You love to experience different hair colors and do not want to stick with one in a long time, Kool-Aid can be your new BFF. Instead of going to a salon to change hair color frequently, you can do it yourself by using Kool-Aid to create dye past. Hence, if you want to know how to dye hair with Kool Aid, let’s check it out below.

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Preparation for Kool-Aid dye

Select color of Kool-Aid

kool aid hair dye

You can choose any available color you want, or you can mix color to create a new desirable one to make the best kool aid hair dye recipes. Grape will end up in violet, cherry will become dark red while topical punch provides the brighter color.

Remember that the color may look different depending on the types and color-base of your hair. For instance, in light blonde hair, grape Kool-Aid creates a pinkish purple while in the dark brown base, it will leave hair with deep reddish-purple after 30 minutes to an hour’s leave-in dye.

You can refer to the Kool-Aid hair dye color chart for more details.

If your hair owns a dark base, it is better to use color with a darker tone than your hair tone since if not, the color won’t appear with the color you expect. If you want a light color, you must bleach your hair.

Other tips:

Sugar-free Kool-Aid

One of the Kool Aid hair dye tips is that sugar-free is a better choice than the sweetened one, the former is less sticky than the latter, which enables you to apply the dye more smoothly and thoroughly.

If your hair is long, it is suggested to use 2 or more Kool-Aid packets for more vibrant color

sugar-free kool aid

Use hot water

Mix and stir the dye in hot water to dissolve the powder evenly. The good ratio of water and Kool Aid is 1 US tbsp (15 mL) of water per packet to create an effective kool aid hair dye.

Start by pouring hot water into a small bowl then mix and stir it with the powder constantly.

Add hair conditioner

How to dye hair with Kool Aid and conditioner? After finishing stirring the mixture, add about 1⁄4 c (59 mL) of conditioner to the bowl to form a creamy paste. Adjust the amount of conditioner during mixing to create the creamy paste. Paste form will help you to apply the dye onto your hair more easily.

Cover your shoulder

The dye will color and stain your clothes to protect your outfit, cover your shoulder with an old towel or a piece of an old garment. Use a clip to secure the towel in place and make sure it longer than your hair length.

How to dye hair with Kool Aid with all of your hair?

Step 1:

Clean and dry your hair then sections it into 6 equal parts. For thorough coverage, you can divide your hair into more small sections. Divide it vertically into left and right parts, then each part divide horizontally into 3 sections ( top, middle, and bottom). Next, use clips to keep each part in place.

Step 2:

Apply kool aid hair dye onto your hair. This is the most important step on how to dye your hair with Kool Aid.

apply kool aid on your hair

Whether using your hand or a dye brush, start painting your hair with 1 section, paint and massage the dye onto your hair from the roots to the tips. Make sure you dye each section evenly otherwise no color will leave on your hair after all. Hence, you should seek help from your friend to be successful in the painting step.

Step 3:

Secure all your hair at the crown of your head then wrap it with the cling wrap, plastic bag or food storage bag as long as it made by plastic since it helps to keep moisture and prevent the dye from dirty your clothes

Step 4:

Wait about 15 to 30 minutes until your hair evenly absorb the color if you have light hair base. If your hair base is dark tone, you may need a few hours or even 5 hours before rinsing out the dye to get the saturated hue. You can use more kool-aid packets to push up the dying process.

rinse the hair well with cool water

Step 5:

Take off the wrap and use cool water to rinse out your hair. Wash your hair from roots to tips until the water becomes clear. Normally, it took about 10-20 minutes to rinse out the dye clearly. Note that do not use shampoo while rinsing out since it can wash out the color as well.

Step 6:

Use a towel to remove the left moisture after washing then dry your hair by either blow-dry or air-dry.

Once, your hair dries completely, you can see the result. Then you can style your hair for a nicer look.

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How to dye hair with Kool-aid in highlight style?

Step 1: Put a piece of saran wrap under the section you want to color. To create a perfect highlight, try to color on a few strands

Step 2: Use a brush to paint the Kool-aid hair dye onto the section you want to highlight. Brush from roots to tips until the dye is painted evenly on your hair

Step 3: To avoid the dye spread to other parts, fold the saran wrap around the dyed part. In case your hair is longer than the wrap, roll the tips toward the roots then fold the wrap.

Step 4: Secure each highlighted section with a hair clip

how to dye highlights with kool aid

Step 5: Continue to pain other sections which you want to highlight. Then wrap it with saran wrap like in previous steps.

Step 6: Leave the paste in about 15 to 30 minutes until your hair absorb the color totally if you have light hair base. If your hair base is dark tone, you may need a few hours or even 5 hours before rinsing out the dye to get the saturated hue. You can use more Kool-aid packets to push up the dying process.

Step 7: Take off the wrap and use cool water to rinse out your hair until the water runs clear. Then, dry your hair completely to see the result.

Final words

By those kool aid hair dye tips, color hair at home will no longer a hard thing. Hopefully, this article about how to dye hair with kool-aid can help you gain a more beautiful look in the simplest ways.

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