I recently bought the GOTY Edition of DAI on heavy steam to replay on COMPUTER, however the game isn't giving me any kind of of the items/expansions from the DLC i have actually. No unique shipments and nopoint on the war table. I have actually tried reinstalling the game, deleting the cache, repairing the game etc. I'm currently lvl 10 and also have actually reached Skyorganize. Anyone got a fix for this?


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I had actually a similar problem via DAO once I had it on steam, the dlc just would certainly not appear.

According to the perboy in the assist desk, it has somepoint to execute via the game not being recognized via codes.

See, technically it hregarding be the played with origin, as you recognize. But tbelow could be a download code missing. You might examine your steam game details for it, and also then enter in origins?

I'm not sure i follow, what carry out i must look for? Is there something in the game properties on steam?

Have you downloaded the DLC? I'm not certain if it downloads by default however you have the right to discover it in More -> Extra Content.

I have. I bought it with steam, so Origin constantly reroutes me back to steam. I checked the game on heavy steam also, same thing tbelow. It's all installed. I have tried to rerelocate whatever from vapor and reinstall it.

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Unfortunately, no. I was never before able to number it out. Had long chats through a man at EA support, yet everything we tried had actually no impact. I ended up offering up. Unconnected my vapor and also EA account, and also rebought the game on EA Deskpeak bc it was on sale. After that every little thing worked as intended. Sucks to hear that i'm not the just one that struggled through this :/

are you making use of any mods? through frosty mod manager after installing new dlcs, you need to delete the frosty unified mods ModDocuments folder, generally located under C: > Program Files > Origin Games > Dragon Period Inquisition > ModFile, then relaunch using frosty mod manager.

idk if you have to carry out the same for dai mod mod manager, however simply in case here's wright here dai mod manager combined folder would be:

C: > Program Files > Origin Gamings > Dragon Age Inquisition > Update > Patch_ModManagerMerge