Anybody know how to beat the level 100 gauntlet? I deserve to beat the Teemoing easily, but the gauntlet appears close to impossible unless you get the 20 kills bonus of 3900 gold at an early stage. But that itself appears difficult.

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I take smite and also teleport in all my games. I normally play long variety waveclear champs like viktor and also ziggs.

Anybody got tips to beat this game?


I beat it at level 100 and also you don't gain anypoint extra for it. here's the strat that functioned for us: (note that is SUPER fucking cheese)

sion/ karthus top (literally simply suicides all day to keep the bots busy and rack up kills for the team. build full ad on sion as the bots overlook you after you die so you deserve to conveniently kill them)

mid is wave clear mage prefer aniusing or someone that can equally stall out tbelow.

bot is vel koz and also kog maw

everyone runs smite for teemo at the finish and also you dont try to fight really. you simply stall forever before. as soon as it gets closer to the bots summoning teemo you get a zzrot (must have actually bonus gold on your team) and also area it somewhere deep in bot lane and also have 1 perchild literally distract some bots tbelow that way as soon as teemo comes they take longer to press the side lanes and team with him.

when teemo is spawned you bum rush via everybody and also try to kill him quick. it requires the majority of luck and being able to gain at leastern one or two of the bots to go to clear the zz rot. basically if two bots go to clear it and also kill your ally thats good, then you gotta have also hoped you newly eliminated at least an additional before you respawn as sion/karhence. if sion and kartherefore can make it 3 v 4 or 3 v 5 when teemo spawns that gives you around a 30 second home window to blow your fill everywhere that dirty teemo's face.

make certain you all have actually two smite charges for teemo at the end for maximum efficiency.

additionally some side tips:

while leading up to the teemo summoning you can use smite on the random ass jungle creeps that go into lane which is one more factor why you 100% need smite.

sion/karfor this reason are ESSENTIAL, everyone else have the right to be swapped out.

Kogmaw and vayne in my endure are the finest vs teemo considering that you have the right to build bork/rageblade/bloodrazor and deal a shit ton of % max health and wellness damage/existing wellness damage. both are pretty a lot useless up till teemo is summoned though so thats the trade off. you basically need to win 4 v 5 against super bots. one lane is always free with karthus/sion, but the various other two are extremely difficult.

Vel Koz is more than likely the exceptionally ideal mage vs the bots because of the truth he deals true damages. which makes him SUPER good vs gigantic teemo at the end.

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TLDR= sion karhence in top and also wave clear to stall almost everywhere else. you can have actually one super dps bring choose kog or vayne. gotta time your deaths/kills and zz rot placement right before teemo spawns correctly.