Take a look at these cool homemade Hello Kitty Costumes mutual with us by costume enthusiasts from about the civilization. Alengthy via the costumes below, you’ll likewise find lots of homemade costume ideas and DIY Halloween costume motivation for your following costume task. Enjoy!

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How did the awesomeness that is Kitty & Keroppi’s California adendeavors begin? Well, me (Anthony) and also my awesome boyfrifinish Joe are goofballs. I personally am not a fan of sexy costumes that are meant to show off your body even more than the costume, so being a sexy caveguy or sexy police officer were out of … Read more


Candy anyone?? My daughters wanted to be Hello Kitty and also a Nerds Box one Halloween. Always an obstacle via these girls! Hello Kitty Costume The Hello Kitty was straightforward. Took me a few hours. I had actually some old blue fabric which I sized to her body. Sewed it together…nopoint elaborate, simply right stitch. I glued … Read more


Eextremely year at the Children’s Museum where I work all the employees dress up for virtually the entire month of October. My finest frifinish and also many type of of my (adult) co-employees love Hello Kitty so I determined that I would figure out a means to wear it. Unfortunately, as component of the rules about costumes at … Read more

My 3 year old daughter determined that she wanted to be Hello Kitty for Halloween and I determined to go for “Mom of the Year” and making her a Homemade Hello Kitty Costume! I began by sculpting the head form out of high density foam. I provided an electric knife to cut the foam. Next … Read more

I wanted to be hello kitty! I looked all over for a cute costume, then decided to make my own homemade Hello Kitty costume. I supplied a balloon *the large one through the rubber band*. Blew it up as big as I can, and paper mached it. I did 4 layers. It took awhile to dry. … Read more

I wanted to dress up as Hello Kitty for a Childhood memories Halloween party. I found many examples of makeup and massive heads, yet it didn’t look sufficient choose Hello Kitty for me. So I produced this extremely straightforward mask for this Homemade Hello Kitty Costume. It’s just a huge high high quality pic of … Read more

My daughter wanted to be Hello Kitty this year, and also so she was. The costume is of felt for the a lot of part. The arms (felt) were cut and also sewn right into an added larger shirt to make it one piece that she could wear as a shirt. On the inside of the hands/mit10s, tright here is a … Read more

My 3-year old wanted to be a million points this year… yet the one that I assumed would be awesome to carry out was Hello Kitty. She was EXCITED to watch the finished product! I made this out of paper Mache, I gained a balloon blew it up, and also squiburned it via some tape to … Read more

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