tries to escape from The Wall surface, he encounters Dmitri many type of times.


This is the second antagonist in Fleeing the Complex. He is a priboy officer that shows up through a grey beard and also mustache. He is in charge of guarding the door of the room where host Henry.

Fleeing the Complex medals

In this game, tbelow are complete 18 medals for players to get in which:

Rank GI is a medal of achieving the rank of Gorganize Inmate.Rank PD is an accomplishment once players accomplish the rank of Presumed Dead.Rank CA is a medal when players accomplish the rank of Convict Allies.Rank IRO is an accomplishment once players acquire the rank of Internationwide Rescue Operative.Rank TB is an achievement once players obtain the rank The Betrayed.Kredit 2 Team is a medal that allows players to watch the credits.Patron of Tunes is a medal of listening to a song that"s attached in the credits.Master of The Wall is taken into consideration as the best medal in this game. Players will certainly receive this medal when acquiring all other success in the game and then click on the message in the description.Golden Boy is a medal that players will get if they gain all 60 fail animations.101 Failmations is a medal for those who fail 101 times in this game.Rise and also Shine: Tright here are 5 scenes in this game in which tright here is a guy with a briefsituation deserve to be seen out of location. Players will obtain this medal if they kill both Karlov, Earthbend, and Toppat utilizing the Leaf and also Toss and click all 5 of these.bruUGHNO: There are 3 scenes that expose bruUGHNO in this game in which, 2 scenes reveal it by clicking on the moon in different scenes. The remainder an additional reveals bruUGHNO if players click the item box. In order to earn this medal, players need to click every one of these.Nailed It: There are 3 scenes consisting of Power Jump, Helium, and also Leaf. In order to earn this medal, players need to click the ground prior to landing all 3 times.Waldo: This medal appears in the scene of escape via Ellie. When choosing an approach to escape via Ellie, tbelow is a method is that Motorcycle. If players choose this method, the following scene is Waldo hiding behind a rock. Just click on him, you will obtain this medal.xXn00bslayerXx: If you provide yourself the Sniper rifle and Ellie the Crossbow once in that scenario, your arrangement will end so negative. At that time, let"s watch the "immediate replay" gave in the summary to obtain the medal.Aeiou: In order to acquire this medal, you need to select the plunger boots and also click on it seven times.Spooked: In The Yard, you will have 4 options to pick from. Going to the square via nothing on it, you will involved a dark room and also be unpleasantly greeted and jumpscared by Freddy Fazbear. After that, you will certainly gain the medal.Easy Medal: In the Betrayed ending, after failing through the slingshot, you will obtain an announce that asks you to click right here for an Easy Medal. Let"s patient to click in it 20 times (there are 20 windows) to gain this medal. If the home window says that don"t click this switch, let"s click oke and also wait.

How to play

In order to manage this game, you simply usage your computer mouse to click and click. For each mission, there are 4 alternatives for you to select from. You"ll have to think carefully about the next occur as soon as selecting any kind of options. After that, click your liked one and waiting for the following scene.

Tips and tricks

Choosing the full-display screen mode and also revolve on the sound to have a higher experience.You can pause/resume/restart the game by picking the establishing button on the menu display screen.There is no time limitation, so let"s think very closely prior to making any decision.There are many type of endings of this game, so let"s explore every one of them to have actually even more fun.

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Fleeing the complicated unblocked

Being an addictive game through basic but interesting gameplay, attractive plot, and also fun visuals, Fleeing the Complex is an excellent game to play. For this reason, many civilization are seeking for Fleeing the Complex unblocked game to enjoy this game everywhere they desire also in the areas blocking the gaming sites. If you are additionally one of them, you"re in the right place. On lutz-heilmann.info, we market this game through the unblocked version for complimentary. So, you deserve to freely gain this game, kill your time, and also have many interesting moments whenever you desire.

Frequently Asked Question

How to gain all fleeing the complex medals

In order to gain all the medals in this game, you must play all the endings of this game because, through each finish, tbelow are a number of medals for players. In detail, let"s execute adhering to the overview in the medal area above