When we think of what might damages our hair, we think of the products and the heated devices we use, and also our hair care regimen. 

But, carry out you understand that your all-time favorite hairstyle, the ponytail, can be the reason of your hair breakage? 

Packing your hair right into a ponytail is helpful as it helps pull the hair off your challenge, whether you’re feeling overheated, or you’re at the gym, or you don’t have the time to perform a much more complex hairstyle. However before, ponytails have a seriously unwelcoming side effect – hair breakage.

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Figuring out exactly how to repair hair breakage from ponytails is really not a straightforward job. Think of exactly how upsetting a bad hairreduced is, hair breakage is worse. 

Imagine seeing a number of strands of broken hair on optimal of the remainder of your hair. Annoying!

Do ponytails reason hair breakage?


Hair breakage is when your hair breaks off suddenly prior to it reaches a complete lifecycle. It commonly breaks close to the root or mid-means approximately the shaft, and it leaves the pieces substantially shorter than the rest of your hair. 

The potential for hair breakage varies according to the natural stamina of your hair (some world are born via long lasting, thick hair, while others have even more brittle, thinner hair), and also exactly how often you load it right into a ponytail. 

When you pack a ponytail, specifically a tight one, you pull on the hair, and you cause anxiety at the root. If you carry out this commonly, your hair will end up being weaker, bring about hair breakage.

If you’ve taken an elastic band off your ponytail, and the band also is full of hair, then it's irrefutable proof that you’re sucount doing somepoint wrong. 

Even more terrible, you can’t just tame hair breakage by curling or flat ironing the broken pieces as this will certainly just cause more breakage. 

Also, you can’t cut the rest of your hair to be the very same as the broken length, except you’re all set to go on full low-cut. So, in answer to the question asked above, YES, ponytails, especially once frequent, do reason hair breakage. 

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How perform I stop my hair from breaking in a ponytail?

We all love ponytails, and it is quite unfortunate that it deserve to cause hair breakage.

Lucky for us, tbelow are a few tips and tricks that we deserve to use to save our ponytails healthy and balanced and unvulnerable to breakage. 

Tip #1 – Never tie your hair up right into a ponytail once it’s wet

This cannot be overemphasized. Our hairs are vulnerable, breakable, and also at its weakest as soon as wet. 

The regular snags and dents that frequently take place in a dry ponytail are ten times more once the hair is wet. So, ensure that your hair is dried prior to you pack it up. 

Tip #2 – Apply a serum


Before you fill your hair into a ponytail, initially use a top-high quality serum over it. This will provide your hair a healthy shine, and it will certainly help the tie glide over the ponytail without snagging or pulling it. 

Tip #3 – Try out various styles

Yes, we love ponytails, but it isn’t best to make it an daily hairstyle. High ponytails are vulnerable to cause hair breakage, specifically if it’s pulled too tight. 

So, the best thing is to different between tight and loose ponytail days, and also “all hair down” days. You should also consider a half-up ponytail style. You'd be surprised; tright here are many kind of different means to tie your hair up in a ponytail.

This will certainly keep the hair away from your face choose a constant ponytail, but it will certainly minimize the strain on your hair follicles. 

Tip #4 – Sleep time need to be downtime

To give your hair scalp a break, it is finest to wear your hair dvery own while sleeping. If you really have to tie it up, then it’s finest to sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. 

Tip #5 – Hair Ties

“Hair ties deserve to reason breakage.”

– Mark Debolt, Hair Colorist at Wella Professionals and Marie Robinchild Salon (source)

Using just towel hair ties is important to maintaining a healthy ponytail. If your current band has steel on it, then it is at risk to capture on your ponytail. 

Also, tight elastic bands deserve to snag your hair and leave it dented. So, fabric hair ties are the ideal. 

Use a cloth hair tie favor this

Tip #6 – Be mindful with your hairline

While pulling your hair right into a ponytail, be added cautious through the hairline as it’s the weakest part of the hair. 

If you pull the hairline as well tightly, it can cause breakage and also even too much bald patches. 

Besides, the trend now is to leave the front of your hair a bit loose to achieve an undone, tousled complete. 

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How to Repair Hair Breakage

If you are enduring hair breakage already, do not despair, it deserve to be solved. Follow the actions discussed listed below to learn just how to rejuvenate your hair, and also sheight it from thinning out. 

Deep Condition

If your hair is breaking, then your hair is many likely brittle, weak and also likewise dried out. To repair this, you have to add adequate hydration and also moisture back into your hair by using argan oil deep conditioning treatment. You can also use coconut oil for conditioning.


If you’ve additionally noticed that your scalp gets itchy or sore after wearing a pony for hours, then you have to usage a conditioner with the capacity to soothe inflammation and irritation. 

Avoid Excess Heat 

If your hair breakage is caused by a ponytail, and also you desire to effect a full repair, then you have to guard your hair against extreme warm. 

Reduce the temperature of all your styling tools. Also, quite than using a blow dryer, it is better to permit your hair to dry naturally. 

It would aid if you also use a warmth protectant spray before making use of a curling iron or various other warm styling devices. Without the spray, warm can permeate right into your hair shaft too deeply, leading to more damage.

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Make your hair more powerful by eating specific nutrients and vitamins that have the right to keep your hair healthy and balanced. Your diet must include a considerable amount of calcium, folic acid, Vitamins B, C, D, protein and also Omega 3’s.

Hair Accessories

Use only accessories that carry out not tug and also pinch at the tie. You deserve to either usage a towel hair tie or a loosened elastic tie. 

Chemical Treatments

If you are experiencing from hair breakage brought about by a ponytail, then, for now, it is ideal to protect against salon-style chemical therapies such as digital perm, straightening, hair bleaching and also coloring. This will certainly just make the damage to your hair much worse.