History Channel"s How the Planet Was Made is a wonderful earth scientific research documentary series. In the episode titled "San Andreas Fault," the regimen describes the background of just how the fault was figured out and also linked to earth’s relocating plates. The episode is erected as a form of detective story, with proof presented to back up a hypothesis.

The video worksheet is a one-page, double sided handout consisting of 38 multiple choice concerns that track the progression of the video. This format enables the students to pay attention to the video while easily recording their answers. In this way, the students are not bogged down in composing lengthy responses, and also they have the right to better reap watching the video. A key is included, and also the papers are gave in both MS Word and PDF layouts. You will need to obtain a DVD of the video or locate an internet site for streaming.

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A Google Forms, self-grading quiz of the video concerns is easily accessible right here.

History Channel’s How the Earth Was Made: San Andreas Fault Overview

The discovery of the San Andreas Fault occurred after the damaging 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Andrew Lawson, the initially scientist to research the earthquake and also its possible reason, amassed proof such as the noticeable 8-foot balance out of a picket fence in Salinas, CA. When plotted on a map, this feature and also others were discovered to run along a line extending from the sea onto land also and progressing parallel to the shore. In this way, the fault was initially identified.

The exploration of earth’s moving plates in the 1950s resulted in a meaningful explanation for the San Andreas Fault as a boundary in between the North Amerihave the right to and Pacific Plates. Originally, the Pacific Plate was required, or subducted, under the North Amerihave the right to Plate around 200 million years earlier. With time the motions changed course, and around 20 million years earlier the 2 plates began sliding side-by-side in opposite directions. This type of movement, termed strike-slip, creates instances wbelow energy is stored in the crust and also released suddenly as earthquakes.

The video likewise papers the efforts of today’s scientists to examine the fault.

Rocks situated near the coastline at Mussel Rock, CA were discovered to existing visible disparities in kind indicating a fault line.

An earlier earthquake at Littlerock, CA was dated to 3,500 years by the usage of carbon-14 (radiocarbon) dating.

The fault line was discovered to have actually caused the odd place of Wallace Creek. While flowing towards the fault, the creek renders a sudden revolve appropriate, runs for 300 yards, and also then provides a sudden revolve left creating an unexplained right-angle configuration. Thstormy radiocarbon dating, the price of activity of the fault running via Wallace Creek was figured out to be 1 inch per year.

The stselection situation at Hollister, CA was also recorded. This city is distinct in that, despite lying on the San Andreas Fault, it has actually never before had a recorded earthquake. Despite this, manmade structures such as wall surfaces and curbs in the town present a perpetual tendency to creep out of alignment.

Parkarea, CA is a particularly useful setting for earthquake studies. Lying on the San Andreas Fault, the town features a bridge that crosses the fault and, in doing so, additionally extends from the North Amerideserve to Plate to the Pacific Plate (it also functions road indications that indicate each plate!). Earthquakes at Parkfield occur at sensibly predictable intervals, so scientists have actually erected security stations to observe earthquake task. After an earthquake in 2004, researchers were able to specifically identify the area of the San Andreas Fault below ground. A drilling apparatus was put up to extract core samples from a depth of two miles. These rocks screen serpentinite, a rock that quickly converts to the slippery mineral talc. The existence of talc along an earthquake fault helps to facilitate smooth motion.

The devastation developing via some earthquakes was uncovered to be incontinual via recorded earthquake magnitudes. For example, a lot more damage emerged in the time of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake than was warranted by its magnitude of 7.8. An explacountry for such earthquakes has actually been gave by laboratory study featuring disks of glass that, when based on stress, create cracks analogous to faults. Special photographic techniques are able to reveal the type of waves emitted in these experiments. In specific, triangular shaped disturbances were observed to coincide via the direction of the experimentally induced faults. These disturbances are exceptionally equivalent to the sonic booms that happen as soon as airplanes break the sound barrier. This monitoring led researchers to postulate the presence of “supershear” pressures analogous to sonic booms. These supershear impacts are augmented by especially directly sections of the San Andreas Fault. Both San Francisco and Los Angeles are located alengthy such fault lines, and earthquakes occurring in these areas, as exemplified by the 1906 occasion, might be enhanced by supershear pressures to produce a heightened potential for earthquake damage.

In the fevery one of 2008, the outcomes of a large study of earthquake risk and preparedness were unveiled in California. Scientists working in the study predicted that Los Angeles has actually a 99% likelihood of suffering a substantial earthquake in the following thirty years (stated in 2009).

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Such an earthquake is predicted to reason 2000 deaths, 50,000 injuries, and also $200 billion dollars of damages. The state additionally organized the Great The golden state ShakeOut, the biggest earthquake drill ever before perdeveloped.