Here's how you destroy and delete items in Valheim, which really doesn't involve that a lot ruining or deleting.

To make it through in Valheim, you"ll should collect crafting sources to expand your base or build brand-new tools, tools, and armor. Of course, you"ll require the inventory room to lug everything roughly. But what if you do not have actually any room left? How do you damage and delete items to add new ones?
This guide will certainly tell you "just how to break things down," yet it"s not as straightforward as pressing a vital or choosing a details food selection option.

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Understanding Your Inventory

In the game"s current Early Access build, tright here are 32 item slots easily accessible in your character"s pouch.

The eight boxes in the optimal row are technically reserved for devices and also weapons given that they correspond to hottricks 1-8. The other 24 spaces below those are intended for your armor and also anypoint you"ve picked up in your world seed.

When you"re out exploring, mining for resources such as tin ore and copper ore, or gathering wood, you can leave all of your tools and tools (except those you need) behind at your base to produce even more room. You have the right to also put anypoint into the hotvital areas if you"re in desperate require of area.

But that won"t constantly job-related. Perhaps you"ve made multiple flint axes or wood clubs and also want to rid yourself of them after upgrading to much better variants.

How to Get Rid of Items in Valheim

The just means to dismantle objects right now is to:

Store items in chestsDrop items on the ground/in the waterUse consingle commands

Use Chests


Putting all of your loot in chests will job-related for a while, yet you deserve to conveniently obtain overwhelmed via a plethora of containers. Each chest only holds 10 unique item teams.

If you have actually a huge base, you might construct a storehome for all of your receptacles, making administration a bit easier. You deserve to likewise split stacks to spread objects about, which additionally functions for your next alternative.

Drop Items on the Ground or In the Water


Additionally, leaving materials and also tools on the ground or dropping them in the water works in a pinch.

To drop something, open up your inventory and also select it via the left mouse button. Then without closing your inventory, hover your cursor everywhere that"s not a food selection. Press the left computer mouse switch aget, and also your character will dump it in the world.

Things you put on the ground or in the water do not dismantle or disshow up immediately, yet. I dropped one log on the ground and also one in the water and also watched them for 3 in-game days (even with a storm), and they never before disshowed up. I logged out and back in, and also I quit the game and also rebegan it.


They will certainly eventually disappear— as I have actually dropped rocks while mining that I could no much longer discover. It seems to take a couple of in-game days for points to vanish.

Consequently, it isn"t a recommended approach for areas in or roughly your base considering that it creates the majority of clutter (unmuch less you don"t care about that form of thing). But out in the wilderness of the Babsence Forest or in the peat bog of the Swamp? It"s no substantial deal.

I"ve review reports on Reddit and Steam forums of players digging large garbage pits with the pickaxe, bordering it via a fence, and also throwing everything inside. Some players have actually also produced separate people seeds they use for dumping grounds.

Use Console Commands


We have a finish list of eexceptionally Valheim console command also, however this is what you"ll desire to do to permanently remove items:

Press F5 to open up the dev consoleType "imacheater"Hit "Enter"Type "removedrops"Hit "Enter"

This command also will make any nearby drops break down and also disappear. Just type "imacheater" in the console again to disable cheats.

As you have the right to watch in the picture of the map over, which reflects my character"s area and an item"s location once using the command, you"re able to rerelocate objects from a seed throughout a relatively great distance. However, the distance shown above seems to be the maxmium.

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At this time, that"s all you should understand around exactly how to ruin and delete items in Valheim. The developer, Iron Gate AB, is most likely to implement even more comprehensive methods to deconstruct later on in the game"s development cycle, so we"ll make transforms to this overview in the future as essential. For more, take into consideration checking out our tips posts on exactly how to construct a raftand just how to location map markers.