Torn earlobes deserve to be repaired with a straightforward chemical procedure that doesn"t need surgery.

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Written by Mansi Kohli | Updated : December 3, 2017 9:20 PM IST

While the number one cause of earlobe tearing is the ongoing use of wearing hefty, pendulous earrings, various other causes such as trauma from snagging earrings on clothes, telephone cords, hairbrushes or babies pulling earrings have the right to additionally reason earlobe tearing. Dr Raina Nikhil Nahar, Consultant Cosmetologist and also Dermatologist Dermatology (Skin & Venereal Diseases) at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital Mumbai helps us in expertise exactly how ripped earlobes have the right to be repaired sans any kind of surgical treatment.

We can repair slit earlobe without surgical treatment with chemical earlobe repair or via surgical glue.

Procedure of earlobe repairing

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In chemical earlobe repair, we usage 90% trichloroacetic acid through a toothpick it the margins end up being greyish white, additionally referred to as as frosting. Both the ends of the lesions are held together and the micro tape is used and kept intact for 1week. Follow up is necessary after one week, if the lesion has not healed procedure have the right to be repetitive, maximum of 3 sittings required one week acomponent. Read below just how to treat dangling earlobes

Biggest advantage of this procedure is:

No local anaesthesia is essential.It needs no sutures.The procedure is done in a issue of few minutes without much pain.It is price efficient and has lasting outcomes.

Its just disadvantage is that it might call for 2-3 sittings for complete earlobe repair.


The healing time is about a week.Tright here are a range of over-the-counter painkillers that generally execute an excellent project of numbing the pain during the first few days as soon as the pain is mainly at its optimal.It is finest for smokers to offer up smoking a month prior to this surgical procedure. This is vital bereason smoking has a tendency to interferes via the healing process and ca rise the risk of infections.

Wearing earrings after earlobe repair

It is mainly shelp that waiting for a minimum month is an excellent enough time before placing on lightweight studs in ears.It is best to not wear hefty earrings again to stop tearing. If you must, always wear that added ear chain that goes all round the ear to give support to added heavy earrings.

Do listen to your surgeon appropriately when it comes to after-care and also post-surgical treatment maintenance.

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