A few of you teen girls have actually been asking for an updated drawing tutorial for Justin Bieber. Here is a new illustration lesson that will certainly overview you with eexceptionally step of drawing Justin Bieber’s challenge.

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If you desire to attempt the older Justin Bieber lesson, here it is.

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How to Draw Justin Bieber Tip by Tip through Drawing Tutorial

Step 1

Draw a circle…cut it into half both ways. Then reduced it in half aget horizontally via a dash this time. Cut the bottom half in half aget (vertically) via a dash. Then cut both of those halves in half aobtain through another dash so that tbelow are 3 dashes. Look at the diagram listed below to aid you via this description.

Tip 2

Lightly attract a line from each horizontal dash that you attracted. Now draw a 2nd circle…much smaller sized for the lower part of the challenge. This one need to be attracted so that it meets both of the lines that you simply attracted. Notice that half of this smaller circle is inside the bigger circle, and also half of it is exterior of this circle.

Tip 3

Now draw the upper part of the eye….alert that to room the eyes evenly, one eye fits in in between them. Justin have actually an extremely nicely also curved top line to his eyes….alert that the inner eye is lower down than the external eye.

Tip 4

Now attract the bottom line of the eye.

Tip 5

Now attract the eye lashes and the top lid….a line that mirrors the top line of the eye. Also attract the appropriate eyebrow by drawing vertical lines in the pattern watched above. You just have to draw the ideal eyebrow because Justin’s hair covers the various other eyebrow.

Step 6

In order to aid you acquire the best shape of the nose. First, lightly draw the 3 circles that you watch over in in between the 2 bottom dashes.

Step 7

Now attract the lines that you watch above about the circles…for the nose.

Tip 8

Lightly sketch an oval at the bottom of the smaller sized circle. Then attract the sides of the challenge down to the chin.

Tip 9

Now in order to obtain the appropriate shape of the lips….initially draw 3 small circles choose you watch above…

Step 10

Now attract the lips around the circles as I did.

Step 11

Draw the bottom lip now…you can erase those circles now.

Step 12

Lightly draw a line from sides of lips approximately eyes. Now attract the eyeballs in between the 2 lines on each side of the face. Do this by illustration the outer circle and also then in the inner circle, will be the blacks of the eye…which in the next step we will include a highlight to.

Step 13

Now attract a white circle in each eye. You have the right to now erase the part of the circles that shows up over the height eye line.

Step 14

Now draw Justin’s hair.

Step 15

This is what our drawing of Justin Bieber looks like now before coloring it in.

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Tip 16


I offered pastels and Thin & Thick Pen Brush in Corel Painter to color our photo.

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